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Yeah, it's been one of those weeks.  My son and I are taking our Taekwondo tests this week which involves some training time.  Yes, besides being a day late on the recap, I totally did not post all those review links I normally do each week.  Yep, I'm lame.

Speaking of which, I just handed out tonight my season one DVD set for loaning around my Taekwondo school.  All my sets are now circulating among students of the school.  Okay, female students.  Maybe a few men too, I have no idea.  I haven't seen season two and three in months!  I'm not complaining though, for Supernatural love among martial artists is not a bad thing.  It all started when word got out about this site, because I'll talk about my blogging, but not my actual IT career.  Go figure.  They checked it out and then started checking out the show.  Yes, I've turned a bunch of hormonally charged females who know how to kick butt into Supernatural fans.  Awesome.  

Anyway, links, right?  Here's my review on blogcritics:
Also, blogcritics has another reviewer now taking a stab at Supernatural episodes.  Check out what Sahar has to say:

Let's not forget bardicvoice.  As usual, something to think about:

You know of any reviews I'm missing?  Please share in the comments.  This show evokes all sorts of opinions!


# Sandra 2009-10-08 02:57
Thanks, I was missing the weekly review, now I got some good reading before tonights episode! How nice to hear your involved in martial arts btw, which belt are you taking? I do jujutsu myself :-). The best of luck to you and your son!
# Sablegreen 2009-10-08 09:44
Thanks for the reviews, Alice. Interesting about the martial arts and Supernatural. I'd like to know what belt you are too. For me it's Taekwondo too. Haven't done it for a few years, but I got to 1st degree black belt. Good luck to you and your son!
# Alice 2009-10-08 12:56
I'm a first degree black belt. I got it in February two years after I started. For a middle aged woman like me, that was quite an accomplishment! My daughter has her first degree black belt too, but she got hers with young knees and plenty of agility. My son is going up to red belt. Only my husband doesn't do Taekwondo in our family, so we can all kick his ass. :D