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"OMG, they killed, Mary!"

"You bastards!"

Final Score: -

Another note I couldn't squeeze in here - it also bugs me that Dean says bringing people back is "what we always do" when they didn't even ask Castiel if he could bring back original Charlie. Plus it would have added more weight to the S10 conflict had we spent an entire episode like this one on trying to save Charlie, only to have it be revealed that the Stynes had some kind of "make you super-extra dead" ability or spell or something.

This is what writers need to keep in mind with ongoing series. Sure you may not see the need right now with keeping characters & lore consistent, it may even be a problem with what you want to do in the story, but sometime down the road you'll need an emotional impact that only consistency can deliver.  That's the whole reason there are rules of thumb in the first place. Since you can't know where the story may take you in the future, you use the rules to ensure that when you get there, it's all set up to pay off like you had planned it from the beginning. This goes double for any collaborative effort.

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