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The Spectacular Visual Effects, Stunning Sets/Locations, and the usual Spellbinding
cast revealed a Stimulating Seasonal arc that almost concealed abysmal dialogue
and murky rationales.

WEDNESDAY'S WATCHING Supernatural 11.09
"O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner
Directors: Robert Singer, Kevin Parks, Debra Herst
Director of Photography C.S.C: Serge Ladouceur
Airdate: 9.12.2015


What did I watch?


(Mark Sheppard with Ruth Connell)


Given that many would have sold their soul to write this script; it's difficult to be
enthusiastic about the painfully obtuse dialogue.


Amara (Emily Swallow) seeks her brother, God, by killing his "Chosen" and is unable
to fathom that no one knows his whereabouts. God: everyone's imaginary friend.
She could read Dante's "Inferno" at the age of eight, but has no understanding of
the Bible and the subsequent goings on in the universe. She massacres to garner
God's attention not once, but twice, and achieves no results.
Then, she massacres the Angels? That was thoughtless.



The souls she consumes are not dead, "They're a part of me. And in that way, they live forever."
Hauntingly familiar. She offers this option to Dean as well.
Dean experiences "Bliss" every time she is near.
Bliss, as in ecstasy, delight, entranced.


When he avoids looking at her, and her distracting décolletage, he summons the courage, the will, and
the strength to stab her with an ordinary blade. Not even an Angel's blade?
Dean, what were you thinking? But, Ah! That's it, isn't it?
Dean is not thinking. Too much bliss and cataclysmic cleavage.

A5AOIOimageedit 5 9524023640

It's clear that this orgasmic Bliss is uncomfortable for Dean; so much so, that he is unable to confide in
his brother about these climatic rendezvous. Amara goes to suck out Dean's soul
and is unable to do so for WHATEVER reason. (He has no soul, she can't, she reconsiders...)

A6SUCKimageedit 15 8698916949

She settles for a kiss:

A7KISSimageedit 4 9874541155

The Angels realize they need a unified force to fight the Darkness;
but, then, like idjits, they attack individually.


(Andres Joseph, Antonio Cayonne, Lane Edwards)

The issue of Michael being in the cage is sidestepped by having Lucifer removed
from the cage to a temporary holding cell in Limbo. This was never clearly
explained and many fans missed this distinction between the two.
Lucifer claimed to be the one sending Sam visions. Sam cries fearfully, without ever testing Lucifer's
claim by asking, "Oh, ya? If you sent the visions what were they?" Don't you believe it, Sam.

A9SAMCRYimageedit 6 9222020719

The coming of Lucifer was greatly anticipated.
Pre show the #Lucifer is Coming trended worldwide with 88.3K tweets...
And some of the first words out of his mouth were, "Sam Winchester, my old roomie. Hug it out?" (?)


(Mark Pellegrino)

Regarding the insensitive and unwitting Rape comment....

The writers did not opt for a line explaining HOW Crowley found Rowena so quickly.
It was more important to slander her. Rowena is reduced to a simpering giggling fangirl, working on the old
misconception that evil witches worshipped Satan.

B3ROWmarMtumblr nz8m5bLdPz1qalhmdo3 250

Her joke about the Handcart fell abysmally flat.
Most viewers would have understood the "gone to hell in a handbasket" expression,
but, a 'handcart'?... Lost in translation.

There was at least one intriguing line:

Also, did the warding on the temporary cell fail accidentally, or did Rowena do it deliberately?








HANDS were highlighted throughout and there were CLAWS:

Did anyone notice the references to chickens?


There were many high angles to emphasize powerless pawns and low angles to give some
fleeting power. Some are already featured. Here are a few more:

Dean is shot from a low angle giving him power. But, the cathedral towers over him.
His head is framed with an arch and halo and he stands on the line of light and shadow.

C4CHURCHimageedit 9 5301471006

Over the head into the fire.

C5imageedit 11 4424502231


Set: Jerry Wanek
Set Decorator: George Neuman
Location Scout: Richard Greenhalgh
In addition to the Limbo portion of Hell with its temporary holding cell...


...there was an impressive cathedral, stained glass, and statuary. (Already featured in some shots.)


This remote location which looks like an Impressionist's painting with Dean,
a tiny figure in the foreground.

C8imageedit 1 3385757964


The smouldering zealots were awesome!



Bloody Cupid

D2imageedit 3 6341491926

All the fire!

D3tumblr nz5gmt4Ynv1saqgydo1 500

Rowena's Handiwork

D4imageedit 5 9001907162

Lucifer revealed as monstrous...

