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This is one of those outings... not a lot to say good or bad about it.

Final Score:

I will admit "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" kind of gives us that sense of where our beloved brothers got their "team free will" motivation. There was always an undercurrent of a defiance of destiny to John Winchester - especially if you read some of the comics about him. This is one of the better episodes where you can almost see where Sam and Dean would come from in both nature and nurture.

This is one episode where the lack of guns felt extra egregious. I mean do you know what a shotgun can do to a head? Do you know the head explosion scene from Scanners? No, that's not a metaphor either:
Drawing on his technical expertise, special effects supervisor Gary Zeller told everyone to get into their cars, then he lay down behind the [fake] head and blew it up with a shotgun. -Source
So yeah, just FYI in your own life - but shotguns make effective anti-vampire weapons.

This is where part of me wonders if this show is being colored by Jensen's experience on Rust. Note that I am not making any comment on the incident, just that after it, I wonder if he is insisting that The Winchesters avoid the use of guns in the show.

I do enjoy quality stunt work and will admit the action in "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" was at last well filmed, but you can still just feel the tension being undercut by these little things I mention.

I also enjoyed the head vampire's chewing scene. You got to love an over-the-top villain now and then.

Thanks as always for the screencaps, courtesy of Raloria@livejournal.
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