The Jenny Klein penned and Dick Speight directed episode begins with a girl’s tea party. Her parents are waiting for her to finish her tea. We see that her imaginary friend, Sparkle, is in fact a man unicorn hybrid. Sparkle tells Maddie to go with her parents. While she’s away, Sparkle is murdered and poor Maddie comes home to find his bloodied corpse.

Sam wakes up to his phone alarm and goes into the bunker kitchen to get coffee. There he finds a lay out of colorful candy and food. A man jumps out and we find out that it is Sam’s imaginary childhood friend, Sully. It turns out imaginary friends are real; they are zanna, creatures sent to guide and protect lost children. Dean shows up and is skeptical until he sees Sully. Sully asks for their help in finding out who killed Sparkle. Dean and Sam argue about it but eventually Dean agrees to help.

Sam and Dean investigate with Sully and we see Sam in a flashback to when Sully kept him company while Dean (surprise Dylan appearance!) and John are hunting. Another imaginary friend, a mermaid, is killed!

Sully, Sam, and Dean bury the mermaid and we cut to her boyfriend, Weems, who is with his own charge. Weems is stabbed and he calls out to Sully for help.

They find Weems injured but alive and he tells them he saw a chick in a blue VW. She was the one who stabbed him. Dean says he’ll go track her while Sam stays and watches over Sully and Weems. Weems tells Sam he broke Sully’s heart and we see that Sam rejected running away with Sully to go hunt with his dad and Dean. Sam then confesses to Sully that he thinks God wants him to go back to Lucifer’s cage. Sully and Sam have an emotional heart to heart and then we cut to Dean, who has been kidnapped by the girl in the blue VW. She wants to get Sully.

Sam and Sully arrive and they find out that Sully was the cause of the girl’s sister’s death. Sully ran into the street and the girl ran after him, where she died. He abandoned Reese and she has spent years studying folklore to find out a way to get revenge. Sully offers to let her kill him but Dean breaks free and convinces her not to kill Sully. In an emotional scene, Reese drops her knife and falls into Sully’s arms.

In the final sequence, Sully thanks them and disappears. Sam and Dean are driving in the car and Sam brings up the cage, again, and how he has to go back. Dean says there’s another way. Sam asks what that other way is.

1. This was a wonderfully emotional episode and kudos to Klein and Speight.

2. Who was the witch that gave her the knife? I’m curious.

3. What did you think of the Sam flashbacks and the surprise appearance by Dylan?!!

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