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Yes, we're all reeling from last Thursday's premiere, but still eagerly counting down the days until this Thursday.  At least it's only one week difference this time!  To help pass the time, my review of "Sympathy For The Devil" is now available on blogcritics here:

Also, bardicvoice has her review up as well, and as usual it nails the analysis.  It can be found here:

Both are some very worthwhile reads, and get the minds jogging for the next installment, "Good God Y'all".  Also, check out elle2's review here as well.  It too has some fascinating points. 

Clearing Out The Inbox

People are emailing me stuff all the time, and I might be slow to getting it posted, but I do love to share what I get to the masses.  Anonymous send me a link to a great video on You Tube that tries to tackle The Great Winchester Debate.  It involves "Dueling Banjos" so it's definitely creative! 

Also, something that came to my attention that kind of threw me for a loop.  It seems a site that I frequent came to me to vote for them in a poll as they were up for best Supernatural fan site.  I went to the link and was shocked to find The Winchester Family Business there as well.  I'm VERY honored that people thought highly enough of this site to nominate us and I thank you all for doing so.   

Aside from the fact that it's probably not a cool thing to do to solicit the administrator of one site to vote for another site without checking to see if their site is there first, I have mixed feelings about this poll.  All of the sites nominated are great sites and deserve recognition in that they spread the word about our favorite show.  Pitting them against one another seems kind of wrong.  Below is the link and if anyone chooses to vote, I implore you to vote with your heart and your conscience.  Choose the site you think is best, not what someone tells you to vote for.  I don't do this site to be popular.  I do it because I love the show and I want to connect with fans that love the show too.  

For the record, I didn't vote for my own site just out of respect because I'm biased.  I also didn't vote for the site pandering for votes either.  This isn't a popularity contest.  Is there a Supernatural site you want to mention or honor?  Share it here.  One I noticed missing on this list is Bardic's Descant.

Coming up tomorrow (or Wednesday at worst), the rather lengthy recap for "Sympathy For The Devil."  Come prepared with plenty of coffee!