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Most Intriguing Moment

Alpha and omega 316

Billie acknowledging Crowley by name as she enters......

spn1123 1734

and leaves the bunker, implying they have history together...

spn1123 1736

Crowley's reaction seemed to confirm the assumption

Most Surprising Moment

11.23 593 Mary
The resurrection of Mary

Most Nostalgic Moment

Alpha and omega 118
The wall collage, only this time it's of the Brothers

Saddest Moment

Alpha and omega 583

Sam's reaction to the return of the sun....

Alpha and omega 585

as this would mean that Dean was successful in his task... and has died in doing so... 

Most Touching Moment

Alpha and omega 415
Sam and Dean visiting their mother's grave

Alpha and omega 422

Sam kissing his fingers...

Alpha and omega 423
to pass on to his mother.