Destiny. Fate. The inevitable. These are all things the Winchesters have faced time and time again.

These are the things Sam and Dean fight against the most---and with the most vigor. The “inevitable” comes in many forms. They've escaped death---multiple times. Sam and Dean have averted crises considered inescapable---such as the Mark of Cain destroying Dean. Most notably, they've managed to subvert destiny in the form of the Apocalypse, giving them the ability to tear up any script and rewrite it as their own. In the mid-season finale, we see Sam and Dean thrust yet again into the clutches of Destiny. They must face down a new fate, avert a new crisis, and rise yet again. It looks dark for both brothers right now---that destiny has the upper hand---and yet historically this is the Winchesters at their strongest. Backed into a corner, forced into a destiny they do not accept, Sam and Dean will find a way to buck it and emerge victorious once more---all with the weapon they've relied upon in the past: free will.

Let's look first at Amara and Dean and how Destiny shapes their story.

Amara, God's sister, has gone in search of her absent brother. She has searched in His churches, near His followers, and has attempted to understand His construct all in an effort to get His attention. She claims to be the new game in town, unimpressed by the works her brother has wrought. She finds his followers to be gullible and blind, willing to believe in His propaganda. Those that she encounters at the very start are preaching about the end of times. The preacher tells them only a chosen few will be selected for Heaven. Only through repentance will any of them find their way to His saving grace. She is told that God's wrath comes in many forms, and so she scoffs. The man tells her that only God can create, and it is His creation's duty to bow before Him. She points at the fountain behind him, making it run blood, and says, “You mean, something like this?”

normal O brother where art thou 160
If she is going to settle this score between herself and God, then she must Him face to face. She strikes them all down with lightning, showing off her powers and her strength. If she can strike enough of God's “chosen” then perhaps he will respond to her. She ends up in a Catholic church, confronted by a priest. When she tells him, “I need an actual meeting, in a room,” she is told that this is God's house and that all search for God. He tells her to pray, and when it doesn't get the response she seeks, she calls the priest back, demanding to know how he knows God heard her. Perhaps he has met God---and he tells her that no one alive has seen God. Stunned, she responds, “Only dead people get to see him? And this makes sense to billions of you.” The Bible is thrust in her hands---and the priest tells her that this is God's plan for His people and how it lays out the mercy and love for humanity---that it is all there for anyone to find.

The priest angers her when he tells her, “God is the Light and it is the Light that vanquishes the Darkness.”

In this fashion, Amara seems to be the antithesis of Destiny. She wants nothing more than to tear up what God has built and replace it with her own system. She wants God to face her so they can fight it out and she can pay Him back for locking her away for all these years. She's furious that his creation has been taught to fear her and see her as the enemy---even if she has some serious intentions of undoing much of God's work. To Amara, the plan that God laid down makes little to no sense. It is flawed. Its Destiny is riddled with suffering and pain. It is rigid in construct, forcing God's creation to endure its structures and rules---all without the bliss she feels would be most preferable.
normal O brother where art thou 261
His creation only believes what He, God, wants them to believe---or so Amara can deduce so far. This is pure propaganda. Amara sees God's Destiny, then, as folly. She would rather start over or at the very least alter what is already in place to her image. This is how Amara becomes the instrument of Destiny. It may not be the Destiny so often portrayed or the one God set forth, but it is hers and she will follow much of the same train of thought as those who came before her. She will carve out her Destiny and force others into its construct to make it reality. When she stated that God wasn't the only game in town, she meant it.

And yet it shows her lack of understanding of God's truest plan: free will.

To replace her brother's system, she needs to tie her Destiny to one of God's creation. She has chosen Dean Winchester for that very purpose, knowing that he is one of God's chosen. Dean, as the former Righteous Man, would make an excellent conduit for her purposes. So, she overwhelms Dean with her power and influence and takes him to a secluded area. It's not enough to make him become her instrument of Destiny instead of her brother's, however. Instead, she must make Dean understand just why it is she wants him to do this and how there is no escaping its inevitability. In the end, as far as Amara is concerned, he will succumb and become her instrument.

normal O brother where art thou 375
And yet she also knows that Dean will not simply bow low and give in. She knows he's a warrior. She tries to twist her new Destiny into a form that he may accept. She tells him, “What if there were no rules? No pain. No prayer. Just bliss. That feeling you have when you're with me---forever.”

