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Sometimes, one needs a nudge, or more of a shove, in the right direction. This episode was all about change, and that because it can be so hard, people need others who can push them in the right direction - or at least forward. People can both nudge others and be pushed themselves, and the one doing the most of both this episode is…


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The most obvious and literal example is when Walker is shoved into the trunk by Cassie Perez, because she thinks he’s the person responsible for kidnapping her old partner. Ashley, who plays Cassie, talked in interviews how easily Jared fit into the trunk. The result was a hilarious mix of adorable and indignation. This inauspicious meeting sets up one of the main storylines of this episode - people pushing Walker and Perez into being partners. All signs were pointing to it being the right time, as if fate itself (okay, the writers) were intent on Cordell not being partnerless at work for long. It was also well done how every time Walker would try to nudge those in his life, they would push back. He prods Liam and Trey to be roommates, they push him about not have a partner. He pesters Captain James about getting him a partner, and so Cap pushes him into accepting Cassie as a partner. He convinces her to not let vengeance control her, and she persuades him to follow his heart when it comes to …


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Often a pillar of support (as is so often true of a bartender), Geri gently guides people this episode as well. She helps Gale see value in facing the past in order to heal. She understands that Walker’s real concern is getting hurt again, which actually goes for two different relationships, though she only means one. Odette adeptly portrays Geri’s quiet strength. This works well when Geri gently helps to settle Cordi by holding his hand when he’s nervous and agitated about telling her how he feels about her. She offers action instead of words and invites him in, not forcing but leading. In fact, she is most forceful in impelling him to give a chance to …


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She is a force from the get, holding Walker at taser point (because she refuses to carry a gun), shoving him in the trunk, and driving wildly to interrogate him. She challenges him on why he would make a good partner. She pushes her way into his home under false pretenses, but is quickly figured out. She even is able to encourage Walker to act on his feelings for Geri. But sometimes, she pushes too hard as she did with this week’s suspect, and needs to be nudged in the opposite direction. And the person who sees she has this need and that Walker is the perfect one to help push her to be her best is…

Captain James

hotn larry

He knows that Walker needs a partner, Cordell’s constant pestering is evidence enough of that. But more than a person who shares his outlook on law enforcement, Captain James needs the perfect partner for his old partner - and he recognizes that Ranger Perez is that from the word “taser.” So he pushes these two together, knowing that they will make each other better. Other people that know Walker is better with a partner are…

Trey & Liam

When Cordell suggests they be roommates, they push back that he is the lonely one. However, they do recognize that they can help each other. Trey loves being useful and helpful, so he nudges Liam into letting him in. Liam gratefully accepts, and it turns out Trey is exactly the one to help Liam. Trey uses his charm to get the map that Liam needs, though the map presents a new set of issues, which is sad since things are progressing between…

Abeline and Gale

2.07 563 Abeline

From literally bumping into each other at a farmer’s market, to constantly pushing each other’s buttons, these two former have the most contentious relationship (with perhaps the exception of Liam and Dan). But with Geri’s advice and Colton’s sweetness, it seems like these two are accepting the gentle nudges to overcome their pasts. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, contention is building between the younger generation, namely Colton and ….

Stella and August

Stella is totally oblivious to Colton’s feelings for her.  Instead, everything Todd does makes her like him more and more. Todd never pushes her, instead let’s her choose. Colton is trying to do likewise, but his jealousy over Todd causes him to act out in a way that may push her away, even as her wanting him around and knowing his favorite bands makes him fall harder. August, though, is worried and tries to both help Colton feel better, while also warning him that, if he’s not careful, Colton could push Stella into not wanting Colton around. It will be interesting to see how this develops and intertwines with the possibly reigniting feud.

This episode was amazing from start to final frame. The gorgeous opening highlights the beauty of Austin where the series is filmed. The trunk scene was hilarious and action packed.

2.10 cordell trunk

Cassie Perez’s introduction needed to be powerful in order to get over the audience hesitancy after so recently losing the beloved Micki Ramirez.

WLK210a 0253rc

It accomplished the goal, quickly nudging the audience to accept her. Ashley Reyes being sweet and funny, praising Jared, also helps. The cast has worked with her for multiple episodes already, and it seems like she’s been a welcomed addition.

Another storyline that played a big part in this episode was the relationship between Cordell and Geri. Ever since the kiss last season, there has been a question of what will happen between these two that have so much history. To see these two finally admit their feelings for each other in such an impressive display was mind blowing for many.

However, there is a slight problem of the supposed map showing that a lot of the Walker farm belongs to the Davidsons. The line seems to cut between the main house and the outbuildings. There is no way that any permits to build or improve the property would have been given without proving ownership of the land. There is a reason property maps used to be given to contractors. Hopefully, this oversight will be explained well in the future. But in this ep, it dings the perfection a bit.

4.88 out of 5 stars.

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