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Upon reflection, I realize this video review of Winchesters' episode "Hey, That's no Way to say Goodbye" may come off a bit negatively. That wasn't... exactly my intention.

Final Score:  

It's one of those episodes where the bad and missteps give you more to talk about than the good - even though the good does outweigh the bad. Sometimes there's just not a lot to add to "acting good" and "cinematography excellent." It was great to get some answers finally and I actually don't mind the ones that were provided.

For example, I like the idea that Dean is such a chronic hero that he keeps saving people even after death. If anything I wish they had leaned into it even more and had a whole thing about Dean maybe being Jack's agent to fix a few loose ends here and there. Especially given how Free Will oriented Dean is, you could see how Jack would trust him to accomplish goals with the least amount of interference possible.

And again most of the ideas behind Queen Joan aren't bad, they just kind of work against each other when combined.

The confirmation of this being an alternate universe does explain away any hiccups and inconsistencies we had. Like we can just assume that this universe is weird and holy water works on vampires here. Henry Winchester is dead instead of time traveling. I do like we fans were given a way to harmonize it all at least.

By far what angered the most in episode thirteen here was that dumb crystal. All the drama and torment over Ada giving up her soul only to be able to get it back later from a plant? And all just to save Lata? Even if they couldn't get the actor back, it would have been a more satisfying touch to have had them restrain her with some method and then just mention that Ada's son was coming back and was going to save her with a visit to her mind. Or not have Lata in danger at all. Or a different danger besides possession.

Really it would have cost this episode a shell if Baby wasn't there to carry it all across the finish line. It was great to see her again, with the classic plate as well. Isn't it funny how the CNK plate was on for far, FAR longer of the run but everyone still remembers and prefers the classic KAZ plate? Given the long ago interview about Supernatural being "the American Dr Who" it is amusing now to imagine Baby being the American TARDIS, bopping around different universes, fixing what needs to be done.

That is another plus for the episode. In a first for the Winchesters, it sparked my imagination, and I started thinking about fan fics and possibilities. And I'm always more positive to a show which encourages and inspires one to think, compared to any that demand you not.

Thanks as always for the screencaps, courtesy of Raloria@livejournal.
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