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This week’s episode, “The Scorpion and the Frog,” begins in Cambridge, England at a museum where a young woman enters and breaks into a storage room. She rifles around in drawers filled with scrolls until she finds two that she’s looking for. A security guard tries to stop her but she opens her mouth and a demon flies out and goes into the guard. He brings the scrolls to a man and asks how Rock Me Asmodeus will reward them. The demon kills the guard and then calls Dean, saying he has something that Dean would be interested in.


Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean are discussing their inability to find Ketch or Jack. Dean gets the call from Museum Thief Demon, who turns out to be a (or the) crossroads demon. They meet at a diner. Crossroads Bart Blues says that he wants a favor in return for the handy dandy tracking spell he’s got in his pocket. He gives them the first half of the spell but keeps the second half, until they decide if they want to help him.

Sam verifies the Nephilim GPS works because apparently Queen Sheba was the object of the stalker King Solomon. He made the pervy linguistic camera to track his girlfiend. Sam and Dean meet up with Crossroad Bart Blues and his merry band of demons. Oceans Demon 5 want some stuff from a warded farm with a safe that has some “important stuff” that Bart wants. Sam and Dean are like, nope, we don’t want in on this job, Bart Clooney, but good ol’ Bart is like um, I will give it to Rock Me Amodeus, who will eat your Queen Sheba knockoff bag.

We next turn to sadist villain of the week who exorcises one of Bart’s demons like he’s Andy Garcia rolling dice at the casino.

Sam and Dean sneak into Sadist Casino with one of the Bart’s workers, a safe cracker. Sam drops Dean off with Safe Cracker and then heads up to the farm. While Sam meets Sadist Andy Garcia, Dean and SC break into the barn. They summon one of Bart’s demons, who turns Dean into a walking metal detector to lead the way to the safe – since apparently only someone who’s been to hell can find this mystical vault o’ treasures.

Back at the house Sam is distracting Sadist with a demon killing knife deal.

While Dean is trying to figure out how to open the vault, Sam and Sadist fight since Sadist is smart enough to understand when a distraction is a distraction. We find out he can’t die as long as he’s on his property, so immortal Agoraphobic MacLeod!

Back in the vault, Dean and Safe Cracker find the vault. Dean has to put his hand in a lion’s mouth and in a funny sequence he thinks his hand is gonna get eaten but instead he gets a prick in the finger. The vault opens to reveal an Indiana Jones walkway of weapons. Outside, though, poor demon gets knifed as Sadist comes down and interrupts the heist. Safe Cracker escapes, leaving Dean with Sadist. He shoots him but, of course, immortal. Sam arrives and Dean knocks Sadist out.

Crossroads Bart Blues intercepts Safe Cracker’s escape while back in the vault, Sam and Dean use immortal Sadist to take all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune so they can get to the safe door. Safe Cracker shows back up and Charlie’s her way into the vault. They pull out the trunk and get away but Sadist shows up in his Deliverance truck and confronts them. He tells them the sad story of selling his soul and then his son dying anyway. Bart is bad, we learn. The leverage that Sadness (no longer Sadist) has is Crossroads Bart’s Bones!!! Bart shows up though and Highlanders Sadness.

Sam and Dean are like, no thank you on the deal. But Bart threatens to kill Safe Cracker. The boys back up but in the end, Safe Cracker Charlie totally drops the lighter in the trunk and burns the bones. Sam tries to salvage the burning half of the spell by blowing out birthday candles, but alas, flame trumps breath.

In the final act, the boys drop Safe Cracker off at the bus stop – not sure it’s the same one they dropped Charlie off at but let’s say it is because literary symmetry. Back at the bunker, the boys celebrate a win while mourning another failure to find Jack.

Specs, Thoughts, Questions

  1. What did you think of this week’s episode?
  2. What do you think Asmodeus is gonna do for the spell, if there is another half to be found?
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