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 Let's Speculate: Supernatural 13.07 “War of the Worlds”
Written by WednesdaySPN
This episode written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming and
directed by Richard Speight, Jr.
Original airdate 11/23/2017
 Editor's Note: Writing and posting this recap in less than an hour is a two person, herculian task. Usually it's Bookdal and Nightsky but tonight we want to thank Wednesnday who has been filling in for Bookdal while she is on a few weeks leave of absence. Also, please excuse errors, big and small, in this spec for at least the first 24 hours! Since it's Thanksgiving in the U.S., Nightsky hasn't yet seen the episode so refuses to read and proof the text! Still, we understand you NEED to talk to each other right after you've seen the ep, so this is being published without review. Here we go! 

THEN Sequence:  Lucifer and Mary’s fall and adventure in the alternate Universe along with Michael’s appearance. Asmodeus’ entrance and clips of Jack and his exit.

NOW Sequence: Visuals of galaxies and Earth’s splendour are being syphoned by Michael from Lucifer’s brain. Lucifer is suspended in an Iron maiden like cage. Lucifer explains God’s presence to Michael. Michael releases the mind meld and informs him that he intends to leave Lucifer forever imprisoned. He shakes the cage causing spikes to pierce Lucifer’s flesh.

In the Bunker, Sam and Dean discuss their inability to find Jack, or any clues. Cas enters and reminds them that they are not the only ones searching: demons and angels. Cas plans to meet with some angels and refuses Dean’s offer to tag along.

Sam turns his attention to a case involving tortured witches with throats slashed.

In the Hellish throne room, Asmodeus mentally reaches out to Jack to no avail. A demon announces that the Winchesters lost Jack.


Back in the Alternate Universe, two henchmen hold Lucifer while Michael explains he wants to “trade up” to earth. Alternate Universes are not a new concept to him. Kevin is introduced as a prophet of the lord. Kevin says a “fly in the ointment” exists. To open a rift they need Angel’s Grace. Michael takes some of Lucifer’s grace.

Dean chats with Jody. Sam shows Dean some surveillance footage of a dead witch and Mr. Ketch appears. Sam and Dean are discombobulated. Danielle, a witch, approaches them and asks for help.

In the Alternate Universe, Lucifer questions Kevin and asks him how he got mixed up with Michael. Michael promised to take Kevin with him to the new A.U. Kevin uses the Angel Grace to open a rift. The rift opens and while everyone is blinded, Lucifer jumps through. The rift closes before anyone else can attempt to follow. Michael yells, “Fix This!

Lucifer lands on a street and looks like a homeless person. A passing lady gives him money and informs him that the real Lucifer was her ex husband. Lucifer’s powers are weak.

Back in the hellish throne room, Asmodeus has the Stampede Motel clerk tortured for information regarding the disappearance of Jack. The Motel clerk knows nothing of the FBI agents and tells him that they are, “Beating a dead Horse.” Asmodeus responds, “Not quite.”  The motel clerk is stabbed. Asmodeus senses something . . .

Sam and Dean follow Danielle to an old safe house where she shows them the scars on her neck and claims to be the only survivor of the serial witch killer they are looking for. Her assailant used a red-hot knife and asked, “Where’s Rowena?” Dean wants to use Danielle as bait.

Later, Danielle sits alone at a table. A canister of gas is thrown into the room. The killer enters firing wearing a gas mask. Dean darts him and removes the mask. It’s Mr. Ketch with scruff!

Back in the bunker, Dean and Sam beat Ketch. Ketch’s tattoo is missing. He tells them that he is Alexander the twin brother of Arthur Ketch. Alexander did not complete his BMOL training and became a “mercenary” “hunter.” He claims to be killing witches pro bono. “It’s what hunters do -kill the bad thing.”

Sam does some research and the paper work shows that there is a twin to Arthur. Dean is skeptical. And the interrogation continues. Alex suspects that despite Arthur’s sadism, he probably regretted what he did to the Winchesters.


On the playground Castiel talks to Angel Dumas?  She tells Cas that they want Jack to produce more angels. Angles are going extinct in heaven. She believes Jack “belongs to all of us.” Two more angels appear. Castiel refuses to help them. When he pushes them away, a fight ensues but Lucifer intervenes. The Angels vanish up the portal. Lucifer is visibly weakened, coughing and gasping. Lucifer asks Cas to shelve the “custody” thing to deal with something more important. “We’re all gonna die!”

Later in a bar, Cas listens to Lucifer’s account of the AU. They engage in some petty arguing about who stabbed who and Lucifer calls Cas the “butt of heaven’s joke.” He presses Cas for help to resist Michael and the “meth-head, Kevin Tran.” Lucifer says they NEED each other and they both NEED Jack. Cas tells Lucifer about Jack.

Dean gets a call from the Stampede Motel about their missing clerk. Dean suspects evil Colonel Sanders. Ketch enters eating a sandwich and asks how their mother is doing. Deans asks Sam to lock Mr. Ketch back up. Cas calls and says he’d like to see him. Dean and Sam track the phone call leaving Ketch locked up tight in the Bunker.

In the bar, Lucifer is indignant that the Winchester babysitters lost his son. Asmodeus enters with demons and demonstrates his superiority over Cas and Lucifer by throwing them into a wall.

Baby arrives at the bar. Sam and Dean do the flashlight dance before they are attacked by demons. They are having difficulty when Ketch appears to help them dispatch the demons. Ketch informs them that he used a lock pick hidden in a body cavity to escape the bunker. Dean’s not buying Mr. Ketch’s story about a twin brother. Ketch reveals that Rowena gave him a charm that was sewn in his body and after he was shot, he revived. He was still searching for Rowena to “recharge” the charm. They inform him that Rowena is dead. Just when Dean is going to shoot Ketch, he throws a small explosive and takes off on his motorcycle.


Asmodeus fakes a call using Castiel’s voice to tell Dean that he is following a lead. Then Asmodeus looks at Castiel and Lucifer locked behind bars. Asmodeus gives directives to …. Mr. Ketch.


  1. What was your biggest surprise of the show?
  2. Which reveals/twists worked, or did not work, in your opinion?
  3. So many motives revealed but so many questions arise. What question or unanswered puzzle piece most bothers you.
  4. Who else would you like to see resurrected?

 …. Leave thoughts below!

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