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Featured heavily in "Dig," the 17th episode of Walker’s first season, was “Spirit Week,” a time when people reveal their truths and feelings, and wow, did those come out this episode. At the heart was…

1.17 510 cordell hospital


Our titular character both revealed truth and was told truths, some more devastating than others. We found out about his first crush, and how much of a comic tragedy that was, but in a cute teenager way. Then, he heard how Micki truly felt about him, someone who messed up, but deserves the chance to get better, and should continue to endeavor to always be better. Jared does an incredible job of showing how this truth from Micki lands on him. This feeling leads him to reveal that he believes he has a darkness in him, something that comes into play later in the story. After hearing the account of a person who just wanted to be heard, he decides to hear the truth from Carlos Mendoza, the person who falsely confessed to Emily’s murder. This leads to the biggest revelation and truth of the episode. It also leads us to discover the truth of how very competent a killer Walker can be, and gives the viewer a glimpse of that darkness he spoke of earlier. The reason for the reemergence of this darkness is the discovery that the person involved in Emily’s murder and subsequent cover up was …

 1.17 139 Stan

Stan Morrison

So many truths came to light about Stan this episode. He drinks at work, he dislikes the progressive causes, and he envies the Walkers. He’s also in deep with the North Side Nation - so much so that he and the former D.A. have been dismissing NSN cases. He even accidentally kills the reporter who uncovered his corruption. Jeffrey Nordling plays the pompous yet nervous Stan to perfection. The most devastating truth for the people we have come to love is his involvement and  cover up of Emily's murder. We don’t even have the full story yet, but Cordell is already on the dark path to vengeance. This harkens back to a truth that was revealed earlier in the episode by …

 1.17 101 Liam


Liam's truth was that he didn’t think Cordell was yet ready to go back to the Rangers. This comes from more of a concern for Walker’s emotional well-being than thinking he’s not up to the job. Keegan shows the eternal fight Liam has of supporting his brother but also worrying about him. This episode also showed a glimpse into Liam’s past, i.e. that it was difficult when he came out as gay. People in school either treated him badly, later apologizing during Spirit Week when he was in school, or they came on to him.  Now he faces further friendly harassment from Stan, as they spend the rest of the day with …

1.17 565 Abby Bonham

Abeline and Bonham

These two wrestle with telling the rest of the family the truth about Bonham’s cancer. Bonham really doesn’t want to, finding different excuses for why to put it off. Mitch and Molly are absolutely adorable as the elder Walkers who have rekindled their relationship. By the end of the episode, Bonham agrees that he needs to tell everyone, including …

1.17 600 Augie Stella

Stella and August

These two are actually going through Spirit Week as their tumultuous school year winds down. Violet shows in an authentic teenage way how dealing with your friend leaving only for the summer is hard to take, and that Stella is still dealing with her feelings for Trevor. She is a great wing woman, though as she supports her best friend’s crush on her brother by calling her the right one for August, even after he tells her about Ruby. August really wanted to find the exact right time to say the exact right thing to Ruby about how he feels, even if it was in her yearbook. But with her moving, he realized that moment has passed for them to be the couple that he dreamed they could be. Which fits a theme of the season - don’t wait for perfect moments. Other people waiting for a perfect moment that may never come are …

1.17 585 Micki Trey

Micki and Trey

Trey’s mom comes in like a hurricane forcing them to face truths they hadn’t thought about yet, like how will the finances be handled, and do they want the same things - in this instance, a family including kids. Trey’s mom wants grand babies so badly. The thing is, physically, Micki will be the one to bear the brunt of having children. There will be times when she will have twice the number of skeletons in her body while being a Ranger as Trey, if they decided to have kids.  And the time just isn’t right, yet. Micki worries about finding the perfect work life balance. Maybe Walker is right and there is no such thing. Maybe he’s not. But, they may lose more than they bargained for if they keep waiting for the right moment. It’s a truth they’ll have to find together. Another person who needs to find her truth with someone is …

 1.17 175 Geri


She makes her return at the perfect time, right when Cordell needs her to take care of his kids while he has work to do. The two laugh and smile when they interact, but they don’t discuss deeper topics. Cordell isn’t ready, and even politely cuts Geri off when she tries to broach the subject of her leaving earlier, saying that he’s just glad she’s back. Some of the audience is still suspicious of Geri, and feel she is hiding something. Maybe her truth will be revealed next episode. Personally, I love her and think she’s a wonderful piece that just fits.

This episode was absolutely incredible. Heartwarming and fun leading to devastating reveals. It and worrisome, but there was hot action. Walker was finally bloody, which pleased many of Jared’s long time fans.

This episode was also famously directed by Supernatural alum, Richard Speight Jr. He did a wonderful job creating artistic shots and extreme close ups of the characters’ faces to highlight their emotional reactions to the truths revealed.

They’re were some minor flaws, but they didn’t affect the overall enjoyment of the story.  The roller coaster of emotions, the exquisite work by the cast, crew, and writers made this one of the best episodes of the season so far.

4.95 stars out of 5.

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