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Apologies for the delayed spec tonight.  Bookdal had a prior engagement and her fill in, aka moi, couldn’t watch until 9:30.  But yeah, this Castiel and Kelly centric story changed things up a bit, don’t you think?  Let's get to the recap.

We start in a dingy basement.  Kelly Kline is looking worse for wear and she’s berated by evil Dagon, who wants nothing more than to see Lucifer’s child destroy all the humans, angels, and demons.  So she wants to live on earth with Lucifer and animals?  Anyway, after the monologuing, Kelli gets in the bath and slits her wrists.  Final shot before the logo is her unconscious in a bathtub with blood everywhere.  For such a tragic moment, the framing of the shot is quite artistic!  

Sam is in the MOL bunker researching, a lot.  We see a montage of his efforts, telling us he’s been doing this a while.  He’s trying to figure out when the baby will be born.  May 18th is his guess, aka finale date!  Then Castiel walks in!!!  Cass, how have you been??   We really missed you buddy.  Sam and Dean are totally relieved and rush to give him a big hug.  Psych!  Nah, Sam’s reaction is wooden and Dean just demands to know where he was.  Castiel explains he was in Heaven and hoped the angels could help find Kelly.  No such luck.  Dean’s still mad though since they were ditched and ignored.  As we watch the whole awkwardness of Dean chewing out Castiel, my daughter asks, “Why is Dean being a whiny bitch?”  Hey, her words, not mine!  

Castiel goes to talk to him.  He returns Dean’s tape, “Dean’s top 13 Zepp Trax.”  Dean gives it back, saying it’s a gift.  Aww, a broment!  Dean explains he was worried.  Castiel explains he’s tired of failing and wanted to come back with a win.  Castiel raises the big question, will they be able to kill an innocent?  Dean decides they’ll figure out something and they need Castiel part of the team.  “Go Team Free Will.”  Yay, Team Free Will!  

Back to the basement of doom.  Kelly is not in the bloody bathtub.  No, she’s on the other side of the room, wrists healed and amazed that her baby wouldn’t let her die.  She’s got that “It’s a miracle!” glow in her eye.  

Back to the bunker, and an exhausted Sam has come up with something.  The baby is half angel so they can track him.  Sam remembers the grace extraction he and Castiel tried and failed back in season nine.  So, Castiel just needs to remove the grace from the baby and it becomes a normal baby.  They just need to find Kelly.  Dean goes to tell Cas the good news and he’s not in his room.  Ruh roh!

Kelly suddenly doesn’t believe that the baby is evil or that it will let her die.  Dagon monologues that the baby is evil, will kill her, and she’ll be there by the baby’s side to watch it kill everything.  Oh boy, I smell a comeuppance coming!  

Castiel meets other angel that he went to heaven with and brings a gift.  The colt!  They do have a lead on Kelly’s whereabouts and there’s only two bullets in the gun.  One for Dagon, one for Kelly.  At this point, my daughter pause and I discuss why they think the colt will kill Kelly if it didn’t kill Lucifer, and that spawn happens to be living in Kelly.  Castiel was a part of that, he knows it can’t kill Lucifer.  Sounds like a desperate plan to me.  Anyway, Castiel reveals he’s doing this so Sam and Dean don’t have to.  He wants to protect him from Dagon.  They raid the house and Dagon figures out they are there.  Castiel fires and misses so other angel stops him from trying again and sends him to kill Kelly.  He finds her and she’s surprised to see him. 

Sam and Dean realize the colt is gone.  They’re off to find Castiel. 

Castiel and Kelly are in the car.  She knows that Castiel came to kill her.  He couldn’t though and he doesn’t know what to do next.  He just knows that he has to put some distance between them and Dagon.  In the meantime, Dagon gets her butt chewed out royally by Lucifer for losing his child to “The Winchester’s purse dog.”  Hee!  He threatens her with plenty of harm if she doesn’t find them.  She promises she will and then turns to the other angel who she’s captured.  

Castiel receives his orders from Joshua.  He must take her to Heaven.  She will die and so will her baby in the process.  Castiel believes her baby will destroy the earth.  “Or lift it from its knees,” she says.  Castiel can’t take that chance.  His truck won’t start so they hide out in the local motel.  