D5Limageedit 10 9068622551


D6Limageedit 12 7365399885


D9angeltumblr nz6gcjEeCB1rsnxuio8 250

And the Angelic Response:

E1flighttumblr nz6gcjEeCB1rsnxuio7 250

E2Wimageedit 16 3900617111

E3smitehatumblr nz5gmt4Ynv1saqgydo7 500

And with a simple wave of her hand, Dean vanished. Awesome VFX!


E4Bimageedit 18 3726738020

E5NOimageedit 22 3495229147

E6NOimageedit 25 5825173456

Last week we reached the 50% mark with Four out of Eight episodes passing the
Bechdel test. This week could put us over the half way point, signalling a
decided effort to pass the Bechdel test.
Come on Supernatural! You can do it!

E7wedtadatumblr lyjvvqPtZF1qko769o7 r3 250


We are down to 4 out of 9 episodes that passed this easy gender fairness test.
It's like the OLD TWO steps backward. But, I have hopes for the rest of the Season and this
progressive show....I'll wait here then.





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Screencaps from needtakehave

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Rating three Lucifer sigils out of five:

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# YellowEyedSam 2015-12-15 19:09
Aaahhh Mark Pellegrino! How I missed thee! What a great performance by him! :D
# Wednesday 2015-12-15 20:39
Yes. Somehow, he manages to set your teeth on edge. Tense, edgy, Creeptastic. I love despising him.
# BoGirle 2015-12-15 21:49
Do you think Crowley could be the nephilim offspring of lucifer and Rowena?
# eilf 2015-12-15 22:25
yep :)
# Wednesday 2015-12-15 22:28
Oh, I love that idea. It would certainly make Rowena’s giggling more forgivable. Bride of Satan in some ancient festival?
Of course you had a father. You were just conceived during a winter solstice orgy, and it's not like I was taking names.”
Poor Crowley. Then he’d have daddy issues, too. Lucifer was so rude to him. O, Father. Who art thou? :o
# vince 2015-12-16 07:38
I didn't see Rowena containing her excitement is a negative thing. She's just been handed information she could never have dreamed of, and was being tasked performing a powerful. Why wouldn't she react with restrained jubilation?
# LEAH 2015-12-15 23:11
That would be pretty cool. Rowena could be giggling at her little private joke. Nice spec E!! It might also explain the apparent double cross. Talk about a dysfunctional family. The logistics of how that could have happened bear some thinking about.
# AlyCat22 2015-12-16 00:20
That's what I was wondering.. Late night, Solstice moon, orgy... yup. It could explain some of the weirdness about Crowley. I wasn't thinking Nephalim but, angel + human = that. Though Archangel + human? What more would that yield?
# Jen 2015-12-16 01:22
Arch Angel and witch LOL Would they actually go there ?? I did think straight away when she smiled (or giggled) that she may have met Lucifer before. She doesn't know who daddy is, also someone commented on Crowley's red demon eyes same as Lucifers ??
# vince 2015-12-16 07:45
No way for that to be possible, as Lucifer has been firmly locked in his Cage for God knows how long. I took Rowena's giggle to be her just restraining her excitement at everything she just learned. I mean God has a sister, and they want to communicate with the Dark Prince himself. As an old and powerful witch, why wouldn't she be excited?
# BoGirle 2015-12-16 09:09
Huh... well that's certainly true. Forgot about those pesky 66 seals. Ah well.
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-16 09:17
For a long time, I have suspected that there is more to Crowley than meets the eye. I never really tied him to Lucifer though. (I'm actually a nut case that think's he is god in hiding or disguise or even maybe none of that. I think if the Devil, Lucifer, is an angel, then God is a demon. And I think that's an awesome dynamic. That's where I'm at. lol). But, regardless, I kinda suspect that Crowley may be a fallen Archangel.

Crowley's red eyes covered more than just his iris, the whole thing turned red, if I remember correctly. For Lucifer, only the irises appeared to glow reddish. Same color, so maybe there is a connection, but I'm not sure it's a lineage connection. Maybe when archangels fall, they obtain a redness to them? I dont know. lol. But that's all theory.

Still, I love any suspicions and theories about Crowley. I really do like his character. He's managed to save Cas and the brothers on more than one occasion and always covers it up by saying "well it's good for business" or some crazy excuse. He's done dirty deeds and amazingly evil things, but they *usually* seem to be to our advantage in the end, some how. Kinda like "god works in mysterious ways" hahaha. And he's always a step ahead of everyone. I think when he doesn't know something, he's just playing dumb to allow events to unfold a certain way. Either that, or perhaps god, in this show, just isn't as all-knowing as we all believe.

