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Supernatural's third episode of season 13, “Patience,” opens in a house in Omaha, Nebraska. A young woman, who we later find out is Dede the psychic, is closing shop when a man comes in. She opens back up for him, thinking he needs help. He turns out to be a wraith and he kills her.


Back at the bunker, Dean is in his room listening to loud music while Sam is trying to reach out to Jack. He gives Jack the video that Kelly made and Jack watches. She tells him that he can choose to be what he wants to be. He’s not fated for anything. While he’s watching, Sam gets a call from Missouri about the murder and he calls Jody to take the case. Dean resents that Sam’s work on Jack is stepping in the way of a case. So he decides to go on the case and leaves Sam at the bunker.

Dean and Jody are working with Missouri, who eventually has a vision of the wraith going after her family. She sends Dean and Jody to Georgia to protect them. Later on that evening the wraith visits her and Missouri dies defiantly. And without fear.

In Georgia, it appears her granddaughter Patience is talking to a friend in high school but then the scene changes and Patience sees her grandmother, warning her. Patience wakes up. It was a dream. She goes downstairs and tells her dad about the dream. He looks worried.

Back at the bunker, Sam is trying to train Jack to use his powers, but it’s not working. Sam finally gives him a break and says they’ll work on it later.  

Dean and Jody stop for gas. Inside the station, Dean sees news of Missouri’s death. They head to Georgia quickly.

In Georgia, Patience is reliving her dream as she talks to her friend, then she hears her grandmother calling for her. She follows the sound and the wraith catches her. Dean and Jody show up just in time. Dean shoots the wraith, but it escapes. They tell her about the wraith going after psychics and tell her that she’s a psychic.

Back in the bunker, Sam is monitoring Jack via a camera. When Sam turns away, he looks back to find Jack gone from sight. He rushes to the room and finds Jack in a corner. Jack moved the pen but he tells Sam that he, Jack, feels evil because he can’t do the one good thing he’s asked to do. Sam comforts Jack, explaining that he’s afraid to use his power and that he understands that fear. Jack tells Sam about Dena threatening to kill him. Sam eventually calls off the experiments.

Back in Georgia, Jody and Dean are trying to get Missouri’s son, James, to understand the danger. James explains disowning Missouri because she was wrong about his dead wife being okay. They convince him of the danger, and James tells Patience to go and pack. Upstairs, Patience remembers Missouri giving her a pendant at her mother’s funeral and telling Patience she’d always look after her. She’s about to start packing when the wraith shows up. She screams.

The wraith has kidnapped Patience. James brings out divination tools that Missouri gave him when she was on a hunt when he was younger. (Side note: Did not realize Missouri had been a hunter). We find that Patience is being held in a warehouse and the wraith is threatening to feed on her. She has a vision of Dean, Jody, and her father showing up and them dying at the wraith’s hands. Moments after the vision, they show up and she is able to warn them against the danger.

The final part of the episode shows Dean and Jody talking to Patience. Jody tells her that if she needs anything, she can come to Jody, which I assume is the Wayward set up. Dean warns her against the life since it’s only filled with pain, etc. Back at the bunker, Dean arrives and he and Sam get into a fight about Jack. Sam says that Dean didn’t kill him, Sam, when he was a danger. Dean says it’s not the same thing and then explodes in anger about the cost of Jack to them, Mary, Cass, etc. Jack is eavesdropping and he says, “Castiel” and we see Castiel.

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