Kelly tells the story about how she slit her wrists as died and was brought back in life.  Castiel said they felt that pulse.  She believes that her baby is good and part of some plan.  Castiel, in a really sad speech, says that he once used to believe in a plan, that he had a mission.  He has been through enough now to know that everyone is just winging it.  “Some of us badly.”  She was just the unfortunate victim when Lucifer took over Rooney’s body.  There is no plan.  She still believes he will be good for this world.  Castiel tells her she will die from giving birth and who’s going to take care of the child and protect him from evil influences when that happens?  Then the baby kicks and she has Castiel feel it.  Suddenly, her eyes go yellow and she gets a vision!  They are at the gate he tells someone to stay away from her.  Then there’s a knock at the door.  Guess who!  Hint, they’re the stars of this show.  Castiel holds up the colt and Dean says, “Yeah, that’s mine.”  

Dean wants to kick Castiel’s ass, but they realize Kelly is there.  Castiel shares his plan, Sam and Dean share theirs.  Kelli hates the extraction idea and leaves.  Sam proposes they all go back to the bunker and figure that out.  While he and Dean discuss the matter in the parking lot, Dean throws the keys to Castiel so they can get in the car.  Kelli in the front seat, Castiel in the back, Cass throws the keys in the front seat.  Yeah, you see what’s coming.  Kelli grabs the keys and drives off.  Considering that is a super hard car to drive (it’s like driving a shopping cart), she peels away and handles Baby with ease!  It’s quite impressive.  Anyway, she tells Castiel that her baby wants them to go to the gate because Castiel will assure that he will be born.  She believes Castiel will be the one to care for him.  Castiel doesn’t believe he’s worthy because he’s such a failure.  She doesn’t know why it’s her, she doesn’t know why it’s Castiel, but she believes they are destined for something great.  Castiel - “I wish I had your faith.”  Kelly - “You will.”  

While Dean fixes Castiel’s truck and Sam asks what’s up with Cass?  Dean understands, he thinks Castiel is so desperate for a win he can’t see straight.  The truck starts and the Winchesters are on their way. 

Castiel and Kelly get to the gate.  It opens and Joshua appears.  Dagon appears in a flash and obliterates him.  Well, nice knowing you Joshua, all three seconds of you.  She attacks Castiel and is ready to take him out when Sam appears firing a regular gun.  Needless to say, that doesn’t work and he goes flying.  Dean pulls out the colt but Dagon manages to take that from him too and melts the gun.  Castiel stands by Kelly while Dagon comes toward them, so Kelly grabs Castiel’s hand.  Suddenly, her eyes glow yellow and that power transfers to Castiel.  Dagon goes to obliterate Castiel with her glowing hand of doom and Castiel grabs it.  Dagon wonders what’s happening.  “Call it a miracle,” replies Cass.  Dagon slowly bursts into flames, leaving everyone stunned at the end. 

Dean and Sam come over to see what happened.  Castiel explains it was the child.  He heals Dean and then proclaims that the baby must be born with all of his power.  “I’ve been so lost, I’m not lost anymore.”  Sam can’t believe he means that but Castiel says they have to trust him. Sam and Dean both say they can’t let him walk away so he does the angel “two fingers to the forehead” thing.  Sam and Dean both go down.   He and Kelly get in the truck.  “What did he say to you?” she asks.  “He didn’t tell me, he showed me.  The future.”  They drive away while Sam and Dean lie unconscious in the playground.  Roll credits!  

Wow, that’s something absorb.  Some questions to ponder:

  1. Did you think Dean was out of line with Castiel?  
  2. Was Castiel right to try and handle this matter on his own and leave Sam and Dean out of it?  
  3. Are you glad Dagon is gone?  Did you find her a formidable villain or a monologuing mustache twirler?  
  4. Will you miss the Colt?
  5. Could this baby be the real deal, or are Castiel and Kelly being fooled? 
  6. Any chance we’ll be seeing the other Prince of Hell now that Dagon is dead?  
  7. What do you think Sam and Dean are going to do once they wake up on that playground?  Will they want to save Castiel or beat the crap out of him?