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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For episode 13.04, "The Big Empty", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment

SPN 1845

While Sam is reading quietly .... 

SPN 1847

....Dean brings Sam a beer and starts to apologise for his resent behaviour. 

SPN 1850

Dean: Listen man, back at Mia's, I was out of line. I'm sorry for being a dick lately.

Sam: Thanks.

Dean: And maybe you're right about the kid. He tries I'll give him that and he tapped into his powers and saved our ass, so that's a win.     

SPN 1868

Sam: Yeah I guess.

Dean: What's up?

Sam: What if you were right about Mom. What if she is dead and I'm just in denial. 

SPN 1897

Dean: Don't say that.

Sam: What? You've been wanting me to admit that since it happened.

Dean: I know I have. Don't say that, I need you to keep the faith for both of us. Because right now I...right now I don't believe in a damn thing.    


Best Sam Moment

SPN 0132

Sam comes to see if Jack wants to come on a hunt with them. However Jack says no.

Sam: Jack I really think this would be good for you, you know maybe a change of scenery might..

Jack: Get my powers back.

Sam: Yeah maybe

Jack: So I can be your inter-dimensional can're using me.   

13.4 0162 Sam jack talk

Sam: Jack when you were born, it ripped a hole in reality, like a door from this world to another to a really bad, bad place. So Dean and Cas and I, we closed that door, but our mom, Mary, she's trapped on the other side. If we can get your powers back, maybe we can open that door up maybe...

SPN 0182

Jack: You want to save her. 

SPN 0195

Sam: Yeah, yeah I do, but if this doesn't work, if that can't happen, that's ok, because I do care about you, but I should have told you. I'm sorry it's a lot and umm...

Jack: Dean can't even look at me, he wants to kill me.

13.4 0198 Jack Happy

Sam: I won't let that happen. Listen there's one thing Dean respects is effort. So come along, help us out. Let's be the good guys.


   Best Dean Moment

SPN 1822

Dean comes into the kitchen for a couple of beers. He sees Jack and goes to him. 

SPN 1834

Dean: You did good today Jack. 

SPN 1842

Dean leaves and Jack can't help but smile. Dean is finally accepting and possibly believing in him. 


Best Castiel Moment

SPN 1593

Cas being beaten by the Entity of himself, wanting him to give in and sleep for eternity. 

SPN 1597

However Cas doesn't back down and demands to be returned to earth or else he will never leave him in peace. "I will fight you for eternity. Release me!" 

SPN 1909

Castiel is later found passed out in a field.... 

SPN 1924

Castiel wakes up and realises he's back on earth... 

13.4 497 SFO Cas Sun

and takes a deep breath and soaks in his new found freedom. 


Best Jack Moment

SPN 1374

Jack confides in Mia the Shapeshifter about his mother and asks if she could change into her image. 

SPN 1410

She agree and becomes Kelly. 

Jack sees mom

Jack becomes emotional seeing his mother's image. 

13.4 377 SFO Jack Kelly

Kelly/Mia sits down with Jack. Jack confesses that he is afraid.

Kelly: Why are you afraid

Jack: Sam thinks you're right, that I'm good. He wants me to believe it and I want to believe it too, it's just I....I've hurt people. I didn't mean to, it was an accident and I know I should feel bad and I say I feel bad. But most of the time, mostly I don't feel anything. And that's why I think maybe, maybe I'm a monster.   

SPN 1417

Kelly: Jack it doesn't matter what you are. It matters what you do and even monsters can do good in this world.

Jack: You really believe that?

Kelly: I have to, I have to.

The two embrace each other.   


Best Angle Shot

SPN 0047

The down view of Dean in the Bunker. 

SPN 1548

The down view of Cas and the Entity in the Big Empty.


Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0516

The Entity in its true form. 

SPN 1749

Buddy being suspended in air as he shoots at Sam. 


Best Editing

13.4 272 SFO Cas2

The scenes with the two Castiel's together.


Grossest Moment

SPN 0878

The hair and teeth, Sam finds in the bathtub. 


Best Set Location

SPN 0199

I loved the houses they picked for this episode, 

SPN 0614

both their designs and unique characters. 


I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!