Unfortunately for Amara, this doesn't impact the elder Winchester the way she hopes it will---he will not simply give in here and he moves to stab her with a blade stowed in his suit jacket. It's an ordinary blade---and while Dean knows that it most likely will fail, he knows he must try. He can't do much against her at this stage, her raw power has increased since the last time they met---but he will make the effort.

normal O brother where art thou 524
In return, Amara tells Dean, “It was destiny. You bore the Mark, I am the original Mark. You and I will be together.” Amara is committed, then, to asserting her Destiny over Dean. She grasps his face, obviously intending at first to draw out his soul as she has done so many others---but instead chooses to kiss him.

Her actions befuddle Dean. He wants nothing to do with her or her Destiny. His entire life has been built resisting entities such as her. He has always refused the notion that anything is inevitable. For Dean, her words and actions are abhorrent. If anything, it makes Dean want to resist her all the more. She represents the latest and newest version of the same story he's seen and railed against before. For all her talk about being a new game in town and to follow the same philosophy as Dean, Amara is really no different than any force Dean's fought in the past. Her Destiny is still a Destiny and in doing so he will fight back no matter what it takes.

Certainly, at this moment, it would seem Amara has the upper hand. After all, his attempts to stab her failed miserably---she even states to him that this was a pointless action. She has the ability to drown out everything around Dean, drawing his attention---as she does away from Sam's phone call. She can whisk him away with but a thought and hold him there as long as she pleases. Dean doesn't have the methods yet to counter these things. He can't truly fight back against her---and yet he will not simply be idle, either.

His struggle against her is written on his face. He is rigid in his posture. Dean can see her for what she truly is and what she wants to do. He may not know all her plans for the world or for himself, but he knows enough to know that they are not good. He tells her, as he's told so many before about destiny, “It's never gonna happen.”

The angels that have been tracking Amara have come, and they plan on smiting her. She has told Dean that she carries the souls that she's consumed---but they are not gone. His protests to them to not attack her has nothing to do with his need to protect Amara or the bond she propagates they share. It has everything to do with trying to save the souls trapped within her---and he will not let them be hurt without speaking on their behalf. It is his attempt to “save people” no matter what it takes.

It is at this point that the tables have begun their slow revolution towards Dean's favor. Amara may have the means to put her Destiny in action through her raw power and she may be able to overwhelm Dean for now, but the more she asserts that it is inevitable, the more Dean will resist. He will use that resistance to his advantage---for to Dean Winchester to accept any inevitable Destiny as truth is inconceivable. He will not sit idly by and let it happen.

Amara, like those before her, will also underestimate Dean in this. She thinks she can pull on this “bond” they share. She believes that as it was his Destiny to free her, it is her Destiny to claim him as her own for her own purposes. Amara believes she can overpower him, can use it against him, and find a way to use him. If anything may get God's attention, it may be her corruption of the former Righteous Man---the one she sees as the perfect example of God's triumph and folly.

normal O brother where art thou 594
Her folly is easy to see. For all of Amara's power and strength, for all she's learned in her brief time free, she hasn't grasped the true nature of her brother's universal order. She sees His religions as a testament to His ego, a method to control the masses. She sees the structure. She sees the Dante order he's created---and seemingly abandoned. What Amara does not see, however, is the nature of His creation. She does not grasp that they---and in particular the Winchesters and Dean himself---will be her downfall. She does not understand that their greatest strength is the gift that God granted to humanity: free will.

In missing this important lesson, Amara will be utterly defeated. She cannot simply enforce a new structure on humanity---or the Winchesters---and expect it to simply work. They will reject it time and time again and with greater force. It is free will that will be their weapon and it is free will that will grant them the power to triumph over her.

