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Welcome back to "Top Six Favourite Episodes", this time for season nine. These are, still to this day, the nearest and dearest to my heart, my comfort episodes, the ones I go to when I need a laugh or a cry or the comfort of an old friend. 

Before you read my list, make your own list of season 9 favourites! It will be fun to compare your unbiased choices (before you are unduly influenced by my memories or picks) to mine. Nightsky reveals her Top 6 season 9 favourites after mine, so you'll have two WFB staff lists as a comparison!

So without further ado, here's my list of Season Nine Favourites! The list is by order of appearance only, as they all are equal in their importance to me. 

1) "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"


Sam is dying from the effects of the trials.                


Dean is desperate and prays for help.                                  

spn901 EZEK

Angel Ezekiel arrives to help Sam. He offers to possess Sam's vessel to help heal both of them. However, he needs Sam's permission.                                                          


Meanwhile, Sam is conflicted on whether to fight to live or to let go. Bobby is his 'let go' sub-conscious.....                                                          


 ... and Dean is his fight to live.                                          

spn901 DEATH

Sam meets with Death and agrees to let go as long as he is never to be brought back.                   

SPN 1475

Dean manages to enter his consciousness and begs him to fight. He tricks Sam into saying 'Yes' to allowing Ezekel to enter his body.                

SPN 1620

On the flipside, Castiel is now human and is trying to cope since Metatron took his grace.   

2) "Dog Dean Afternoon"

SPN 0790

Sam and Dean investigate a case where the murders were witnessed by the same German Shepard named Colonel.  Kevin sends a spell for them to communicate with Colonel.  


Dean drinks the potion and is now able to communicate but is also taking on some of the canine's playing fetch and scratching behind his ears,           

spn905 0510

yelling (barking) at the postman,          

spn905 0581

fighting with pigeons,                             

spn905 0592

 and sticking his head out the car window.                         


The villain is a man named Chef Leo, who harvests animal parts to cure his cancer. By doing so, he gets the ability to transform into those animals.      

spn905 0864

Chef Leo witnesses Ezekiel/Sam curing himself, leaving Chef to question, "What is Sam?"                               

SPN 1720

Sam confides with Dean about Chef Leo's comment and is wondering if something is wrong with him. Dean assures him that he's just still recovering from the trials.  

3) "Road Trip"

SPN 1034

Dean is devastated over Kevin's death and Gadreel (Ezekiel) disappearing in Sam's body.     

SPN 0009

Dean gives Kevin a hunter's burial.                                


Gadreel goes to Metatron.                                                       


Gadreel is captured, and Crowely is used to help Sam reject Gadreel.       


Sam now knows that Gadreel has been possessing his body and orders him out.