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In this second episode of the season titled “Mamma Mia,” the story begins with a surprising sex scene between Sam and his torturer, the British Toni.

The scene involves her asking questions while they lounge in post-coital bliss while elsewhere Dean is talking to Castiel, who is searching Missouri for signs of Sam. Cas has located a farm that is heavily warded against angels.

Dean and Mary are in the bunker working the computer for information. Of course, Mary is getting her bearings about technology. She comments on John and how good a father he was and notes how it was her deal with the Yellow Eyed Demon that led to all of this. She wonders how she’ll face Sam.

We find that Sam’s nonconsentual psychological violation is part of Toni’s interrogation tactic. A man calls Toni and informs her that Dean Winchester and friends have killed her torture sidekick, Watt.

We skip to find Rowena romancing a very apparently rich fellow when the waiter, who is Crowley, offers her a beverage. They go to a hallway and Crowley threatens to blow her scam if she doesn’t help him find Lucifer. Rowena just wants a normal life; Crowley wants Lucifer.

Speaking of Lucifer, we meet rockstar Vince, who is mourning his wife, Jen. He’s the stereotypical boozing rock star type. He tells his friend to leave and strange signs start to occur. He looks around quizzically but nothing. Back at his hotel room, though, the strange signs continue including water turning into blood, poltergeist television static tropes, and levitating items that turn into projectiles. In a nice nod to season 4 Lucifer, he takes the form of Vince’s late wife and seduces Vince into “inviting” him in.

Dean and Mary head to Castiel’s location. In the car, Mary proves how much of a hunter she is by talking strategy. Dean tells her about the hunting life and how he and John were attached to it while Sam did get out, going to Stanford even. Mary wonders why he came back and Dean says that they realized that they only had the car and each other in the world. When they arrive at the farm, Dean resists Mary going in and Castiel steps forward to ask that she keep him company.

Crowley and Rowena are doing spellwork to locate Lucifer, who is now in the body of Vince. Lucifer appears and in an incredibly awesome performance by Rick Springfield, Lucifer provides a menacing presence again. Rowena appears and paralyzes Lucifer with a spell as Crowley throws sulfuric acid into his face. Lucifer’s face (which kudos to the special effects team this episode) is half skeleton, but he stands up straight and his eyes glow as his wings expand. He then pulls his hands in front of his face and heals his vessel. *note* This is a retcon since we know vessels are a problematic thing to heal…..see season 5, 8, etc.

Crowley is scared and disappears, leaving Rowena with an angry Lucifer.

At the farm Dean investigates and then gets caught by Toni and we find him strung up alongside Sam, who is both happy his brother is alive but also scared. Toni threatens him with many levels of violence and invokes Benny, when Mary shows up to rescue her sons. Toni and Sam are shocked. Sam is mesmerized as Mary gets Toni on the ground but a fight ensues between the two women while Dean gets out of the cuffs and gets Sam out of the cuffs. Toni throws a spell on Mary and is holding her in pain and hostage to that pain, trying to negotiate her escape when a British guy shows up with Castiel. He’s one of the leaders of the British Men of Letters. He is trying to get American hunters to partner with and assures Sam and Dean that Toni will be taken care of in London. They are not satisfied and they reject his offer of association. He leaves his information anyway.

In the final act we find Lucifer keeping Rowena prisoner because she is a valuable asset. Dean, Mary, and Sam are back at the bunker and Mary is destroying Dean’s idea of her as a cook – her meatloaf came from the Piggly Wiggly. But she still gives him pie, which he eats way too fast. Sam and Mary look on in loving exasperation. Sam is still amazed by his mother. He goes to her room and gives her tea. They have a nice heart to heart where Sam gives John’s journal to Mary, to help her find answers, and the moment ends with a hug. Music accompanies a shift in scenes as the three Winchesters meditate in their own spaces. The final scene involves the British MoL guy berating Toni and telling her she was off mission, that they wanted to enlist American hunters’ cooperation and says he has called Mr. Ketch, who we know Toni is terrified of. We end the episode with a man filling a suitcase full of weaponry as London Bridge stands in the background window.

Specs, Questions:

1. Who is Mr. Ketch? What is the deal there?

2. Do you believe the British MoL are genuine or are they looking for help in something? Something big?

3. What was your reaction to Toni’s “interrogation” techniques?

4. What do you think of Lucifer and Springfield?

5. How sad for Rowena. She just wanted to be a Real Housewife, dammit!

6. Any other thoughts?

Leave your brilliance below!