It will be darker before it will become lighter for Dean, certainly. Amara may try other methods to convince him yet---and some may be darker and difficult to face. And yet, Dean will find a way to resist. He will find a way to use his abhorrence of Destiny to his advantage. It will allow him to throw off her control in the end, and it will allow him to prove her wrong as those who have come before her. There is no script save the ones the Winchesters will write for themselves.

Amara and Dean aren't the only ones having the conversation about fates and Destiny, though. Sam has a similar and just as heartbreaking encounter with a former enemy: Lucifer.

normal O brother where art thou 415
Ironically, Lucifer stands in for the voice of Destiny here. The fallen angel, the one cast into the very Cage of Hell for disobeying God's plan, emerges as the one speaking for the inevitable. The visions that Sam had been seeing were not coming from God---but from Lucifer himself. He used the damage done by the Darkness's release to his advantage to reach out to his former vessel. If he could convince Sam enough, perhaps he'd get Sam back where he wanted him.

Prior to the reveal, Lucifer plays shocked that God would send Sam to him. He knows that he was the one that helped God put her away in the first place. He tips his hand first when he asks Sam about God's part in all of this. Sam tells him, “All current indications of His presence, are that there are no current indications of His presence. ” Lucifer retorts, “What? Caught the fun bus out of town. Figures.”

His reaction isn't necessarily genuine. Lucifer has known for some time that God has left. But he strings Sam along, knowing that he can perhaps twist the knife some and convince Sam to finally say Yes once more. After all, “desperate times call for desperate measures.” As bad as he was for the world, what Amara wants to do is far worse. She, after all, threatens everyone's existence. She threatens the very fabric of God's Natural Order---and that does include Lucifer. He knows this, too---yet he also knows he can use it to his advantage.

He's not necessarily lying to Sam. He's just simply stringing Sam along, using his own hopes against him. He knows that Sam believes in Destiny on some level---finds comfort in the knowledge that a higher power than himself may be standing with him. Lucifer knows that Sam will rely on that belief, will turn to it as he seeks redemption, and thus twists Sam's mind on itself to set up his own Destiny for Sam. It's pretty obvious as to what that Destiny will be---Lucifer wants freedom topside in his chosen vessel.

normal O brother where art thou 442
Sam scoffs at him, not terribly surprised by Lucifer's suggestion. Lucifer will help them “put the cat back in the bag” if he'll simply grant him that one wish. It seems simple. Use the lesser of two evils to take out the worst one and then deal with the fall out. He tells Lucifer, “Did you really expect me to agree to this? So what, I just disappear while you take my body and get set loose on the world again?”

Faced with the prospect of being possessed again, Sam knows that it is a losing battle before it even begins. He will not manage to trick Lucifer back into the Cage twice---and even if he does manage to help them stop Amara, there's no way they'll be able to get him to relinquish once it's done. Lucifer needs his consent, and Sam knows it.

Outside the Cage, Sam has the power. Lucifer can't really force him into anything. If he says No, he can simply walk away and leave Lucifer to fester. They'll have to find another way. He'll have to hope that God will share some other method to stop the Darkness. But the spell Rowena has cast begins to fail---either due to a time limit or a built in failure by the witch---and Lucifer sees his chance.

normal O brother where art thou 625
Sam is no longer outside the Cage but inside with him. It gives Lucifer all the power---making Sam his captive once more. Here is where Lucifer becomes the agent of Destiny---its mouthpiece. Sam is too calm for Lucifer's tastes, and Sam tells him, “It's pretty much exactly how God told me it was going to be. Guess I just have to go with it and play my hand.”

Knowing that he can finally break Sam again, Lucifer tells him, “That would make so much sense, if it was God that was doing the talking. You see Sam, when the Darkness descended, the impact on Hell was massive. The Cage was damaged. Through the fissures I was able to reach out. It wasn't God inside your head, Sam. It was me. So you see, He's not with you. He's never been with you. It was always just me, so I guess I am your only hope.”