Either way, Crowley fascinates me. :)
# percysowner 2015-12-16 23:22
Table for 2 in the "Crowley is God in hiding, or for some other reason" group. I've secretly loved that theory for a while. It will never happen, but that's what I would like to be true.
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-17 09:14
Squee! Thanks for joining my table at the nut house! hahaha.

I've actually tried to start a conversation about this in the Discussion Page here: Crowley Finger-Snapping Powers Discussion (" ewinchesterfami lets-discuss/fi nger-snapping-a -comparison-of- crowley-s-power s-with-an-archa ngel"), but no one replied. :( But that's ok. I'm happy in my own little world thinking what I think. You're probably right when you say it will never happen, but in my brain, it totally could, so I'm ever hopeful. Until they finally, if ever, reveal who God is or have Chuck say (in an episode, not an interview with Kripke or anything) that he is indeed God, I will hold true to the theory that Crowley the Demon is actually God. :)
# eilf 2015-12-17 10:00
Stuff in the discussion page can get buried pretty easily, don't take it to heart that you didn't get a response, another time you might get a bunch!
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-17 12:40
oh yeah, i wasn't upset. I admit that my interest in Crowley and the idea that "god is a demon" is entirely unhealthy. bwahahahaha. But I just love talking possibilities and ideas with other like minded people, mostly because i have so many ideas of my own. :)
# eilf 2015-12-16 17:41
But in Bible terms everything has happened in the past 6000 years. And Crowley is old enough to remember Mesopotamia when it was called that which was up to 5000 years ago. Superwiki also puts Mesopotamia outside Crowleys (Fergus) timeline (though it isn't really, it was called Mesopotamia until quite recently).

So if Rowena is Crowley's mother ... (yes I see the hole in my logic :D) ...

Actually it could be that Crowley is a lot older than Rowena, if he possessed a child or a baby that was Rowena's would she know? He could fake the possession later on. There does seem to be some confusion about what Crowley really is. He could be the child of Amara and Lucifer?

Sort of depends when the Darkness was locked away - was after the creation of the angels at least.
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-17 09:28
My thinking is this:

If you remember Anna, one of the very first angels we met, we learned that she had fallen, but she 'felled' herself. She said that she ripped her own grace out and fell from heaven. And I remember that where her grace landed, an old tree had grown in its place. But as for Anna, she didn't come to earth and take a vessel, she was born. She was an infant and was raised by her parents until whatever age she was when she started to "go crazy" and hear the angel's voices after Dean was saved, and that's when we met her.

So, I GUESS, if an angel pulls themselves out of heaven and removes their own grace, they fall to earth and are thus "born". But, if someone like Metatron just tosses them out of heaven, they just fall (with their grace) and take vessels. Kinda makes sense if you think about the specifics.

I feel like, if I'm going to believe that Crowley is more than just a demon who is ahead of his game, that the same thing or something similar happened to Crowley. I think he is A LOT older than Rowena, but when he fell, (or whatever may have happened), he ended up being born on earth as her son, just like Anna was born.

I've actually thought that for a while. The way Crowley and Naomi seemed to have history, especially regarding the whole Mesopotamia thing. I don't think the writers lost continuity at any point by saying he knew Mesopotamia and yet was only born a few hundred years ago or whatnot. I just think we don't know his full story yet. If Crowley is just a demon, then he's older than he's letting on and somehow hiding it. If, however, he's actually a fallen angel or fallen archangel of some sort, then I think that actually fits with all of his character development so far.

As far as when the Darkness was locked away, I'm pretty sure that was before the angels were created/conceiv ed. Long before.... Because the Darkness was supposed to be an old, scary "bedtime story"/ "myth" for them that they didn't even think was real. At least, that's how they were setting it up in the beginning of the season, from what I remember.
# eilf 2015-12-17 09:54
I like it!
# percysowner 2015-12-17 10:26
This is also a good idea for Crowley.
# Wednesday 2015-12-17 12:31
And yet, thousands of women were burned at the stake having confessed to sexual relations with the Devil.
Lore frequently refers to witches conjuring 'him' in order to have sex with him.
Many evocations and invocations are part of the Witch Mythology of our world that totally could be incorporated
in the Supernatural world. The Writers seem to be relying on the more cliché interpretations of witches: covens, hex bags, etc.
Why not a "winter solstice orgy" where Lucifer is the invited, conjured guest?
# LEAH 2015-12-22 15:41
oops I didn't see your post before I posted mine below. Similar ideas.:)
# LEAH 2015-12-22 15:38
Well the show often uses spells liberally to explain or solve a multitude of things. Who knows, maybe one of those powerful witches was able to spring him out for an overnight furlough. If Rowena could use a spell to bring him to a neutral location (assuming she actually did that) why couldn't it have been done in the past to facilitate a sexual liaison in that protected cage or whatever? The vessel thing is thorny though. I am trying to bend things so this might work. I want Lucifer to be Crowley's father. Common red eyes must mean something.:)
# eilf 2015-12-15 23:14
drat, please hold ...

