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"I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." — Abraham Lincoln

Alpha and Omega, Amara: "I was the beginning and I will be the end. I will be all that there is." I was very exited about the finale and scared how it usually goes with SPN finales. This seasonal year of TV shows has not been kind to fans. Beloved characters have died here and there, everywhere! So why would the Supernatural finale would be any different? But wouldn't you know - compared to all those other shows, I was very happy with the finale.
Also, I speculated about the matter of Amara and God being in human vessels. Chuck actually confirmed this, so saving Amara and Chuck actually kept to the code they took at the start of the season: Saving people.

I am so glad that we finally got a happy-ish ending and I can well see the potential it has for season 12. SO many questions! The show introducing Toni was no different than Delphine, the French MoL in the episode "The Vessel". I HOPE they are not turned to be the bad guys, though. I have hope Sam can show them the error of their ways. (Yeah, I think he wasn't harmed in any way in the end.) I think Castiel popped back pretty fast to guard Sam or she shot a warning shot past him. Also, when Sam said Dean was dead, she reacted to that in a way it makes you wonder, so can't wait to see how that will go. The reaction was like she doesn't want them dead; that they are more than just strangers to her?  Also, she told us about "The old man" and I think that will be a huge character reveal in the next season. For some reason I saw William Shatner's face in front of my eyes. Anyway, I loved Delphine so I'm giving Toni the benefit of the doubt.

I know there were a lot of scenes that should have taken place. I know fans can imagine quite a bit but still it is getting ridiculous how much we do need to do that, but that is also what I have loved with the fandom. Do you know that we have great imaginations and ideas? I can't deny that for some ideas I would have hoped that the show would have gone as complex and detailed as we imagined. Some of the fan fiction is as good as what the writers do. I sometimes hate the shame they are shadowing on the brothers. That is what I have loved to read on this site - the real speculation and the bumping heads in a nice way.

In Afterbuzz review (with Lisa and Alaina as quests), they really pulled an idea that I have not heard from anyone else: that where Dean was with Amara was "The Garden of Eden" and the pigeon lady Amara talked with was actually Eve. Just with a Supernatural twist again. It made me blow my mind with ideas. Also, Lisa said that she doesn't think she is Death but she imagines that Billie is trying to resurrect Death in some way. Who knows if we will get that story next season - the Winchesters helping her with it? Also, the eye flirting with Crowley and Billie was so intended.

AandO 1

If you examine Toni's MoL "wanted" wall, it is clear that they do not know everything. There were mistakes on the board that need to be corrected. Among them was that Castiel was made the equivalent of the real world archangel CaSsiel.

I am not certain that we got the "big bad" announced yet. I don't think it is MoL, but whatever the brothers end up fighting or converting to allies is where Mary comes in. She opens up tons of possibilities. I am intrigued about Mary. Does she recognize Dean? Has she lost her memory? Does she remember where she has been all this time? Has she been in the Empty and Amara brought her back? Does a monster follow with her where ever she has been? Is Dean in the past? Heaven? The Void? I think we haven't heard the last of "The Empty". Is John there too and will they try to get him back too? Will Supernatural actually end that Sam and Dean will have their family back fully in the end? Will they be rewarded like that and then the show "ends" when they all continue the hunting life together? Or Mary and John on their own and Sam and Dean on their own but they return always to home after their hunt? That would give me so much joy.

The finale, which had a strong family theme, also mirrored the brothers in a way. For me, it was rewarding. It also rewarded Sam's faith even if it wasn't talked about that much. Chuck and Amara were the story of Light and Dark. Two sides that were needed to make the world whole or it would be destroyed. For me, Sam is Chuck - He prayed, had faith, rallied everyone for the last battle. He is the light. Dean is Amara. Bonded with her because he has lost his faith and has always had that darkness in him. He doesn't trust in God and felt betrayed by him. Dean still had faith in his brother and a love that Amara didn't seem to have anymore for her brother. That is why I understood why the world is safe because Sam and Dean are there. They are the balance. This doesn't mean I think Sam is only good or Dean is only "evil". Amara wasn't evil. The boys are just human and complex and that is why the world is a better place. Also, the firewall talk might have been a hint again that a battle will come where the brothers will the deciding factor.

All in all, I can't WAIT to find out where we are headed. I think Dabb mentioned he would like to bring "The Kraken" (Not meaning the sea monster but something else) as bad guys to the story. I don't think we have been introduced to the main nemesis yet because I still hope it is not MoL but rather something they are up against. The MOTW were so great this season. I do hope the get down to grass-roots with their story but make it complex. You can't really top the sister of God now can you? In my honest opinion, the finale to this season was episode 20 "Don't Call Me Shurley" and the episodes after that paved the way for season 12.

One more thought came to my mind after writing. What if the happenings in "The Vessel" made them find out about the Winchesters somehow - when Dean and "Cas" went to the past and the Hand of God stuff?  You can see Henry and Millie Winchester on the board. I wouldn't mind stories involving them. Also Alaina Huffman could make a cameo not as Abaddon but Josie Sands as a MoL.

I guess I had a lot to say about the finale so I will give a rundown of the +/- that I would give it.

+ A happy-ish ending for all. Cheers!
+ Castiel is back
+ Brothers as a unified front the whole season
+ Cemetery scene
+ Cast
+ Lead on to season 12
+ MoL lore
+ VFX (Top notch)
+ Lucifer and Amara alive!
+ Mary (So many possibilities)
+ "Wanted" wall and comeuppance (So many possibilities)

- Many characters needed some scenes that were not there
- Fans had more complex ideas
- Too much left for viewer imagination
- Too many "finales"
- Continuity. Things were dropped and not mentioned again (Samulet)
- Simplified encounters/scenes with characters

-/0 MoL, depends on season 12
-/+ Returning more to grass level storytelling with complexity

Anyway, Enjoy the fan videos for the finale!