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Best CGI/VFX scene

spn1123 1325

The ghost and their souls

Alpha and omega 355

The souls from the veil

spn1123 2976

Amara evaporating into dark smoky mist

spn1123 2979

Chuck/God evaporating in a white smoky mist

Alpha and omega 611

the two intertwining up to heaven

Best Set Design

Alpha and omega 525
The Park/Solarium was beautifully done.

Best Camera Shot

Alpha and omega 491

The down view of Dean and Amara in the Park/Solarium....

Best Editing

spn1123 1099
Going from Amara

Alpha and omega 243

to the view of the sun through some leaves into...

spn1123 1104

the Waverly Hills Sanitoruim


Alpha and omega 612

Going from Dean....

Alpha and omega 613

into the sunset ....

spn1123 3009

to the Bunker

Best Angle Shot

spn1123 0292
Up view of Toni's London home

Alpha and omega 493

Down view of the gang in the bar 

Most Scenic Scene

Alpha and omega 084

View of London

Best Lighting Scene

Alpha and omega 059

The pink sky of the dying sun

Best Musical Cue

spn1123 2443

'Don't let the sun catch you crying' by Gerry and the the gang sits and waits for the inevitable.

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