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Welcome to the "Memorable Moments" series for Supernatural episode 13.02 "The Rising Son". Once again, I put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode. The list varies from episode to episode depending on what transpired.  I hope you enjoy it and share what your picks would be!

Best Broment


Sam and Dean's talk about Jack. Sam tells Dean that if they want to keep Jack safe and on the right side of things, they have to be on the same page.

Dean: Well that's the problem Sam, we're not on the same page, like at all.

Sam: Alright, I know what's going on here.

 SPN 1230

Dean: Oh, okay, please tell me, what's going on here.

 SPN 1231

 Sam: You're thinking Mom's gone, Cas is gone and that Jack can't be saved. Dean after everything we've gone through. We just lost people we love. People who have been in our lives for a long time. Everything's upside down. I get it, but we've been down before, I mean rock bottom and we find a way. We fix it, because that's what we do. And Jack wants to do the right thing. Jack is scared to death of who he is and he's scared of you.

 SPN 1233    

 Dean listens intently.   


Best Sam Moment

SPN 0941

Sam finds a despondent Jack. Sam tries to explain that because of his special skills, they need to have Jack learn to control them before someone gets hurt.  

SPN 0960

Jack asks "Is that why Dean hates me?' Sam tries to reassure Jack that Dean doesn't hate him.

"Dean feels it's his job to protect everyone. And right now we need to protect you, but we also may need to protect people from you"

Jack: Maybe I'm not worth all this" 

13.2 0957 talk

 Sam: Your Mom thought you were, so did Cas and so do I"  


Best Dean Moment

SPN 1391

Dean and Sam find Donatello in trouble.  

SPN 1394

Dean, who's fed up with the Angels and Demons, just fires the Angel sword at the Demon... 


…and nails him in the neck.  


Best Jack Moment

SPN 1713

After being exposed, Asmodeus tries to convince Jack to go with him, while he holds off the brothers and Donatello….    

SPN 1728 

…by choking them.  

SPN 1753

Jack sees that they are in danger and turns on Asmodeus “You’re hurting my friends!”


Best Mary Moment

SPN 1150

After escaping Lucifer Mary runs into a hunter.     

SPN 1153

However the Hunter becomes forceful.     

SPN 1154

Mary retaliates and punches him in the face. 


Best Lucifer Moment

SPN 1165

Lucifer kills the hunter.   


Lucifer informs Mary that he doesn’t want to kill her, that he plans to trade her for his son Jack.

“ We get out of this Theme Park, we both get our boys back."


Cutest Moment

SPN 0454

Jack mimics Dean’s while they eat.  

SPN 0459

Dean grabs a beer…. 

SPN 0460

Jack grabs a beer.  

SPN 0475

Dean drinks…… 

SPN 0478

Jack drinks.  

SPN 0481

Dean wipes his mouth…. 

SPN 0484

Jack wipes his mouth.  

SPN 0485

Sam takes notice.  


Dean rubs his hands together… 

13.2 0489 copying

Jack rubs his hands together.  

SPN 0526

Dean leans back and puts his leg on the coffee table… 

13.2 0528 copying2

Jack leans back and starts to put his leg on the table… but Dean puts a stop to the shadowing.  

SPN 0491

Sam enjoys the antics.

I also have to go with….

SPN 0519

Dean asks Jack if he can teleport. ‘If you wanted to be on the other side of that door, right this instant, what would you do?’ 

SPN 0551

Jack thinks about it for a second … 

SPN 0560

…then gets up and goes out into the hallway, closing the door behind him.  

SPN 0576

After a couple of seconds Jack knocks on the door… Sam opens the door for him  

SPN 0578

 And he comes in. “Like that”  he says happily.  

SPN 0583

Dean of course is not impressed. 


Most Nostalgic Moment

13.2 0380 scooby

SCOOBY-DOO! Enough said.


Funniest Moment

SPN 0768

The brothers brought Jack to a Tattoo Artist to get protective Sigils. 

SPN 0781    

As the artist starts inking….. 

SPN 0785

Jack finds it painful….  

SPN 0788

…and reacts to the pain by overloading the power supply… 

SPN 0791

…sending the artist flying into the wall…. 

SPN 0792

…and falling to the floor. 


Saddest Moment

SPN 0914

Jack sitting alone and looking so despondent just breaks my heart. 


Most Disturbing Moment

SPN 1909

Jack continuously stabbing himself…  

SPN 1912

With no effects…. 

SPN 1915

A mortified Dean catches him…. 

SPN 1923

…and stops him, by taking away the knife.  

SPN 1931

“What the Hell!” Dean yells.  

SPN 1969

Jack responds the same.  “Exactly! What the hell am I? I can’t control what ever this is. I will hurt someone.”  

SPN 1970

Dean: You know my brother thinks you can be saved.

Jack: You don’t believe that.

Dean: No I don’t.

Jack: So if you’re right?

Dean: If I’m right and it comes to killing you, I’ll be the one to do it.

SPN 1975

Dean then leaves the room with a silent Jack.  


Best Camera Shot


I love this shot of Sam and Dean, with the Neon sign lit up behind them.  

SPN 0980

I also like this Black Spur Bar sign in the foreground with the liquor display in the background. 


Best Angle Shot

SPN 0655

Donatello’s up view of the boys from the floor.  


Another up view of the Hotel sign.  

SPN 1419

Down view of Jack and Donatello/Asmodeus.   


Best Make Up

SPN 1719

The arms and clawed hands of the ‘Sedrim’. 


I hope you enjoyed this "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!