This episode, penned by Robbie Thompson, begins in County Cork, Ireland.
A man and a woman are with their daughter, who’s in a crib, when a high pitched scream disrupts their dancing. A banshee enters and kills the parents, leaving the baby crying in the crib.

Back in the bunker, Sam has nightmares about his time with Lucifer in the cage. Dean comes in and finds Sam awake in the middle of the night. He found them a case close to home. Apparently Sam has not left the bunker in days. Sam notes that they should be worried about Amara and Castiel. Dean says they have nothing on Amara and that Cas will be fine.

We switch to Casifer or Lustiel in a park, feeding the ducks. A man in a gray suit comes close and Casifer leads the man into the woods. We see that the man is an angel with a blade. The angel knows Castiel is Lucifer. Lucifer talks about missing things when he was in the cage and assures the angel he can beat the darkness. Of course, we know how this scene ends. Not good for Robert Mitchum angel.  

Sam and Dean go to Oak Park for the case. It’s a home for the elderly. A man named Harold was killed and they can’t figure out what happened. Mildred, played by the fantastic Dee Wallace, enters and she checks out Dean. Dean interrogates the manager and we find out Harold had enemies. Sam investigates the crime scene and finds that Harold was stealing Viagra. Harold was accused of stealing someone’s pension checks and they go to the man’s body to burn it. Dean reflects on Sam’s seeming pessimism and they discuss Sam’s experience with Lucifer in the cage. Back at the home, the manager hears a high pitched scream and we see the banshee reappear. The manager jumps through the window and Mildred sees the banshee kill him.

Sam and Dean question Mildred. She explains that she saw something. She holds Dean’s a hand a bit too long. Sam notices a maid and questions her. Sam notices that she is hearing impaired and she corrects his sign language use. Later, Dean explains that they are dealing with a bad banshee. Dean heads back to the bunker to get a gold blade and Sam stays to find out who is vulnerable to the banshee. The maid watches from the second story window as Dean drives away. When Dean gets back to the bunker, he notices a noise, pulls his gun, and runs down the bunker hallway and finds “Castiel” searching the bunkers.  Casifer pretends to be Cas. Dean reveals that he missed killing Amara twice, a fact which Casifer is very curious about.

Sam goes back to talk to Mildred. He reveals that they are not FBI but hunters and they won’t let her get hurt. Sam asks about Marlene, the maid. He figures out that she is not really Marlene. He follows the maid around and she figures it out and a struggle ensues. She confronts him and thinks that he’s the banshee at first and we see that the maid is the baby. She was raised by a hunter named Lillian. She became a hunter and she’s a legacy.

Back at the bunker, Dean admits he is attracted or connected to Amara. Casifer plays concern well and says they may be able to use the attraction to their advantage. Sam calls Dean to research Eileen's (the maid) story and they find out it’s true. Dean asks Casifer not to tell Sam about his failures to kill Amara. Cas promises Dean won’t be alone the next time he faces Amara. Dean leaves and returns to the nursing home.

Back at the home, Eileen and Sam are talking about what she will do after she gets her revenge on the banshee. She thinks she might want to be a lawyer like her mother. Sam tells her that he was studying law before Dean came to get him to get their own revenge. She’s surprised they’ve been hunting ever since and Sam says he wouldn’t do it without his brother, who has been with him every step of the way, even when he’s disappointed Dean. At that point, Dean arrives with the gold blades to kill the banshee. Mildred greets Dean and takes him aside. They watch a sunset together and she tells him about her life and tells him to follow his heart. Dean hears the high scream and collapses as Sam rushes to his side. They turn and the banshee is hovering over them all.

The banshee throws Eileen and Sam across the room as Dean pounds his head into the wall. Mildred cuts her hand and traps the banshee between the symbols on the wall. Eileen kills the banshee. After, Sam and Eileen talk and Eileen decides to keep hunting since the banshee kill can’t bring her parents back. Sam tells her to keep in contact. Mildred sees Dean out and says he’s pining for someone, she can tell. The women watch as the boys drive away and sign back and forth about the Winchesters’ beauty.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Dean talk and Sam tells Dean about what Lucifer showed him. Sam apologizes for not looking for Dean when he was in purgatory. Dean says he forgives Sam and it only matters that they are together now. Sam says good night but does stop to wonder why the banshee went after Dean. The episode ends with Sam putting the retirement home pamphlet in a box of pictures of him and Dean while Dean is in his room and we see that he can’t sleep.

Another great outing by Robbie Thompson!

N.B.: I write this spec as the episode airs so if I miss things please forgive me and my hurry.

Questions, Specs, Feelings

1. What do you think about Dean wanting to hide the Amara attraction from Sam? Why hide this?

2. What is Casifer/Lustiel up to by searching the bunker?

3. What do you think of the introduced characters of Eileen and Mildred, especially Eileen and her connection to the bunker and Men of Letters?

4. Why was Dean vulnerable?

5. What did you think about Sam’s speech to Dean at the end?

Leave your thoughts, feelings, etc. below!