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This episode, entitled “All in the Family,” was written by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. The episode begins where the last episode ends with the glowing amulet and the brothers meeting Chuck in the street.
God transports them to the bunker and Kevin Tran appears. Kevin tells them to trust Chuck. Chuck stops Kevin and tells him he needs an upgrade and sends Kevin’s spirit to heaven. Sam and Dean sit with Chuck. While Sam is babbling like a fanboy, Dean calls Chuck out on what he has neglected on earth. Chuck says he was hands-on for a long time but he figured out that his intervention was useless and enabling. Dean has tears in his eyes as he calls Chuck out. Chuck says don’t confuse me with your father.

The next scene shows Lucifer being tortured by Amara. Amara wants Lucifer to beg God to come and save him. Lucifer laughs at her request and then taunts her about how she is nothing and she can’t create. Back in the bunker, Chuck goes to take a shower and refuses to entertain Lucifer helping with the Amara situation because he was the greatest hope and the bitterest disappointment.

Amara and Lucifer continue to talk and Amara senses something is afoot. She seems to be concentrating while back at the bunker, Dean is searching for Amara. She telepathically transports herself to see Dean. Amara shows Dean the tortured Lucifer and tells Dean to deliver a message to God, her brother.

In a house somewhere, mysterious omens are afoot. An older gentlemen steps out and sees the fog coming and is about to be overtaken by it.

Back at the bunker, Sam is researching when Dean comes in. Sam wishes Rowena was with them but Dean says she’ll stay away until this whole thing is over. Sam and Dean discuss God’s habits, which include long showers, sleep, singing. Sam is ultra-curious about God and what he created. Dean tells Sam about Amara’s celestial visit. Chuck comes in, eating, and says Lucifer is still a bad decision. Sam sees the fog news and thousands died from it except one guy. Chuck tells them to find her.

We turn to Metatron in a bar. He sees the news of the fog and sees the footage of Sam and Dean meeting Chuck. Metatron calls Sam and Dean and tells him he has information for them, but he needs to tell them in person. They end up seeing the sole survivor of the fog, Donatello. He’s a chemistry professor. They ask what he noticed. He tells them what happened as the fog choked the life out of the town residents and left them with black streaks. He tells them how he was hit with lightning and the revelation that came with it. He had a vision of destruction and death that centers around Amara. Sam and Dean discuss how he’s a prophet. Dean goes to get coffee while Sam talks to Donatello. Sam tests Donatello by showing him Enochian, which he can read. Amara calls again to Dean and asks to meet him.

In the car, Donatello resists being called a prophet because he is an atheist and a scientist. He can’t quite comprehend he was touched by God or Amara. He tries to get out of the moving car. He senses something as we see Chuck eating Chinese food and watching Dean’s laptop. Chuck notes he’s never seen that much porn in one sitting. Sam comes in with Donatello, who sees the half clad Chuck. Donatello asks if his atheism will be an issue and Chuck is like, no, I believe in me and plus I included free will in the kit.

Sam and Dean meet up with Metatron. Metatron tells them that Chuck will sacrifice himself to Amara. Metatron then shows them Chuck’s memoir.

Chuck is at a playground when Dean comes up. Dean wants to know why Chuck is going to throw in the towel. Chuck says he’s going to trade himself for everything he created. He won’t die. He’ll go into a cage. Chuck says he’ll let her get him if she agrees to the deal. Chuck tells Dean that humans will step up if he fails. He tells Dean he’s the firewall between the light and dark.

Back at the bunker, Dean and Donatello talk and wonder about God’s plans. Sam brings Metatron in. Metatron explains he has transcribed the tablets and knows things that can help them. Metatron tells them that he wants to help save God and his creation because God believed in him. Donatello says he may know where Amara is. They set a plan in place to distract her while Sam, Donatello, and Metatron save Lucifer.

Dean calls Amara to him in a wood. He tries to convince her to walk away while Sam, Metatron, and Donatello go to a silo and find a tortured Lucifer. Sam says they’re rescuing him so they can take Amara down. Lucifer says yes he’ll help because he’s not a fan.

Dean is stalling Amara while Metatron is saying a spell to release Lucifer. Amara tells Dean to give up his human struggle, let go of his smallness. Amara touches Dean and realizes his thoughts are not present. Lucifer can’t teleport them out and Donatello says he feels Amara coming back as she realizes Dean has betrayed her. Metatron tells them to go and stays behind. He cuts his hand and draws a sigil. Amara calls him secretary as he tries to cast her out. It doesn’t work and then as he begs her to spare the universe, she turns him into nothingness or casts him out.

Sam, Donatello, and Sam try to get away when Amara stops the car. She is about to kill them when they are transported back to the bunker garage. Chuck comes out and sees them. He says he answers prayers. Lucifer comes forth and they exchange “You’ve changed” dialogue and then God heals Castiel’s vessel and Lucifer straightens up and stares at his father.

In the final act, Sam and Dean see Donatello off, but they expect to see him again. Dean and Sam talk about Amara’s wish to have Dean become a part of her, “In other words, Adios.” 

Thoughts, Spec, etc.

1. Do you think Chuck will end up dying or sacrificing himself or is this a decoy?

2. If Metatron read the memoir, was his death in that memoir? 

3. So is Chuck relying on the humans to choose and actually win the battle? 

4. Where do you think Metatron went? 

5. What will happen now that we have a healthy Casifer in play?

Leave your thoughts, feelings, other stuff below!