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This episode, titled “The Chitters”, was written by Nancy Won and begins in 1989 in Colorado with two brothers, Matty and Jesse, who are going fishing. The older brother promises his younger brother they will get out of there when he turns 18. The younger brother leaves and hears his brother scream. He comes back to find his brother being dragged away by a monster.

In the bunker, Sam finds Dean still researching how to save Castiel from Amara. Sam says they haven’t found anything so they should investigate this missing persons case in Colorado. They meet with the sheriff and she tells them there was another case back in 1989. She tells them that locals have legends about the missing. She dismisses it because not many stay long in the town. She tells them are welcome to investigate further. Sam goes to check the files and Dean interviews the witness.

The girl says she saw a junkless monster who attacked her and her friend. She comes across the missing Libby and she had green eyes. After the interview Sam and Dean decide to check out what happened back in the day. They find one leftover case from 1989. They interview his wife. Sam detects an odor of white sage and they find out that the local legend calls it the chitters. She is leaving town to avoid the chitters, which apparently causes orgies?

We cut to the outside and a few young people run across others possessed by the green eyes and violence ensues.

Sam and Dean interview the teenager. They find out that apparently the mosnters are horny and that is part of the problem of the chitters. Dean gets a call from Corrie and the brothers split up to cover the case. Dean goes to the woods and gets attacked by the monsters. He’s saved by fellow hunters, Jesse and Oscar.

Sam and Dean talk to Oscar and Jesse in the bar about the case. Jesse tells them what they know about the monster, which apparently crawl inside human bodies and animate them every 27 years. Jesse tells them about Matty. Jesse tells them to back off the case. Oscar says that Jesse has some issues with the town and their backward ways.

Oscar and Dean split from Jesse and Sam. They ride and both sets of hunters have deep conversations.

In the woods, at a cabin, Jesse and Sam interview a guy involved from back in the day. The old guy is shocked and repeats that “it’s done.” Back in the woods, Oscar and Dean are trying to figure out where to find where they are laying their eggs. In the cabin, Cochran (the old guy) recalls the case back in the day. Jesse begs him to help them. Cochran relates that he found his daughter and had to kill her. Jesse is angry that Cochran knew what had happened.

Dean and Oscar investigate an old mineshaft and find bodies and an impregnated chitter monster. Dean gets attacked by one of them. Oscar and Dean dispatch their attackers and find the dead bodies and the eggs, which is kind of gross, to be honest.

Sam and Jesse show up. Dean hands Jesse the gas can to take care of the burrow. They find Jesse in the cave over the dead body of his brother. Jesse takes out the buffalo nickel that his brother was going to use to get them out of town, all those years ago.

The episode ends with Jesse and Oscar building a pyre to burn the remains. Sam and Dean talk about asking Jesse and Oscar to help them with the Amara issue.  Jesse and Oscar say they are going to retire now that the case is over. They offer to keep working to help save their asses but Dean says no, they’re good. Sam says Dean just couldn’t take the future away from the hunters and Dean agrees that it’s nice to see two hunters get a happy future.

Thoughts, Feelings, Speculations

1. What did you think of the new hunters, Jesse and Oscar?

2. What were you thoughts on the monster?

3. Is there a forecasting of the story with Matty dying and Jesse living?

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