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Welcome back to the "Memorable Moments" series! For episode 13.03, "Patience", I once again put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from the episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment

SPN 1828

Dean returns from the case.

Sam: How was it? Jodi told me about Missouri.

Dean: Yeah just another day at the office. How’s the kid, did he go dark side yet?

Sam: Nope. He’s pretty messed up though.

Dean: You’re telling me. 

SPN 1831

Sam: No, Dean, he’s messed up because of you. Dean, you said you would kill him?

Dean: It wasn’t exactly like that.

Sam: Then how exactly was it? 

SPN 1839

Dean: I told him the truth. See you think you can use this freak, but I know how this ends and it ends bad.

Sam: I didn’t.

Dean: What?   

SPN 1855

Sam: I didn’t end bad, when I was the freak, when I was drinking demon blood.

Dean: Come on man, that’s totally different.

Sam: Was it? Because you could of put a bullet in me. Dad told you to put a bullet in me, but you didn’t. You saved me. So help me save him.

Dean: You deserved to be saved, he doesn’t.     

SPN 1874

Sam: Yes he does Dean. Of course he does.

Dean: I know you think you can use him for some inter-dimensional can opener and that’s fine. But don’t act like you care about him, because you care about what he can do for you. So if you want to pretend, that’s fine. But me, I can hardly look at the kid, because when I do all I can see is everybody we’ve lost.  

SPN 1888

Sam: Mom chose to take that shot at Lucifer. That’s not on Jack.

Dean: What about Cas?        

Sam: What about Cas?

Dean: He manipulated him. He made him promise, he said paradise on earth and Cas bought it. And you know what that got him. It got him dead. Now you might be able to forget about that, but I can’t!      

Best Sam Moment

SPN 1082

Sam finds Jack hiding in the corner.

Sam: Jack! What are you doing?


Jack: I moved the pencil (implying that he moved it physically, not mentally).

Sam: Okay, I know this isn’t exactly fun.

Jack: No it’s the opposite of fun.

Sam: Okay. Why is it so hard? I’ve seen you throw people across the room. I’ve been thrown across the room by you. I’ve seen you open the gates of hell and now nothing? It doesn’t make any sense.

Jack: It does if I’m evil.     

SPN 1146

Sam: You’re what?

Jack: Just go please. 

Sam: No Jack. Why do you think you’re evil, because when I look at you, that’s not what I see.

Jack: Dean sees it, that’s why he says, he said he’d kill me. 

Sam: He what?

Jack: And maybe he should. Mom said I could be good. I had the choice to be good, that it was up to me. But she’s dead because of me. I’ve only been on earth for a few days and I’ve already hurt people. I’ve already done bad things and no matter how hard I try I can’t do the one good stupid thing you want me to do. So I must be evil, like Lucifer.    

SPN 1147

Sam: Jack listen, Asmodeus tricking you, Dean.. none of that is your fault. I think after everything that’s happened to you, you’re probably afraid to use your power, and me pressuring you certainly isn’t helping.

Jack: Really?  

Sam: Really. What do you say we call it until I figure out a better way? How does that sound?

Jack: It sounds good.           


Sam: Good, come on (puts out his hand to help Jack up)

Jack: Sam why are you being so nice to me?

Sam: Because I know what it feels like to feel that you don’t belong, to feel like there’s this darkness inside you. To be scared of who you are, what you can do. Dean, Cas, my family helped me through that. So now I want to help you, because you’re not evil Jack. 

Best Dean Moment

SPN 1715

After saving Patience and killing the Wraith, Dean and Jodi are outside of James and Patience home.

Jodi: The way you handled that Wraith, you still got it.

Dean: Yeah I guess so.

Patience joins them.

Jodi: Hey.

Dean: I said it before. Good work in there.

Patience: Thanks, for everything. 


Jodi: Given any thoughts to what’s next?

Patience: I don’t know. School’s in an hour, so I guess calculus?

Jodi: And your gift?

Patience: I talked to my dad. He thinks I should put it away. Dad says we should just get back to normal. Maybe he’s right. 

SPN 1751

Dean: He is. This life, hunting, monsters. There’s no joy in it. There’s nothing but pain, horror and death. So if you get a chance of normal you take it. 

Best Jodi Moment

SPN 1797

Jodi telling Patience to follow her heart and do what is right for her. She also offers Patience her card so if she ever wants to talk or if she needs a place to stay.

Best Jack Moment

SPN 0145

Jack watching the video tape of his mother, Kelly. 

13.3 0215 Kelly

Seeing and listening to what she had to tell him…

13.3 0184 Jack Video

The emotion on Jacks face is heartbreaking. 

Best Missouri Moment

SPN 0500

Missouri trying to contact her son James to warn him. 


However he hangs up on her. 

SPN 0542

She then gives Dean his address and instructs him to go and protect James and her granddaughter. “You save my family”. 


Later after Dean and Jodi leave, the Wraith comes for her. She knew he was coming for her and stayed behind to give Dean time to get to her family. 

SPN 0651

Although the Wraith wants her to scream, she tells him ‘Tough!” 

Best 'Awwwww' Moment

SPN 0310

Dean asking ‘Missouri, Jodi, I’m not sure which one to hug first.’   


So he hugs Missouri first……. 

SPN 0328

….and then Jodi. 

Cutest Moment

SPN 0157

Sam shows Jack how to use a USB port after realizing that Jack doesn’t even know what a USB  is. 

Saddest and Most Frustrating Moment

SPN 0620

The killing of Missouri. Why do they always bring these beloved characters back, just to kill them off?

Best CGI/VFX scene

SPN 0055

The bluish aura around the Wraith…..        

SPN 0062

Changing to a red and showing his true face. 

Best Angle Shot

SPN 1376

Down view of Patience tied to the chair. 

Best Lighting

SPN 0010

I love the soft glow of the Neon lights shining through the windows. 

SPN 0050

I love the light hue of the lamp and the Neon light shining in the background. 

Most Questionable Moment

SPN 0305

Missouri was a HUNTER????????  

SPN 0738

Do all American schools hang the Canadian Flag?  Maybe in celebration of our 150th

Best Musical Cue

SPN 0107

The Rolling Stones ‘Rip this Joint’ starts in with just the hand holding a beer bottle..

SPN 0108

The hand then puts the bottle down to join several other empties. 

13.3 0112 Dean Music

It then spans to a melancholy looking Dean listening to music under his head set. 

Most Surprising Moment

SPN 1842

After hearing Sam and Dean's argument over him.... 

SPN 1910

Jack calls out to Castiel 

SPN 1924

The scene then goes to a seemingly dead Castiel…. 

SPN 1926

…but then his eyes open! 


I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!