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This episode, written by Ross-Leming and Buckner, is titled “There’s Something About Mary.” The episode begins with Eileen running through the woods being chased by a hellhound. The hellhound kills her and we see Ketch use a whistle to call the hound and then he feeds him.

Dean and Sam show up at the hotel room Mary’s been staying at but she’s not there. Dean calls Ketch to find Mary but Ketch says he hasn’t seen Mary in a week. Sam remembers that Mary said she was with Ketch. They are talking when they are interrupted by a call from Jody, who tells them about Eileen’s death. Sam and Dean figure out that there is a spurt of hunter deaths and they seem to share the hellhound pattern.

The episode turns to Crowley, who is trying to get his minions to find Kelly Kline.

Then, the episode turns to a hunter cottage or lodge, where Mary seems to have showed up. She is getting him to join her for a hunt, but instead she kills him or something kills him. Mary wakes up in a cell.

Toni joins Mary in the cell and we realize she is doing to Mary what she did to Sam, brainwashing. Mary tries to fight back but Toni sets her back. Mary looks down at her hand, where there are stitches, which seems to indicate she was the murderer of the hunter.

In the main part of the headquarters, Crowley meets up with Evil Mary Poppins. Crowley tries to strike a deal and she says he better not expect her to spare his friends, the Winchesters. After leaving the office, Sam calls Crowley to find out about the hellhound, but Crowley assures them that there are no missing hellhounds, and in fact he was cuddling with them last night. He hangs up on them and then goes into talk to Lucifer about Kelly Kline, giving him an update on Castiel’s part.

Back at the BMOL headquarters, Mary is being tortured by visions of the murder while Toni gives an update to Hess and Ketch. Ketch and Toni have a snarkish exchange before she leaves. Hess says that Toni could be reporting to Ketch, except that then she goes through his list of bed partners, which includes Mary and others.

Sam and Dean get a letter from Eileen, who says she thinks the British Men of Letters were stalking her. She asked to spend some time at the bunker, so she could feel safe. Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean search for clues of being tapped and they find it under the large conference table.

Sam and Dean give false information on a possible lead in the hunter murder cases, which the BMOL overhear. At the Crowley Hell Compound, Lucifer works to escape. And back at the BMOL headquarters, Toni and Ketch go back and forth with each other, and Toni tells him to back off the American case since it is hers. Ketch goes to Mary. Mary cries and she seems to be getting to him, but she grabs his gun and shoots. She’s trying to get him to kill her. He promises her that it will all be over soon.

The BMOL fall for the Winchester trap. Sam and Dean corner Toni.

Back at the hell mansion, Crowley taunts Lucifer. Lucifer suffers it for a bit but then Lucifer turns and exerts the spell or whatever over Crowley, making him dance like a monkey.

Sam and Dean have Toni and are taking her prisoner. She taunts them with the news that Ketch and Mary slept together as well as the fact that Mick is dead since he was too sentimental. Then she reveals the plan to kill all the American hunters.

Back at the Crowley mansion, Lucifer beats up Crowley and looks to have killed him.

At the bunker, Sam and Dean are attacked by Ketch. In a cool knee slide, Dean disarms Ketch while Sam holds Toni at gunpoint. Mary comes in with her gun raised and Dean believes she’s there for them, but Ketch shows them that she’s there at the bequest of BMOL. She shoots at Dean, but it misses. She raises her aim toward him.

Mary and Ketch leave the bunker, with the doors locked and the air pump turned off. Ketch makes Toni stay and as he and Mary leave, he tells them that they should be dead in a few days.

Back at the hell mansion, the minions are cleaning up the mess. They remove Crowley’s body but a curious rat runs after.

The next scenes focus on Mary and Ketch. She is deadened to what she just did and Ketch tells her that it will be easier as time goes on, to hurt people you don’t remember loving.

The final scene shows Lucifer standing on a mountaintop, free, breathing deeply, and sighing over his son.

Thoughts, Specs, Reactions

  1. What is Ketch’s game here?
  2. What will happen now that Lucifer is free?
  3. Do you think Crowley is dead or has he inhabited the rat?
  4. What will happen now that the brothers are trapped with Toni?
  5. Leave other thoughts below!