seriously? only one picture per comment? Bah
# eilf 2015-12-15 23:21
# eilf 2015-12-15 23:26

I was doing my own recap on the episode Wednesday. It isn't nearly as thorough as yours - I love the way you do these BTW, it is interesting to see your perspective (and decide if I agree with it :D ) - but here's something I noticed in the visual. It's an interesting trend in background actors (and one main guest actor):
Visitor to church
Hotdog vendor:

I hate to admit that I can't tell if these are three different guys or two or all the same guy (I can't tell the blonde undergrads at the university apart either, before anyone jumps on me for admitting this). They do bear a distinct similarity to each other don't you think? Does anyone have any ideas about this?

I thought Amara looked faintly surprised at the lightning in the opening scene, like maybe that wasn't her? And there was literally no reason for the church guy. And a few people have noticed stuff centering on the hot-dog guy at the end:

-he offers to make Dean a hot-dog but doesn't seem bothered when Dean disappears and reappears 20 minutes later not having paid for said hotdog.
-so when Dean get back either no time has passed or Dean vanished unexpectedly and, since the vendor was making him a hotdog why didn't he notice?
-if no time has passed then we have a huge continuity issue* so it is possible that the hotdog guy is involved in the story - possibly as several people have commented as God keeping an eye on Amara / Amara's new toy (Dean).

*Huge continuity issue alert - if Dean hasn't been gone any time...and he didn't answer Sam's phonecall immediately before vanishing...the n it has only been seconds since Sam called him and there is no way Crowley could have gotten his handcart organised in that length of time. So Dean could EASILY have called Sam back before Sam went to Limbo with Crowley and Rowena
# Jen 2015-12-16 01:57
Very interesting,but I don't think Dean had any idea what was going on and how long it was since his time with Amara and his return / He looked totally baffled So he wouldn't think to ring Sam
If we took your thought a step further -- could this be a time jump or a in the future scenario ??? Dean appeared to be looking for the angels smiting Amara and the fall out - he was looking at the sky ??
# BoGirle 2015-12-16 06:32
I pretty sure the hotdog vendor and the religious leader were two different actors... but I am not sure about the man in the church, the picture is too small to see clearly. Maybe that was a coincidence in casting or maybe they are using a 'type' to represent God, but switching up the actors so it won't be so obvious? Hmmm... I wonder if there have been other incidents of several similar looking actors and actresses used in background scenes to indicate God's presence? Like a different type of actor for each episode? That's an interesting potential tidbit isn't it?
# Wednesday 2015-12-16 12:06
First, I would love to read your recap. Where can I see It?
Regarding the "Are all three gentlemen the same?" The first two do look similar but the pix are so blurry of the second handshaker guy.
To me the Hotdog guy looks totally different; but, again, not a good shot and anyone can wear a disguise.
I like your theory though.
I like that God would be watching events unfold.
Who started the Hot Dog God Theory? That is awesome!
I could not figure out why they would waste so much time with this shot
(especially when the plot jumped over so much)....and then it gets dropped when Dean returns.
The Hot dog guy does not even acknowledge him. Duke's Dogs on the umbrella.
And that RED Umbrella???? It was so eye catching/important/.
I was thinking "Umbrella, Umbrella... Have we seen those before?
Besides Crowley having them in his drink, there was that reference to Mary Poppins by Metatron that was so stand out weird.
About God and where he is..."And they want magic... Mary Poppins." 11.06 :D
And the continuity idea is certainly a worthy proposition. It certainly makes the whole hot dog scene more worthwhile.
That is what I love about SPN 10 viewers=10 different perspectives.
Thanks for reading and I am happy you are becoming a regular visitor.
# YellowEyedSam 2015-12-16 12:14
Who started the Hot Dog God Theory? That is awesome!
I tried saying that out loud. I burst into laughter! "Its the hot dog god!" xD
# eilf 2015-12-16 13:29
Yes, I got all these pics by pausing the CW website and taking screenshots ... then I had to find a site to host it - all of these are on one post on my Tumblr - and apparently that means I can't post them in one comment for that reason. Anyway the shaking hands guy is only in shot for about 3 seconds and he is moving the entire time - however it is worth taking a closeup look at him - he looks not unlike both the others - though I agree the HD vendor and the preacher don't appear to be the same actor. I mean, I don't know, maybe it is just fashionable for male African American actors to be shaven-headed these days? But 3 in one episode? In a show that is pretty bad with POC representation? It just struck me was all.

