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Editor's Note: In anticipation of Supernatural's final season resuming on Oct. 8th, The CW is rerunning several of the initial 13 episodes from season 15. To get us all back into the groove of watching and discussing each story, Deb has agreed to share her recap reviews of the good, the bad and the random of each episode! Enjoy!
This is how this works: I will give my TOP 5 choices for the Good and The Bad of each season 15 episode that has aired thus far, PLUS a random fact that may or may not have anything to do with the episode. It depends what I am thinking at that moment! After you read my opinions, I would like to hear your TOP 5 Good/Bad list from the same episode. The point is that every episode must have both good and bad stuff for you, or you are not being honest with yourself. ? “The Bad” stuff might be easier to write when the episode is not to your liking, then other times “The Good” will be easier. The Good/Bad stuff can be silly things - that is alright too!

This will be a good catch up before we all watch the last new episodes. So, if you like, join me in watching the reruns. Start back with 15.01 "Back and to the Future" , 15.02 "Raising Hell" , 15.03 "The Rupture"  , 15.04 "Atomic Monsters" , 15.09 "The Trap" , 15.10 "The Heroes' Journey" and 15.11 "The Gamblers" if you missed them, then let us check out the next episode! Hopefully, I can write these recaps for all the remaining episodes. We Got Work to Do! 

Supernatural 15.12 "Galaxy Brain"

daria angel
1. Jody Is back!
2. Whole family working on a case
3. Dark Kaia has some moves
4. Jack doing the dumb good thing
5. Reaper Merle was a hoot
SPN 15x12 Jody
1. It is always great to see Jody back and she again survived! At least for now as you know this is the last season, but I will take what I can get. Do not know yet but this might be the last time we see her. Like always, she is there to help the boys as they are there to help her. I also like the feeling when she is on our screen again, like she has never been gone.    
2. Be it Castiel, Jack or Jody, it is a real treat to see the Winchesters' extended family work together on a case. Everyone had their own parts to play to solve the case, especially Jack. Alex did a great job showing soulless Jack trying to figure out what was the right thing to do, and then how to do it, and Jack tricked a reaper into helping them by being as cunning as the Winchesters.      
3. You know, I was not that interested in Wayward Sisters myself but besides Jody and Donna, Kaia and Dark Kaia were the most interesting characters to me. What can I say… The girl has some moves, and, in her defense, who makes it look real is Yadira Guevara-Prip, who plays Kaia. She and her stunt double fight dynamically, like a skilled martial artist. Outside of action scenes, she can also handle the emotional scenes as normal Kaia.
4. I do not care what the reaper says - Jack learned from the best. If the Winchesters’ way is dumb, then the wise way sucks. After all, they did find a way to keep what they were doing hidden from Chuck so there was no foul on what they were doing. I guess it is a compliment when higher beings find human empathy (that they do not understand and don't have) trivial. It gets in the way of things, so they call it dumb.
5. It is actually a curious thing that they have always been able to choose good actors to play the reapers. Every single one of them are memorable. Of course, the writing also has something to do with that. Merle was no exception. Her character was a hoot, even though she did not seem to like the Winchesters at all. But hey, she thinks they do not do anything else than cause trouble everywhere they go so… Can’t really blame her, right?
 Bonus: Re-powering the bunker scene was damn cool!

daria devil
1. Billie killing Merle :(
2. Bye, bye Dark Kaia
3. Dark Kaia beating Winchesters is a little iffy
4. Poor electronics seller
5. Kaia is alive, oh-okay...
SPN 15x12 Merle
1. Come on now Death, why did you need to be so mean? There was not any harm done really and she helped everything go well. Jack and the Winchesters would have done the same thing with or without her help. She actually saved the day, if you think more about it. Just think if they had no help. Chuck might have been able to sense him.
2. The dream walking lore and the connection between Kaia and Dark Kaia was pretty good. I think that story could have gone somewhere, but oh well. Her world was dangerous but that was where she belonged, so I guess her ending was right for her. That life made her a fighter who could stand up for herself. She was also a young woman with principles.     
3. Even though there is logic to how good of a fighter Dark Kaia is, the Winchesters also have experience in fighting so her winning against both is… Well, stretching things a lot. The Winchesters have won against monsters, demons and even angels in combat... and against angels it is not a small feat.
4. He was only trying to do his job. Sell a few electronics. Then Chuck came and made him into his pizza delivery slave while he had to stand by and watch Chuck destroy worlds and scare the living **** out of him. Then Chuck lied and destroyed his world too… That was pretty vile.
5. This is weird, and I probably cannot explain it well, but bringing back Kaia felt really odd to me. I mean, her death had meaning and people mourned her. I guess it is a happy ending for her family in our world. Maybe her fate was for closure sake? I do not know… I mean it almost felt like there should have been a better reason for her to be brought back. Some secret spin-off of sorts.
 SPN 15x12 cellphone

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There you have it! Now I am dying to read your choices for Top 10. And remember anything goes!

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