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How should one judge an episode? By what it wanted to be? Or could have been?

Final Score:

Yeah, I'm definitely not a voice actor. 

The score is a split of the differences.

As I detailed, had this episode bothered to examine the past of Sam & Dean in a way that further explained them in a tragic, but sympathetic way, it would have been memorable. Weighed against that potential, this episode is about a 2.

Judged as a general tribute and end cap to all the Monster of the Week episodes the show has ever done... it's maybe a 3.5-4.

So I'm splitting the scales and making it a 3. 

I'll freely admit I'm completely torn on this one and can't really make up my mind on my feelings towards it. I may have to come back and watch it again once everything is concluded and the season is over.

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