Someone else started the HD God theory :D I meant I had written down all the points of interest in the episode to try and work out if the entire thing as disjointed because it is a dream / hallucination episode or if it was just WYSIWYG. And having gotten to the end I came to the conclusion it is WYSIWYG - SPN generally is with Sam's story. We are supposed to accept that Sam's journey in this episode was to be let down by his faith. It is clear on a few occasions during the episode that it was all a manipulation by Lucifer. If it is the case though it means that a lot of the odd things that happened - like Dean suddenly being at a crime scene, and why Sam was randomly in the woods, and the inconsistency in the time scale around the hot-dog vendor/Dean & Amara/Trip to Hell - have no specific meaning, they just ... are ... so then I lost interest in the whole thing, I basically have a list of the episode events on a file on my computer.

I have an idea of what I believe, on evidence of previous seasons, they have planned for next episode and it SUCKS. But I won't detail it here because I only depress myself further by putting it down in black and white. But it involves why Dean has gone to see Billie. And why Castiel has writing on his chest. And what hints Misha has given out. And hints that there are old faces we haven't seen in a while who might come back. And the fact that it is very important to the writers for some reason that Sam should be crushed completely for trying to do the right thing when there is never a right thing available for him to do.
# Wednesday 2015-12-16 17:24
Oh, no. No spoilers please.
I admit to not being terribly adept at this speculation game of what will happen next.
I tend to try and focus on the WYSIWYG of each episode.
I hear you about the screen caps. Kiss them goodbye have theirs up ...finally.
You can check them out here: SCREENCAPLINK ("")
I am looking forward to your write up.
# eilf 2015-12-16 17:46
Well it wouldn't really be spoilers, just my interpretation of what I think the show is up to. But no, none here :D

Oh excellent a new source of caps! Ta!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-12-16 18:33
Don't know what Screencap place you use but if you need another I use this one: supernaturalfan ("http://supernaturalfan") I think it is always immediately updated but if you need more choices I recommend this site too. :)

- Lilah
# eilf 2015-12-17 09:55
Thanks Lilah! It is amazing how often no matter how many pictures they post the one thing that you want a picture of is not available so it is good to have multiple options!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-12-17 12:30
It is hard to find just the scene sometimes because it might be under a second fleeting moment so that is a real pain. I still need to sometimes take my own screens to have the one I like but that site is pretty good. :)

- Lilah
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-17 12:37
I would love to hear your theory! If you do post it anywhere, can you please link me!? :)
# spnlit 2015-12-16 15:45
Who started the Hot Dog God Theory? Lilah_ Kane posted that her husband thought the hot dog vendor was God.
# Wednesday 2015-12-16 17:18
That is so clever. If it doesn't pan out, he should be writing for the show.:D
# spnlit 2015-12-16 18:30
Hey Lilah, Wednesday thinks your husband should be writing for the show!!!!!! Not only did he start a discussion, gave us material for jokes, he is now deemed clever and ready for a coveted position.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-12-17 12:33
I told him that he started a buzz on the site and I think he likes it. And it is good to have discussion and fun! Had the same feeling when I heard it. :D

- Lilah
# Lilah_Kane 2015-12-16 18:41
He has pretty wild ideas sometimes. One was about the tablets that if there was Leviathan, Demon and Angel tablet that we know. What prevents there to be also a Human tablet? Can't remember why we were discussing it. I think it was on season 10 and because of Metatron. It is a shame he does not share these anywhere. He is pretty good writer and smart too. I am just glad he is there to watch the show with me. :)

- Lilah
# Jen 2015-12-16 05:45
and her distracting décolletage ---- Why does her dress have to be cut so low. She is a beauitful woman Emily Swallow and has plenty of other attributes ---
Actually I kept waiting for a wardrobe malfunction !!!!
As for that soul suck maybe not kiss, and look of confusion ?? I was wondering if something has changed since Dean killed Death maybe a type of protection ??? Way back in S5 My Bloody Valintine Dean didn't get infected by Famine either At the time Famine said Dean was empty inside, deep dark nothing,broken, defeated. I wondered if Dean hasn't really healed from that ???
# vince 2015-12-16 07:43
She's a beautiful women, she looks beautiful in that dress, and long as she feels comfortable in it, that's all that matters. In fact, Emily Swallow appears to be loving the attention her boobs are getting on Twitter.

