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Having to change one’s view when presented with new information can be difficult and disconcerting. All of Walker: Independence's characters had to change their view in "Strange Bedfellows" starting with the central storyline around …


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The one thing Abigail knew was that Tom Davidson killed her husband. That constant vanishes when she sees a man who brings back memories of that night the way that Tom did. But instead of refusing to adjust her thinking, she tells her friends. Their reaction is to walk away to give her time to come to her senses. Kat is impressive as she portrays Abby’s multiple shifts through the episode. She goes from bereft without her friends, to confidence as she uses the time to investigate on her own the new stranger who turns out to be Tom’s brother. She even turns to Tom at the end with her suspicions, because the only friend who supported her change was …


1.9 Screenshot 1471 Calian

Calian is a person between two worlds, and those worlds are both rapidly changing. Chief Taza is dying and asks for Calian to take his place. Besides the personal heartbreak losing someone who is like a father, there is also the stress of knowing that there are those who want to wipe out his people. Justin nails showing these intense emotions. Because it’s historically a horrible time in history for them, watching the noble soul have to carry the weight is eye openly painful. But, though sad, he is a source of wisdom and loyalty, the one trusted by …

Augustus and Hoyt

1.9 Screenshot 1483 Hoyt and Gus

This unlikely duo has to overcome their differences to help a mutual friend and protect the town. Philemon and Matt’s undeniable chemistry make them a joy to watch. As lawman and outlaw work together, their view of each other changes. Hoyt discovers there is more to Augustus, and Augustus realizes that beneath his devil-may-care exterior, Hoyt can change and be measured in his response instead of just shooting first. But the biggest change in perception of people is with …


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This was a pivotal episode for Kai, changing his life and views of both the past and future in ways that he couldn’t imagine. Lawrence was incredible throughout the entire episode. The love he thought he lost returns only to betray him, bringing with her trouble in the form of the Tong. In order to save himself, he has to reveal a darker side of himself. His skills not only in fighting but negotiation by intimidation proved impressive. However, by doing so, he forever altered his relationship with …


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Kate was bombarded by changing views this episode, and took none of them well. First was Abby’s loss of certainty that Tom was her husband’s killer. This is a massive shift in the main driving force for Kate leaving the Pinkertons,  so they are understandably upset. Then Kate goes to Kai for solace, only to lose their certainty there, as well. Kai not only confronts Kate for lying to him about being a Pinkerton agent but also allies himself with the corrupt influences that Kate had always sworn to fight. Katie’s portrayal is always amazing, but the tears as Kate looks at the sketches that Kai drew for the dancers at Hagan’s and mourns the way things were, are especially evocative. But how can Kate forgive him for working with the likes of …


WID109a 0212r2

Since becoming sheriff, Tom has both caused and weathered change, so this week was nothing new. He handled the constant shocks fairly well, even his brother's arrival and confirmation that his family knew he was in the hospital but just didn’t care to visit him. In fact, his brother was going to use Tom's absence to cause trouble. Tom even took the arrival of organized crime to his town fairly well, even everyone seeming to know about it - or so the audience thought, until the ending shot, when it is shown that Tom has strung up his own brother in his torture barn. Kudos to Greg Hovanessian for playing all the aspects of Tom so expertly.

Overall, another exciting, action packed episode. Every week there are new surprises, and even more are to come.

4.88 out of 5.

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Review illustrated by Nightsky. Images courtesy of The CW.