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This episode is all about healing. It is about people rocked by trauma coming together and healing together. It returns the series to warmth and love after weeks of devastation.  The story follows three different groups and their journey towards healing. 

The main group being… 

Cordell, Geri, Stella & August 

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The episode starts with our titular character blaming himself for everything, not worrying about his grief, but of the feelings of his family. More specifically, he worries about his children. Then, as if hearing his need, here comes Geri. She puts aside her own grief and feelings of guilt to offer a way to help all of them. After a quick trip to Ranger headquarters to officially start his leave of absence and tell Micki he has to postpone their lunch, which Micki doesn’t take well, they’re off to the land Hoyt was buying before his death. Even though Stella is dealing with leftover Trevor drama, they quickly heal like a family, reminiscing about better times. Even the realtor thinks they are husband and wife, with their two kids.  When they find out “Hoyt’s belongings” are 4 horses and a “llama,” the quick decision to “cattle drive” them back to the ranch, gives them more time and space to heal together. Geri knows she’s hurting, but knows they’re hurting worse. So, she is there to tell Cordell it’s not his fault, twice. She even soothes August by gifting him one of the only other things Hoyt left, Mehar’s Jacket. And, she is there for Stella when Stella blames herself for everything like her dad did.  Geri tucks the kids in and even leads them to rescue Cordell, when he goes back for the “llama.”  She is the one who calls Bonham and clears the way for the new additions to the ranch. And in return, she is reassured repeatedly that she is loved and she is family, that she will always have a place with them. Stella is inspired by her words to be there for her family, influencing her sweet goodbye to Trevor. Cordell’s heart of gold is also apparent throughout. Even though he thinks the llama is better off somewhere else, his family and even a newly acquired mare’s attachment to the “llama” changes his mind.  And even though Geri has to leave abruptly, he understands. Because though she fills the hole left by Emily easily, there is a lot keeping them apart. Cordell being a big softie is even demonstrated when he cries when he sees the Alpaca barn built by …. 


Bonham, Abeline, Liam, and … Stan

These people all need healing, as well.  Liam is still healing from being shot, whereas Abeline and Bonham need emotional healing.  Stan needs healing of a different variety, the healing of his bond with the Walkers after his reaction to Liam running against him threatened it.  It’s wonderful to see Abeline and Bonham bond over mushrooms and building the barn.  Abeline is even able to convince Bonham to schedule cancer treatment.  Meanwhile, Stan persuades Liam to not leave the DA race which was their bone of contention, by revealing he chose wrong in the past and he still regrets it.  Stan even donates to Liam’s campaign.  But what really helps Liam is a text from Bret, wanting to talk.  So, when Cordell and the kids get back, it is obvious the family is a better place. Family that includes…

Micki, Trey, and Captain James

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With Walker currently not a Texas Ranger, that leaves Micki and Captain James to handle the case of the week.  The case of a missing veteran, Lou Kirk.  Captain James is initially there because Trey is a potential suspect.  But because Trey is as wonderful as Trey is, he quickly becomes an ally instead.  He knows the Lou personally, so is a valuable addition.  With Trey’s help, they quickly find him at large pay out fight.  But due to the fact he has a brain injury, as does Trey, Micki quickly offers to fight in order to help Lou win the money he desperately needs.  She wins while Capt. James and Trey enthusiastically cheer.  As she hands over the prize money, and is thanked for doing the crazy kind thing, Capt. James remarks that Walker has rubbed off on her.  The next morning talking with Trey, she realizes what her trauma to overcome is, losing Walker as her partner, even temporarily.  This leads her to returning Walker’s hat to him and apologizing.  Where he let’s her know she’s family. She even gets to meet the alpacas, mom and baby girl, named Hoyt(y Toyty).  This moment is where Walker sees the board lovingly carved in honor of Hoyt, giving Cordell some peace.


This episode is just what was needed after the last few painful, continuity error laden episodes.  Though it is silly that they couldn’t tell the “llama” boy was really a female alpaca, the misunderstanding is easily understood and minor, also cute. However, for me, it is the return to the theme I love, that really makes this episode wonderful.  The theme that no matter how very bad things get, family is there to love and support you.  This theme was repeated for everyone, even if they have to be away for a while.  And it makes the show, Walker, feels like a warm hug once again.

4.8 out of 5 stars.

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