Either Amara couldn't suck out his soul, because of their whole bond of never being able to hurt the other. Or she decided against it for her own reasons. I don't think Dean is soulless or still dealing with he "emptiness" issues.
# BoGirle 2015-12-16 09:10
She needs a bra....
# spnlit 2015-12-16 16:57
She's a beautiful women, she looks beautiful in that dress, and long as she feels comfortable in it, that's all that matters. In fact, Emily Swallow appears to be loving the attention her boobs are getting on Twitter.
I agree with this statement if you were referring to a picture of Ms. Swallow on the red carpet. But we are not.

In regard to the character Amara and not the actress, the dress dramatically emphasizing her bare cleavage/ boobs was an interesting choice. On one hand I could see the emphasis as a continuation of the mother theme Wednesday pointed out in an earlier article but it was not really the point in this episode. The primary characterizatio n of Amara in this episode was not the opposite version of God Light Male Father/ Goddess Darkness Female Mother. It was that of being God's sister; an inexperienced angry petulant child (Nightsky compared her to a neglected child- victim) who was seeking to anger God to draw him out. Her search for God was done in such an unintelligent manner that she may have just looked under a bed. So I guess I object to the visual of her breasts because in light of the whole presentation of her character, this just made her seem weaker because it screamed SEX... She was presented as an angry , sarcastic, argumentative child-like sister, throwing a tantrum, destroying God's creation/ chosen ones and utilizing sexual attributes to manipulate. The last point even more clear in light of the sensual kiss. She was not strong, mature, smart and worst of all not unique. Teen Amara showed promise of Uniqueness but it did not come to fruition in the adult version. If she was, then the boob exposure may have just been sculptured beauty. So, I was disappointed that a being that is God's sister had to be portrayed as using sex. On a more general note, I know most all female characters on this show have / show cleavage but if they were just going for eye candy it was a tad too much; she is not one of Dean's fantasy pole dancers. I was disappointed because I wanted her to be unique a new character with new attributes not just more of the same depiction of sex and bratty entitlement teen behavior.
# spnlit 2015-12-16 17:09
I will add one more point. The exposed breasts in conjunction with Dean's made up (looked like more make up to me) GQ look, along with the going no where staring, and dramatic but possibly meaningless dialogue gave this scene a soap opera quality that was in fact boring. Angels stupidly appearing as an isolated trio and getting plucked off like chickens (HEY Wednesday more on your chicken theme) was all just more soap added to the mix.
# BoGirle 2015-12-17 01:02
Agreed with every word. And one of the writers of the episode is a woman. Ugh. Not to mention.... the angles stupidly appearing as though they had apparated and yet, the angel still can't fly, unless that two year long dangling plot thread was resolved while I wasn't looking.
# AlyCat22 2015-12-17 00:57
Well Amaras character description was of a femme fatale. An 'amoral femme fatale not impressed with God's creation'...or something like that.
# spnlit 2015-12-17 06:38
That description was put forth by an entertainment site this past summer, when word got out that Swallow got the gig to play Amara. Unfortunately, they may be right.
# BoGirle 2015-12-17 07:52
I guess I just find it sad and sexist that God is defined as an all powerful entity without form or substance (or perhaps as Chuck if you buy into that interpretation) whose actions are the most important aspect of his being. He's not sexualized in any way and the affairs of human beings are beneath him. But when it comes to a similar all powerful being in God's sister, she must be sexualized, wear revealing clothing, expose her breasts and lust after mere humans. What for? Why the double standard? Why is she interested, described in terms of or preoccupied with sex or sexualized ideas in any way at all? Why must what she looks like or what she wears have anything at all to do with her characterizatio n as an all powerful being? She should be above such things as God is. But, she's a woman and women must be beautiful and sexualized to make any kind of mark on society I guess. This is what comes of having too many men on the writing staff.
# Wednesday 2015-12-17 11:39
Her search for God was done in such an unintelligent manner that she may have just looked under a bed….
She was presented as an angry , sarcastic, argumentative child-like sister, throwing a tantrum, destroying God's creation/ chosen ones and utilizing sexual attributes to manipulate.
I agree. Disappointing portrayal of the female force, entity, or Goddess.
She creates a “daughter” of herself to learn all about the earth and what has happened.
As I mentioned before, if she could read “Dante” at eight, why is she stalling with more pertinent knowledge.
She quickly picked up on the beauty tips and “make over” from “Goldie.”
It was SO important that she learn to pluck her eyebrows!!!
At the very least, she is inconsistent with her intelligence.
Although I applaud her NATURAL BREAST over the contrived and
enhanced breast beauty standard that is crammed down our throats in this culture,
it is sad that any woman in our society is first and foremost judged by her appearance and sexualized.
What would a true natural woman goddess look like and how would she behave?
Certainly not like a spoiled, stupid, vindictive child as was presented.
But, she's a woman and women must be beautiful and sexualized to make any kind of mark on society I guess.
This is what comes of having too many men on the writing staff.
Exactly. Except that just having “women” writers is not enough.
Many Women Writers who actually make it in the industry, do so because they are able to write with a man’s style and a male voice.
In fact, it has actually been considered a compliment to women writers to be able to do this.
Our Jenny K for example has this said about her.
But, what is the point of having women writers who are just going to present the same old male dominant voice?
We need women writers who are going to present a voice for and about women and their perspectives.
Real history and Real religions have completely disempowered and removed the female voice.
(Think burning at the stake for worshipping nature and being a midwife.)
So Amara kind of represents this disempowerment of women. She could be so much more.
And NOT just an opportunity to trot out a bunch of old stereotypes.:(
# spnlit 2015-12-17 15:12
I agree. It is sad and disappointing. I guess the show did give us some warning if they indeed describe Amara to TVLINE as a "femme fatale who is both seductive and sinister (when need be)." I forgot about this and got my hopes up that she would be unique and original when they revealed Amara as God's sister.
# AlyCat22 2015-12-17 14:26
That was the Shows given description of the character.
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-16 09:16
Yeah that's what always gets me about this kind of stuff. She is "Darkness". It's fine that she's being personified by a beautiful woman, but is she going to be so prideful to have sex appeal and shave her armpits and wear makeup? LOL. I mean, all of that stuff is fairly westernized and modern, so to speak. I'm not upset she was wearing makeup, it's just from a writing standpoint, there is very very very little logic in it. LOL. That's all i'm saying. haha.
# ScifiSpirit 2015-12-16 09:17
oops - I don't know how to delete this. The computer glitched and posted my reply several times. Sorry!
# Wednesday 2015-12-16 17:15
I absolutely loved this interpretation of a Goddess who is Au Naturel.
I applaud challenging the current beauty standards of our culture.
Without underwire, push up, push together, padding, or implants and they are still ‘steal the show’ gorgeous.
Free the girls! I wish they had gone further: little tuft of armpit hair; Less make-up.
Emily Swallow is stunning. I say, if you got flaunt it. Good for her.
I totally SUPPORT this more natural breast beauty. ;)
# eilf 2015-12-16 17:22
I think that it is possible they were trying to point out 'here, look, fully grown mature woman' for those who are complaining about Dean and her because Dean is obviously so much older ... Except that she is several thousand years older than him.