Lucifer believes that it was inevitable that he would capture Sam yet again---just as he believes that he will manage to get Sam to give him consent and say Yes to being his vessel once more. Lucifer feels that he can force Sam. The Darkness does pose a threat to everyone, and while he may not have the good intentions on stopping her, he doesn't seem to be thrilled with her appearance, either. He says about her as “She's got none of the experience. God is a master strategist. That's why you're here.” It's just the words he hopes will sway Sam. For Lucifer, his Destiny is to take Sam as his vessel and assert his authority over the world. Amara is just plainly in his way, then.

normal O brother where art thou 640
This is Sam's worst nightmare come to fruition, too. Dean had told him, “This is a horrible idea,” and while he agreed, Sam felt that he had no choice but to follow this destiny laid forth by God. In part, this is Sam's desperate attempt at redemption after releasing Amara by getting the Mark removed from Dean at all costs. The visions he had received came when he prayed to God. It gave him the hope he needed when he needed it most. It helped him to reassert the family business of saving people.

Instead, it's turned out to be a cruel and malicious trick by the worst foe Sam's ever had to face down.

The tragedy of this lies in that hope---and yet that hope is the very strength he will draw upon to beat back Lucifer. Trapped in the Cage, Sam is facing down the darkest fear he will ever have. The thought of being back there with the Devil for eternity has chased Sam since he had his soul restored and the Wall had been crumbled. It is the nightmare that has never quite let him go---and it is why he must face it head on now if he is to rise above it and put it behind him.

Lucifer sees Sam's fate as sealed. He sees it as a matter of time before he can wrestle Sam down and get him to say Yes. He thinks he can take advantage of the Cage being damaged enough to possibly not only capture Sam but to break free. It is this thinking that will be his fatal mistake in the end---even if he does manage to get what he wants for a time.

normal O brother where art thou 645
While Sam is shattered by what has happened---evidenced by the single tear he sheds upon realization that he's been duped not by Lucifer---but by himself---he will have to gather himself and find the resolve to fight back. Sam has always seen Destiny as a two edged blade. He has seen it as a good comfort, something that he can turn to and know will be there---and he has seen it as a terrible thing that he cannot escape. He has seen it as his destiny to become a monster. He has seen it as his destiny to fall to the likes of a Lucifer.

And yet, in the end, Sam has always chosen to rip up the script. This evidenced by his statement, mirroring Dean's to Amara's. He states, “It's never gonna happen.”

No matter what Destiny Lucifer has in mind for him, Sam has the means and methods to resist if he looks inside himself hard enough. He has bested the Devil once before. He knows what will come. He knows how dark it will be before it can get better. Lucifer is still an Archangel, and so he has the power to overwhelm Sam certainly. What Sam has that Lucifer does not is the inner strength to find that resolve. Lucifer also does not understand free will. He may have railed against God's plan and his creation of humanity. He may have rebelled, and it may be seen as an act of free will, but in truth the concept does not make sense to him. Instead, he sees this as a resumption perhaps of where they left off in the Apocalypse. He has always seen his possession of Sam as inevitable.

Lucifer's other fatal flow emerges, too, when one considers hope. He most certainly does not possess the hope that Sam clings to. That hope may have led Sam to this terrible moment, but is that hope that he must turn to now in order to make it out.

Amara and Lucifer see their schemes as Destiny. They see themselves as the inevitable victors---one over Dean and one over Sam. They believe that they are to do what God could not---make what they set in motion reality.

It is in underestimating the Winchesters that they will lose. While it may get worse before it gets better, it will be the Winchester's light defeating their dark. They will use what seems to be their greatest weaknesses as their greatest strengths.

It is Sam and Dean's adherence to God's original plan for humanity---free will---that will defeat Amara and Lucifer's plotted Destinies.


# SueB 2015-12-14 20:48
*claps hand* Yay! Your review is up!!

Very thorough and IMO spot-on review. I think you've really nailed what's going on here. Amara saying "destiny" is like waving a red flag in front of Dean. She truly does not "get" Free Will. Perhaps if she manages some metaphysical "become one", it'll be DEAN who essentially 'infects' Amara with the drive for free will. Maybe that will be her undoing. IDK. I'm convinced raw power won't get the job done. I also think that's why God is in absentia. Mano a mano is a mistake. He's gotta be sneaky about this. And once again, the Winchesters are his best weapons.

