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Thoughts on "Fallen Idols"
Every television show has those episodes that viewers are able to watch without needing to know too much background information or analyzing for subterfuge and foreshadowing. Supernatural has a few of these episodes "“ they're the ones I turn to in first thing in the morning to put on in the background as I'm getting ready for work or tidying up before heading out the door. "Fallen Idols" wasn't an instant classic nor did it build the already epic myths of Supernatural, but all in all, it was light entertainment and it will probably see me out the door one day in the future.
First things first: Paris Hilton wasn't awful and actually, I kind of liked her. I was not one of the fans up in arms about the idea of having Ms. Hilton on the show; I thought the idea of Paris Hilton showing up to the apocalypse fitting, actually. Besides, if our boys have to get tossed around, it's always the most fun to watch when it's done by a tiny blonde in heels half their size. Hilton seemed to be a very good sport in making fun of herself and the meta-humour that Supernatural employs is always enjoyable.
 I admit, the MOTW was pretty soft. Given that it was a god and in the past, they've been a little more difficult to kill, I expected more of a challenge for the brothers. And, as many pointed out, reaching the conclusion of what Sam and Dean were dealing with was a little too easy. The MOTW plot was definitely secondary. A vehicle for lightening the mood left by last week's incredible episode and to allow our boys to iron out their issues.
Dean checking Little Bastards engine number "“ that is probably going on my favourite funny scenes list. Dean was so excited in the jail hearing about Little Bastard and then when he was sweet talking the car so it wouldn't hurt him "“ ha! The reverence in his voice when he is telling Sam the history of the car was akin to toddler in awe of old St. Nick. And of course, when Sam's head popped down under the car and Dean jumped - Jared and Jensen have fabulous comedic chemistry!
The one issue I have with this episode is the phone call Sam walked in on between Dean and Bobby. The whole exchange didn't seem right. At first, I thought Dean was talking to Cas and his "we know whose fault that is" comment was directed at the angels. It is somewhat odd to me that Dean would harp to Bobby so crassly about Sam being to blame for this whole mess. That was my read on the scene and now that the boys are all patched up, it's a superfluous observation now!
As far as the apologizing goes, I would very much like this to be the end of it now. I admit, it bothered me on first viewing the episode, because it felt as though the boys were a hair out of character or pieces were missing. It was only on the second watch that I realized the three-week time jump could probably account for this. The boys have been back at it for three weeks, hunting for the colt with no avail, yes, I can see them sniping and getting on each other's nerves. Yes, I can see them not really talking properly until things built enough. Yes, I can see Dean being an over-zealous sentinel in his big brother duties and Sam gritting his teeth through it out of guilt and remorse. I think part of the frustration from both Sam and Dean Camps regarding the apologizing issue (which seems to be bigger every week) might be found in the missing three weeks that has elapsed since the last episode when the boys reunited. Perhaps seeing the build up to Sam's "let me grow up" and watching Dean worry over what Sam might do, rather than what it's doing to Sam, might have assuaged people. I think the brothers have each said the words "I'm Sorry" enough - it's become a dead horse, in my humble opinion. On to bigger and more scary things, like hunting Lucifer.
The SOON was an unexpected but more than welcome surprise. Hard to say what part of the teaser made me laugh more "“ but Sam as Horatio was cherry. You just know that episode is going to be awesome. 
Finally, this thought has been plaguing me since "˜Free to Be You and Me," looks like Sammy got his fake ID's back. I would have enjoyed the explanation of where they ALL went to. I've never made nor sought a fake ID, but I'd be willing to bet it's a fair bit of work on Sam and Dean's part to get them just right. All that work, down the drain (after a little lighter fluid and Mr. Match).
Well, very short look at this episode. Alice covered everything very well in her review and pretty much echoed my thoughts on "Fallen Idols".  Already at episode 6, incredible that we're nearly six weeks into season five, isn't it?
PS - I have to give a shout out to my fellow Canucks - Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


# Dianeuk 2009-10-13 04:40
I seem to have had a different take on the conversation betwen Dean and Bobby, I have been waiting for someone else to mention it. NOW I wonder if maybe I heard it wrong? My idea was that Dean was refering to ......HIMSELF as the person who broke the FIRST seal and so set everything in motion and his reaction was to Sam hearing this and feeling guilty. I am prepared to be proved wrong on this. It was just my thought.
# Karen 2009-10-14 01:43
Thanks for the review Elle and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

I hope I have the quote correct.

“Why so kill crazy? Maybe the apocalypse got them all hot and bothered. Yeah well, we all know who’s fault that is. Well I’m sorry, but it’s true”

I took the comment to be directed at Sam. Why would Dean say he was sorry if he was referring to himself.
I also felt Deans attitude towards Sam seemed almost hostile, through out this episode. Which I thought at first was out of character for Dean, especially after his “Fresh start” appeal at the beginning.
However I believe it was due to the fact that all their issues had never been resolved.
They may have joined forces again, but not because they had worked out their problems.
They were together because of what transpired in ‘The End’.
Dean seeing the destruction of the world
Seeing them loosing their fight against Lucifer.
Seeing everyone he knew and loved having died or fell in some way or another.
Bobby was dead
Castiel was now mortal and miserable.
Worst yet Sam had said yes to Lucifer.
And Dean himself had lost not only his hope, but also his humanity.

Whether Dean knew for sure if the future was real or just manipulated by Zack didn’t matter. It was the possibility that this could happen and that scared him.

So Dean called Sam back in, not because they had resolved their issues, but because he realized that they had a better chance of surviving, possibly saving themselves and maybe even the world if they stayed together.

With that said maybe now that they have cleared the air, they can move on.
# Bethany 2009-10-14 07:29
maybe it's my suspicious mind, but i didn't think that was bobby on the phone while dean was talkingI thought it was Cas, and maybe it's the product of my suspicious mind but i can't shake the feeling Dean was lying about who he was talking to. The comment just makes more sense if he was talking to Cas - anyhoo...

i think the thing with fake ID's is like Sam actually being allowed to poke around in dead bodies at will, lazy film/TV making to get them to the important stuff. i also liked PH and any chance to mock the boys not always stella film choices is always fun (waiting for the new york minute nod) gotta love someone who can take it out of themselves.

Can't wait for the next few episodes... bobby, john mccain snarking, evil kids and spoof shows spells awesome in my books also Jared rocked the Kane impression! :mrgreen:
# Bevie 2009-10-14 13:51
I don't get why almost everyone thinks that Dean is dissing Sam on the phone to Bobby. Just because Sam is sensitive right now and suspects everything is all about him, doesn't mean it's so. We couldn't be sure unless we heard the other side of the conversation.

It seems like Dean is a little fed up with Sam's paranoia and didn't bother to explain his remark. This may not have been the first time in the 3 weeks they were back together that Sam misconstrued something he said. For example, the training wheels comment he made that Sam took the wrong way.

By the way, I'd still like for Sam to hear the correct call that Dean made to him in Lucifer Rising. Does he still think that nasty one he heard was really from Dean? Perhaps even if Dean told him that he never made the call Sam heard, in his current state of mind he might not believe him.

I sincerely hope this season, sooner or later, they can get back the trust that was such a great part of their relationship the first 3 seasons.

And please, Mr. Kripke, I would really like a sixth season, pretty please?