I would love to see the guy (and it would be a guy) trying to convince standards and practice that they HAVE to show her topless because reasons ... :D
# Lilah_Kane 2015-12-16 18:55
I actually liked Amara's dress. It was black, simple. She had tiny shoes on her feet. She looked like a Greek statue sculpture (They are not wearing bras either) and I actually welcomed it because most of the times the "tough girls" are wearing skin tight leather that is sexy. Amara doesn't need to care about those things so that is a breath of fresh air for me. That dress was just gorgeous and fit her well. I didn't even actually notice the cleavage or think she was pushing sexiness until I saw the bruhaha about it all around. I mean woman has breasts! But they are not even showing it just little skin. I mean she was otherwise fully clothed. It is more disturbing how big of a deal the cleavage has been made. Or maybe I am just used to on Game of Thrones where women are fully naked so I don't think it is a big deal anymore. :P

- Lilah
# Jen 2015-12-17 01:27
I think it looks lovely as well but I was wondering if it was that old school thinking -- Women have got them flaunt them or whether it was just part of Amara's picture (How the writers see her)
Anyway everybody knows Dean is a boob man LOL :p:p:p:p
# spnlit 2015-12-16 18:35
Wow Jen, I forgot about that. Good Point. Maybe Amara will capitalize on Dean's sense of deep emptiness.
# vince 2015-12-16 07:33
"You were in the forest. There are bushes and sometimes they burn."

Considering wildfires in California literally happen because bushes start burning, there is a fair amount of logic to what Dean said.

"working on the old misconception that evil witches worshipped Satan."

The show has had witches worship demons and swear servitude. Her being such an old powerful, it makes sense she would be very interested in the "Dark Prince."
# BoGirle 2015-12-16 09:18
Were they in California? I don't remember that being established but I may have missed it. So wait. Sam and Dean are in Kansas concocting this grand plan to position Sam into a meeting with Lucifer. Crowley and Rowena are also in Kansas for convenience sake (I'll let that bit of illogical contrivance pass). Then somehow in the blink of an eye Dean is in California? How did that happen? I know that the Impala is a magical thing, but really? Wow that's bad. Almost as bad as that line you mentioned "You were in the forest! There are bushes, and sometimes, they burn!" Just godawful, along with the logic fails here.
# vince 2015-12-16 10:38
You misunderstand, I was saying that Dean's logic that bushes sometimes burn isn't as dumb as people are saying, because wildfires will start because something caused a bush to start burning in the woods. And California is well known for getting wildfires (among other natural disasters).

