“Four Stones in Hand” is a phrase meaning you’re on the offensive even before you’re sure you’re going to be attacked. This episode was all about how people solve problems. Even problems that aren’t their own.

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Walker is a compulsive helper. He doesn’t know who he is if he’s not helping others. Which is why he loves his job as a Texas Ranger so much, and why he’s having a hard time since he turned in his badge. This becomes a problem because sometimes he goes too far, he overpromises, and he breaks the rules in his quest to help - landing him behind bars this time, with Micki upset at him for meddling. It’s also why he cheats on the Rubik’s cube. Still, his drive to help is what saves the day,  after Micki even requests he break some rules. So, the messaging seems a bit mixed. However, Jared is absolutely adorable throughout the episode. Plus, Walker gets to show off how very smart and good at investigating he is, which was delightful to see, even though, what he does both stresses out and reluctantly impresses …

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Micki (and Mercedes)

Ranger Ramirez’s avoidant personality is very obvious in how she chooses to not face problems rather than deal with them.  She leaves messages instead of talking, she doesn’t go with Trey to see his mom, and she doesn’t want to even talk to her aunt or her mom.  (The “she’s right behind you” is hilarious, though.) But Cordell being Cordell, drags her into helping her mom, and Micki is better for it.  One thing she has wondered all her life is why her mother couldn’t be proud of her.  She gets to hear how very much her real mother is proud of her.  It is a beautiful moment. Though accepting what happened to her is still difficult, she is trying to understand her mom. In the end, while she still call Cordell out on his privilege and breaking the rules, she thanks him for helping.  In turn, for keeping him in check, Cordell thanks her and ….

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Cordell’s younger brother is also a compulsive helper. He sees that Walker isn’t taking time to rest and reset, so he tries to give him something else to solve to take his mind off of policing. Liam also helps fix the situation with …

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Abeline and Bonham

Both the Walker parents have different ways of handling problems. The problem this time is Bonham’s cancer. Abeline wants to attack things head on, whereas Bonham would rather let nature take its course.  But Abeline is a force, so Bonham sweetly acquiesces.  The scene is so wonderful and warm.  It’s amazing to see the older generation get such a fulfilling storyline. Usually those are reserved for the younger characters, such as ….

1.15 114 Stella August

Stella and August

The Walker kids also address their problems in different ways.  August uses his new found fame to drown out the images in his head.  Stella would rather just not think about it.  This leads to estrangement with the two people in their lives, Bel, Stella’s friend, and Ruby, August’s friend and crush.  When Stella and August confront each other, all their feelings come out, over the loud speaker.  But it does lead to them reconciling with people in their lives in yet more heartwarming scenes. 

Overall, I loved this episode.  It again is a warm hug in a world that sometimes feels stressful and cold.  There are some minor continuity issues, but nothing that adversely affects the enjoyment of the narrative too much.  However, I do wish the writers were more consistent and trenchant in their character messaging, especially where the titular character is concerned. 

4.7 out of 5 stars.

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