I REALLY like your take on Sam's predicament and how 'hope' is going to get him out. I'm very worried about him. I want him to emerge from the cage stronger, not torn to emotional shreds.

One note: After rewatch, I'm pretty sure I saw a Lucifer hand motion which coincided with the warding failure. He did it right after Sam said "no". In this context, I have come to the conclusion the warding was NEVER strong enough. Lucifer just played his 'role' until it was clear he wasn't getting the easy "yes". Then he dropped the pretense and took Sam into the cage to try to coerce him into a "yes". When will these Supernatural creatures learn? "Stubborn" is built into the Winchester DNA.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:25
Thanks for the comment.

The more I thought about what I saw in this mid-season take, the more it just came back to Destiny and Free Will for me. It was intriguing how both Amara and Lucifer were so convinced that they were going to win over Sam and Dean respectively. They behave as if everything is already decided and in their favor no less. It struck me that they seem oblivious to the fact that they're facing two men that seem to abhor that thought process the most.

I'm hoping for Sam to emerge stronger, too. It seems to me that he can---maybe it's the hope I see in Sam talking, but I just have to wait and see!

I agree. I think Lucifer did make a similar gesture. I caught it, too. I think it's very possible that he bided his time to set the most emotionally devastating trap. And yeah, I think he's going to find out the hard way that it's not as easy to out stubborn a Winchester, no matter how old and powerful he may be. I think the same can be said for Amara in that respect, too.

Thanks again.
# cheryl42 2015-12-14 21:16
Thank you for your review. Very thought provoking as always. I think that both Sam and Dean will turn to the one constant in both of their lives for hope, redemption and screwing destiny right in the face. And that is each other. All they have ever had is each other. Their faith in each other has helped them overcome all evil, all obstacles. I still cling to what Not-John said in the Impala. His message to Sam was clear. The fate of the world lies with "you boys". God helps those that help themselves may be from an Aesop fable but Not-Johns message was clear. Only the Winchesters making their own destiny and sticking together will defeat the Darkness. Sam and Dean's faith may be shaken but once they realize they still have each other it won't matter who has forsaken them or who is trying to use them for their own gain. Their faith will lie in the fact that together the Winchesters are pretty much invincible. Seems like God really has blessed them with the inner strength to prevail against all odds personal and global. In each other God has given them all they will ever need.

Can't wait for Part 2....
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:32
Thanks for the comment.

To me, I think that's the one of the many points of Supernatural. That the statement "God helps those who help themselves" is key here. Lucifer claims every single vision was from him to play games with Sam, but I don't know that Not-John was. I don't want to speculate too much, but I think that phrase will come up in the second half and we will see it be the weapon Sam uses against Lucifer. I think it'll also play in Dean's story, considering he also sees their trust in one another, that they can take on anything It's a good message, I think. It reminds us that our own lives are in our own hands and if we want something we must make it happen.

Thanks again.
# Gail 2015-12-14 23:54
If we're talking about TEAM Free Will here, where is Cas? Why not even a mention of his name?
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:33
Thanks for the comment.

I mean no slight to Castiel by any means. He's very much part of Team Free Will, but based upon this episode I stuck to what was covered. I hope to see him get more involvement in the back half certainly.