As for where they are in the actual episode, since Crowley can teleport himself and other people around, it's not really an illogical contrivance that they go from Crowley's lair in Mass. to Kansas.
# BoGirle 2015-12-17 01:08
It still doesn't explain how Dean got to the scene's of the massacres so quickly or how he found out about them in the first place. The boys are with crowley setting up the meet and then BOOM, Dean's all suited up and in whatever town researching this latest atrocity by Amara. How'd they even know it was her in the first place, and how'd he get there so fast? And yeah, I don't care how many forest fires California has, the burning bush line was painfully dumb, made Dean sound dumb and Jensen too.
# vince 2015-12-17 04:23
That's the thing about Supernatural, we really never get an idea of how much time actually passes. It's at least a days drive from Crowley's to the Bunker, at anytime during that 24 hour period they could have learned about what Amara did, and probably assume wherever Dean went was a least a few hours from the Bunker. That's why Dean went to the church, to confirm if it was Amara. Sudden massacre at a church would pique their interest.
# AlyCat22 2015-12-17 01:10
There was nothing that stated they were in California. I think.Sam was somewhere around the bunker but nothing was said to confirm that either. I was just going by common sense unless they wanted us to factor in the space time continuum using the timey wimey TARDIS/Impala. It's possible that we are supposed to unearth something important in regards to that scene between the boys in the bunker but until something is revealed/discov ered, I'm chalking it up to the crappy dialogue writing abilities of the Nep Duo.
# vince 2015-12-17 04:26
I know, I wasn't saying they were in California. I was just using it as an example to Dean's quote about bushes catching fire, it's literally something that happens in California forests and causes wildfires.

I literally have no idea what you are talking about in regards to the convo in the Bunker.
# vince 2015-12-16 10:37
You misunderstand, I was saying that Dean's logic that bushes sometimes burn isn't as dumb as people are saying, because wildfires will start because something caused a bush to start burning in the woods. And California is well known for getting wildfires (among other natural disasters).

As for where they are in the actual episode, since Crowley can teleport himself and other people around, it's not really an illogical contrivance that they go from Crowley's lair in Mass. to Kansas.
# eilf 2015-12-16 13:31
I have been trying to find the set of comments that Dean has made over the years that totally back up that the bushes comment is the sort of thing Dean says. The only one I can remember off-hand is the 'accidents don't happen accidentally' line but there are loads of them. I find them funny, and I thought the bush comment was in the same category.
# spnlit 2015-12-16 15:56
The Spectacular Visual Effects, Stunning Sets/Locations, and the usual Spellbinding cast revealed a Stimulating Seasonal arc that almost concealed abysmal dialogue and murky rationales.
I agree 100%. Thanks for the article. I enjoyed seeing a visual recap and agree with your chosen highlights. I also loved the knife shattering when Dean attempted to stab Amara. Major congrats to the crew who made this all happen.
# AlyCat22 2015-12-17 01:33
I keep reading in different places that some think the knife Dean used to stab Amara was Rubys knife. If you slow mo or freeze frame it clearly is not. I also read some people think it was the knife used to kill the Zanna. That one I can't confirm. I do know for certain that it is not Rubys knife.

I.loved the brief flash of sadness and regret on Dean's face when he turns away from Amara to get himself together enough to attack her. Was there also a little thinking that he was betraying her as well? And then the look of concern that passes between them when she is about to face the wrath from the smiting. So subtle. It looked like for her she was going to miss him until they meet again. I don't think she fears what is about to happen between her and the Heavenly host. For Dean it looked like he didn't want her to get hurt/injured/de stroyed but he was powerless to help her.

Am I insane? Don't get me wrong, the kiss between Dean and Amara was hot and he was participating but I didn't see him enthusiasticall y throwing himself into it. If you look his eyes are scrunched and his movements in response to the lip lock seem to me to be a little resistant. As if he's into it but not a happy camper with himself that he is into it. So he wants her but he doesn't want to want her.
# vince 2015-12-17 04:07
It was just a regular, probably silver hunting knife. Because remember, Dean didn't show up looking for a confrontation. He's was confirming that Amara was behind what happened.
# PSG 2015-12-25 00:09
This episode might have failed, but the season passes. Ankara is a,feminist heroine. She wants to be acknowledged. Did you hear what Lucifer said about her...
I cannot tell for sure on my phone but the window may display the life of rhe .virgin. There's a,story there for sure.