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“Sometimes, a person just wants to be heard.”  The theme of hearing someone interwove throughout this episode with the people desiring to be heard, or striving to hear those who need it.  Of course, the one who most want to hear them is …


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As the titular character, there is so much on his shoulders and he feels that weight intensely, sometimes not knowing what to do but trying his very best.  Caught in the middle of an angry, interfering mom; a sullen, unbeknownst to him wronged daughter; and a brother who is hurting, Cordell chooses to keep his promise to help his brother overcome his trauma.  Cordell faces his own trauma to be there for Liam.  Jared’s multi-faceted portrayal as he vacillates between strength for Liam, and Cordell remembering his own trauma, is magnificent. And Cordell’s heartbreaking and earnest conversation with his brother about how he feels guilty for the way everyone suffers is met with a firm rebuttal by …


One of the standout people of the episode, Keegan’s both painful and heroic scenes were mesmerizing as the little brother who breaks down and tells his brother that he still feels the pain of believing Cordell was dead when the captors messed with Liam's mind. The brokenness as he melted into his brother’s embrace had the audience crying along with him. Then, him triumphantly preventing the fate he was so pained by, the saving of Cordell’s life, was a powerful moment. The sweet moment between brothers, when he strove to make Cordell feel better as Cordell had helped him feel better, was wonderfully heartwarming. And it gave Cordell the too late push to talk to…

Stella and August

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Violet and Kale always deliver an incredible realism to how they bring Stella and August to life, and this episode is no different. These two aren’t known for their incredible decision making, but previously, they were always a team - until Stella ruined August’s dreams by not going away to college. Ever since, he’s been irritated and reckless. Throwing the party at the Side Step and refusing to learn his lesson are the latest examples of his cries to be heard in a family that he feels always listens to Stella instead. He does have a point, even if his acting out is annoying and bad. Stella, so used to getting her way and rarely being truly punished, is blindsided by having to face responsibility. Though she isn’t the one who threw the party, she is the one who lost her father’s trust with months of lying. But she too, just wants to be listened to, and when her father doesn’t, she runs off with her boyfriend, Colton, to Geri’s conveniently empty house that was offered up by Geri, who’s on a mysterious journey to who knows where. Perhaps Stella thinks time away will be better for everyone, but it also comes off as throwing a tantrum because of her father’s actions. Other people frustrated with what they have to do this episode are …

Cassie and Trey

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Security detail isn’t what either of them signed up for in the Rangers, but when the mayor needs a favor and his outgoing chief of staff decides that they are needed, that’s exactly what they end up doing. Jeff and Ashley look stunning in their more formal wear, and they’re friendly chemistry is a joy to watch. Trey is more open to protecting the mayor than Cassie, liking Kevin and listening to his reasoning. Cassie, on the other hand, views the mayor's chief of staff as fake-like politicians usually are. It’s not until she listens to him privately talk to two little brothers that she begins to see something more to him. And by both of them listening when Kevin, played spectacularly by Supernatural alum Jake Abel, falls ill, they are able to help both him and the Walker brothers alleviate a threat. Proving that listening, even when one may not want to, can be vitally important.

Another excellent episode in a season of incredible episodes. Again having a great mix of emotion, action, amusement and charm.

Hopefully, Kevin and his unique brand of humor will return. Jake was a fun addition.

The mystery surrounding Geri is intriguing, even if it won’t be explored for some time.

So far, this season is 6 for 6 for amazing episodes. The mid-season finale airs next.

4.94 out of 5 stars

Photos Courtesy of The CW. 

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