Thanks again.
# Gail 2015-12-16 10:11
Oh yeah, I got that, and I wasn't suggesting you slighted Cas by any means. I enjoyed your review, which was intelligent and thoughtful. My comment was just a general one born out of my frustration in not having seen or heard anything about the character in this huge plot line. I'm adopting a wait and see attitude as I've said but it was extremely disappointing and I just felt the need to vent! Merry Christmas and let's hope January goes quickly so we can find out!
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-16 17:48
I totally want to see more Cas in the story. They teased a bit with the interaction he had with Metatron and I wanna see where they go with that next, too. I'm hoping!! I don't mind the venting. Merry Christmas to you, too!
# Debbie 2015-12-15 01:45
I am so glad this is a tv show, for many reason all good ones. For one a human being can not flight the devil. We as humans have to power to overcome him. We will always lose. And as for season 11 episode 10 I wil probably NOT watch it. I have no desire to see anything that has to do with Christmas no tree and so on. Christmas in itself makes me what to puke and then some I have to family or friends and I DO NOT LIKE THE HOLIDAYS and I especially can not stand Crowley. And the ratings are not good. And if Sam is going to be tortured by the devil I do find that appealing to watch. That make me sick in more ways then one season five anyone. To me this is a repeat, around and around we go same old same old
# Jen 2015-12-15 02:25
Sorry to hear you feel that way Debbie. A human being CAN fight the devil and at least 95% of us do everyday. I don't steal. I try not to be predjudice, I definatly don't commit muder, and I try to live a Christian life. This is to me beating the Devil, to have strength and faith in mankind.
And as for going around and around with the same old story lines, that could appear to be true, but at the core of each story is a different element and something new to learn. After 11 years I feel they are doing a excellent job writers can be a little iffy as descussed often at WFB but the main actors J & J and supporting actors are still putting their all into the show and coming up trumps.
As for the ratings WFB has discussed them at length and feel they are holding steady down but not out
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:37
Thanks for the comment.

I'm sorry to hear that you feel that way. I think it's possible for us each to face down our own demons or devils every day. Supernatural gives it personification that allows for fantasy that I find intriguing. Sometimes it's that type of fantasy that can give us hope, too, that while we could never hope to overcome as a character like Sam does first in Season 5 and hopefully in the back half of Season 11, it can remind us that we, too, can fight whatever battle we're facing in our own lives.

As for the holiday glimpse for next episode, I can understand that feeling, believe me. I work retail. I have for nearly ten years. I'm not exactly a fan of the holiday season by any means, but I found myself laughing at the absurdity of that small glimpse. I won't be surprised, without speculating too far and how they'll do it, that this will be but a sliver of the actual episode.

I hope you'll give it a try at some point and if you should read my review that you'll find something in it.

Thanks again.
# Jen 2015-12-15 02:16
Thank you for a lovely review You have given us another angle to look at and to have some great conversation with
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:38
Thanks for the comment.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. It took some thinking and mulling, but I'm glad you found it thought provoking.

Thanks again.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-12-15 08:19
FAE, I love your analysis and I think you're absolutely right that destiny is once again an overriding theme this season, although it's a bit more subtle in Sam's case. I also think this theme is intertwined with the other theme I see, that of family bonds, specifically that of siblings. Unlike Michael and Lucifer, Cain and Abel, and God and Amara, all of whose relationships were shattered by betrayal, the Winchesters' bond will survive anything that threatens it. These themes of destiny and family, like so much else this season, is very reminiscent of the first 5 seasons. Family and destiny were indeed the overriding themes of the Kripke era. But it does not seem like a tired retread to have them surface again. They are what the show was founded on and I love that we've come full circle back to them, albeit in a fresh way. To the extent that there were overriding themes of the past several seasons (as opposed to mere story lines) they were very underwhelming and only inconsistently woven through the episodes. So I'm loving this season in a way that I haven't loved a season since S5.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:41
Thanks for the comment.

I like that this season is taking those old themes of family and destiny and doing some things with them in a few different ways. I am finding it fresh, too. The sibling angle gives us another layer to the sibling story we've been watching all along---mostly a contrast to it that shows that while Sam and Dean have been on opposite sides of arguments, they've never quite been on the same level of disagreement as say Michael and Lucifer or Amara and God. It's given me a lot to think about, too, and I like that.

Thanks again.
# spnlit 2015-12-15 15:29
Your article caused me to contemplate just how far the Brothers have come from season 1 and the enormity of their tasks which led to this ultimate challenge: In this one episode Sam is dealing face to face with Lucifer the prince of darkness himself and Dean is dealing with God's sister the Darkness herself. Quite the trip.
# YellowEyedSam 2015-12-15 16:45
The fate of the world lies with "you boys".
Makes you wonder if god is too weak to act.

