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Mid-season finale? Time for me to break out the limited edition figurines!

Final Score:

A lot of that score is thanks to Jake Abel. I'm still impressed with the job he did. I don't think he could quite carry a show all on his own, but he would definitely rock in an ensemble cast.

Something I forgot to note: There were some debates in the comments about whether Chuck's line, "I can't see Dean or Sam any more" was meant literally and whether the wound Sam gave him was interfering. This episode confirms that in fact, the line was metaphorical about writer's block, as Chuck could clearly see what Sam & Dean were doing whenever he wanted, and used Donnie to interrupt them.

Also, I'm now curious... since Rowena threw herself into the pit of Hell in 15.03, does that mean she's still wearing her meatsuit as queen of Hell, or is that her spirit now? What happened to that body...

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