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Welcome back to Supernatural! In its thirteenth season premiere called “Lost and Found,” the show picks up where it ended in the May season finale. Sam is in the bedroom with the newborn yet adolescent Jack while Dean is still outside near Castiel’s dead body. Dean gets up and rushes into the house and interrupts Sam and Jack, who is calling out to Sam as if he were his “father.” Dean shoots at Jack and Sam tries to stop him but Jack does some powerful scream and knocks them out.

Dean dreams of his mother burning while he’s asleep. When he and Sam wake up, they find Jack gone. Jack, meanwhile, has wandered naked to a local fast food joint staffed by two teenage boys. They call the local sheriff, who happens to be the mother of one of the boys, Clark. She arrives and Jack smiles.

Back at the house, angels or demons are searching for Jack but the next we see Jack, we find him clothed in the sheriff’s office. The sheriff starts to question Jack who only knows his name and that he’s looking for his father. She takes his fingerprints to check while Clark and Jack hang out. Clark wonders what drugs Jack is on.

Back to Sam and Dean, they find the fast food place and while Sam goes in to investigate, Dean goes to the bathroom to have a fight session with the wall. Sam finds out that Jack was there so he calls the sheriff to keep him. The sheriff has already suspected something since he has no identifiable fingerprints. When Sam comes back, he finds Dean talking to a drunk girl who had been in the fast food joint. They ignore her as they get into the car and go to the sheriff’s office.

After hanging up with Sam, the sheriff notices the lights are flickering and she goes to find her son and Jack. She finds them eating in a back room and she sees Jack’s possible strength. But before she can get further information, Sam and Dean show up. She pulls a gun on them to stop them. She locks Sam and Jack in a cell while Dean is questioned. He tells the truth about them, that they hunt monsters and that Jack is the son of Satan.

Back in the cell, Sam talks to Jack who says he was born grown because his mother wanted him to be protected and that Castiel is his father. But outside Clark has run into the drunk girl, who is actually hunting for Jack.

Dean, the sheriff, and Clark have a standoff with the angels but they find Jack. A fight ensues and the drunk angel stabs Clark while Sam fights off angel 1 and 2, who beat him and are about to take Jack but Sam makes a sigil and sends them away. While the sheriff is desperately trying to save her son, Dean and drunk angel have a heart to heart where she tells him heaven wants the child that can do almost anything. He can’t bring things back from the dead, though. Dean gets the upper hand and goes in to see Jack and Sam. The drunk angel follows them and stabs Jack with an angel blade. Sam kills her but Jack just simply pulls the blade from his gut, unharmed.

The episode ends with Dean saying that he still thinks Jack is evil and will turn into a big bad. He says he’ll keep the boy with them because at least if someone gets hurt it’ll just be him and Sam. Back at the house, they are going to burn the bodies of the dead but Sam wants  to wait on Castiel since they might be able to bring him back or pray to Chuck. Dean says he did that and we get a flashback to the fight he had with the wall earlier in the episode where he prays to Chuck to bring them all back. Jack, Sam, and Dean stand by while the bodies burn.

In the alternative universe, Mary and Lucifer are fighting. Lucifer is taunting Mary.

Welcome back, Supernatural!

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