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I think this is the first video where I'm more pleased with the recap skit than the review.

Final Score:
Funny thing is, I kept remembering then forgetting things I was going to talk about. Like Lucifer's girlfriend. Here I was hoping something would happen with her but nope, looks like that was a big waste. Asmodeus ended up being incredibly disappointing when it had looked like they would put effort into his villainy. Even Lucifer seems to have been doing jack and squat since we last saw him.
And why in the world were the angels torturing Charlie when it was just 4 episodes ago we saw Castiel go into Donatello's mind and take the information from the guy. (13.14 Good Intentions) Why didn't the angels bother doing that to Charlie? It's not like they had a concern about leaving her brain dead, they were set to kill her!
This does bring to mind... what if it was Zach and others helping Michael over there, what if one of the bad guys was the E2 version of Castiel? What if we got to see a Cas that full bought into the company line and became the brutal figure he might have been had the boys not bonded with him? Wouldn't you like to see Misha Collins be evil for once? Not Leviathan, not Lucifer, but an evil Castiel. If the show really wanted to try something daring, they'd go with that.
What do YOU think?