Walker season two has begun with a brilliant, action packed episode that linked the previous season to the current one. We had multiple callbacks including the Side Step’s Denise and Abeline’s ex fiancé, Marv Davidson. But mostly, the episode set up the plot lines of the season and the characters’ motivations, starting with…

 2.01 cordell


Walker begins the season running, literally. But it’s not running from his past, his anger, his pain, or his supposed failures. Instead, it is a fun game among friends and brothers. He’s happy, but things aren’t perfect. Micki is on assignment elsewhere and Trey is worried, therefore, all the Walkers are worried - and they’re, Abeline especially, looking to Cordell to solve it. Then another problem arises. The old neighbor and foes are back. Immediately, Walker is put in the position of peacekeeper between his family and theirs. He’s doing his best, trying to get both families to bury the past. But then an urgent plea from Trey derails his plans. Cordell finds out that he was the target and promises to help…

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Ramirez has been undercover for three months and has been missing check ins. She also hasn’t called Trey in a month. She thinks she is just being dogged, but others, Capt. James, Trey, and Walker, see what’s happening even if she can’t. She’s losing herself in her work. This will only intensify as she meets with a friend from her past, Garrison. This leaves us wondering what will happen between her and …

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Though Trey has been embraced by the Walkers, and is enjoying exercising with Cordell and Keegan, he still isn’t whole. He became a guidance counselor at the kids’ school as well as a parking lot attendant. He misses Micki, and though it’s apparent she discussed her reasons for needing to go undercover with him before leaving, he’s concerned enough to track her down. When he sees the danger she’s in firsthand, he breaks his promise not to tell Cordell about her reasons for going undercover. And while Walker is going to rescue Micki, Trey will stay and help …

WLK201a 0145r 

Stella and August

Both teenagers want a fresh start with the new school year. August wants a new neighbor. Stella wants to do well her senior year. But things are off to a bad start with the new kid in school. What they went through the prior year makes them overreact to what they see as a threat - and they see the new kid as a threat. He's a Davidson, Colton, and he has been taught to dislike Walkers.  Though Stella and August don’t quite know the whole story, one who thinks he does is …

 2.01 Bros


He is the one who most holds a grudge about what happened, not only the barn fire that killed Marv Davidson, that they blamed the Walkers for, but also how Denise wouldn’t let Liam play with her and Cordell. Now, with Denise taking his job and Dan, Denise’s husband, insulting him, he is not going to be willing to get past his hurt easily. And judging by their actions, not their words, neither will…

 2.01 Abeline

Abeline and Bonham

The matriarch and patriarch of the Walker clan are in a good place, though they’re worried about Micki and Trey. Bonham’s cancer treatment is going well and they’re past secrets. But, their hard fought equanimity is going to be threatened by …

 WLK201b 0300r

The Davidsons

Gale, the matriarch, is a study in passive aggressiveness. Her seemingly saccharine smile hides, barely, a deep well of resentment. She was Marv’s second choice to Abeline, and that’s got to sting. Denise is more a quandary. Though she seems like she’s beyond the family feud, she still removes Liam from an important case and threatens to break up the partnership of Walker and Ramirez. Her husband hates the Walkers with a passion - which he willingly displays. Denise claims it’s her mother’s doing, but it seems like Denise hasn’t actually defended the Walkers either. So, is her niceness an act? Honestly, my favorite Davidson is Colton. Though he’s outwardly rude and brash, you can tell he’s just a kid doing what he’s told and supporting his family. Another person who is supporting their adopted family is …

 WLK201b 0268r


Her last name may not be Walker, but she’s on their side. And they have taken her into their family like they did Hoyt, Emily, and Trey. She worries about Liam. She shows how much she listens to and supports Cordell, even if she disagrees, and when it’s up to her to play nice with the Davidsons, she comes through. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her this season as she is now a series regular.

Overall, the episode was highly enjoyable and did what it set out to do well. It linked the prior season to this one and hooked the audience’s attention by setting up the new season. I love and care about the characters I’m supposed to like, and hate the ones I’m supposed to hate. It was a thoroughly enjoyable hour except for…

The only real problem for me was the retconned dialogue. Continuity is important and changing past canon to support new canon always sits poorly. Garrison wasn’t described as “the one that got away” in "Bobblehead" where he was first mentioned, but they retconned it in the “Previously” flashbacks as though it was. Considering it’s going to be such a major plot point (the next episode is titled "The One That Got Away"), it’s a blaring continuity faux pas.

4.3 out of 5 stars.

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