He has seen it as his destiny to become a monster. He has seen it as his destiny to fall to the likes of a Lucifer.
Seeing that made me want to write all of a sudden :>

The last few moments where Sam is in the cage I must of watched at least 5 times now. I've never done that with an episode before since S4!

I remember last year's mid season finale and how disappointing it was. I thought to myself "That's the season finale..?" and then we get this amazing redemption. Ahh the wait will be long >_<
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:45
Thanks for the comment.

I don't think that God is necessarily too weak to act on his own. I think the reason he's rather absent or doesn't interfere so much or at all is due to the Free Will clause he put into his system. I think, in a way, if he were to swoop in and snap his fingers and make everything fixed to his liking, there would be zero point to the struggles that not only Sam and Dean endure but all of humanity. He wanted Free Will to be an end game and to always rise against any proposed Destiny. It's why, in the end, that Sam and Dean did just that in Season 5 and have pretty much ever since.

I was moved by Sam's last moments in this episode. Jared totally nailed that performance for me in that way. It was really gut wrenching and I pray to see Sam emerge over Lucifer again.

Thanks again.
# YellowEyedSam 2015-12-15 19:10
Yeah Jared really knocked it out the park. Two brilliant actors stuck in a cage! I've met Mark, now I just need to meet the other :P
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-12-15 19:41
When did you meet Mark P? And was he as charismatic in person as he is onscreen?
# YellowEyedSam 2015-12-16 08:19
I met him at the October con here in the UK. I just went to his panel and the lounge (20 ppl in a room with him). He's certainly got the humour :D
# MTgin 2015-12-15 16:59
Always meaningful to read what others see in the story. Your references to hope really resonate with me. I love that it is threaded throughout the Supernatural story line, oftentimes, difficult to see...but there, nonetheless. In a broader sense I take great comfort in the idea that hope runs throughout the entire #SPNFamily as well. It seems uniquely human that a "horror" show about monsters, demons and The Darkness has brought so many different people together over its history, and melded so many lives with strength, compassion, acceptance and...yes, hope. Just as The Cage may have fissures, our human hearts have cracks that let darkness in...but, through family, through perseverance and with hope, we can always keep fighting. The Winchesters, and the men that portray them, represent all that is the best (as well as some of the worst) in being human, and seeing THAT as the message of the simple "little show" that Eric Kripke envisioned is pretty miraculous.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-15 17:48
Thanks for the comment.

I'm so glad the hope portion of my review resonated so well. It was apparent as I started to write. I started with Destiny and Free Will and in the end that's what came out. I think hope is so important to that aspect of the story. Without hope, how can we really value and use our Free Will?

I'm also touched by the SPNFamily, too. The fact that we're all here on this site connected to so many other fans in the fandom is just so moving. I think that's why Supernatural endures and its why we see so many people remain loyal to not just the show itself but to those friendships they've founded. I know I'm proud to be part of it!

Thanks again.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-12-16 02:39
It is great to read your thoughts again. The parallels with Sam and Dean and Lucifer and Amara with destiny and free will. When will the supernatural beings learn? People will not bend to their destiny. This is why I think that the visions Sam got were not fully from Lucifer if not at all. He did make the trap (or it seems) when Sam said he had had visions. Specially Not-John vision seems odd if it came from Lucifer. It doesn't make sense for him to give it. It is like he tries to bite his own leg with that.

Anyway, can't wait for the story to unfold and we still are not fully sure where the story is going. I like it because my mind is racing wild.

- Lilah
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2015-12-16 17:51
Thanks for the comment.

I don't believe, either, that it was ALL Lucifer in those visions. I think some of them very well may have been, but all of them? It's hard to say, but yes, why would Not-John give Sam such a powerful hint if it was really Lucifer? I wonder how many visions were really his. It's an intriguing thought. I can't say I take all of Lucifer's taunts at face value, either. He wants to break Sam's spirit. This is his method.

And yes, you'd think they'd learn that Destiny and the Winchesters don't mix. Want to make them move against you and win? Threaten them with Destiny.

Thanks again.
# SpenceFysh 2015-12-24 15:49
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