Tonight’s episode titled “Plush” was written by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (aka Snarmelo!). This episode sees the reappearance of Sheriff Donna and she has a case for the boys.

The cold open includes a married couple. The wife asks the husband to take out the trash but he’s too busy watching a game in overtime. She takes it out and the next thing we see is a large Bunny-headed man killing the husband.

Dean finds Sam praying to God. They argue about Sam praying. Dean doesn’t want Sam relying on God. They have documents and other periphenalia that Castiel got from Gaza about the lore. They are interrupted by a phone call from Sheriff Donna and the case of the Killer Bunny!

They have the Bunny in custody and can’t get the head off. Officer Stover, who seems to have a crush on Donna, is the lead on the case. Sam and Dean go in to see the rather bloodied up Bunny. Dean makes a series of bad puns. But it’s Dean so I smiled. Sam makes a really bad pun and the Bunny tries to choke Dean. They see he has a tattoo, “Kylie Forever,” and a Minnesota Tech shirt. They track down Kylie and find that he’s her boyfriend, Mike. Mike got the bunny mask at a thrift store. Once he put the mask on something happened.

Back at the jail, Donna and Stover are taking the Bunny to the hospital. Donna tries to prove she can lift the Bunny’s body by herself, but the dead weight is too heavy. They get distracted and the Bunny attacks. Stover shoots him and the bunny mask comes off, leaving the young Mike dead. The boys and Donna burn the mask in a secluded wood.

In a gym, a young athlete is working out. After his coach leaves the room, a harlequin shows up and attacks the coach with a weight. The athlete tackles him.

Back at the police station, Sam, Dean, and Donna interview the athlete, Brock Buckner, who tackled the school’s mascot, a harlequin. At this point, Bookdal was creeped out and had to take a breath. The boys figure it’s ghost possession of masks. Dean shoots the jester with a salt round and the ghost leaves her body. They question her and find out the costume was donated. They visit the home of the woman who donated it. Donna takes the kid out to see the police car while the boys interview the mother. The costumes belonged to her brother, a kid performer, who committed suicide. They try to track down the costumes she donated to track down the possible ghost. Since he was cremated, they need to find all the costumes and burn them.

Donna and Doug are tasked with collecting the costumes. They all separate for the investigation. We see a clown in a hospital room over the coach. The clown slits the coach’s throat.

Sam gets on the elevator with the clown. Poor Sammy! He finally gets the scalpel away from the clown and the spirit leaves the body; Sam takes the mask off and it’s an old man who had been playing dress up with his grandson. Donna and Stover go back and forth and Sam tries to play matchmaker when Donna tells him to mind his own beeswax. Dean visits the wife of the first victim. Apparently the coach and the first victim knew Chester, who they accused of molesting their kids. They had confronted Chester about it but Rita was there first. Chester killed himself before they could confront them. Dean goes to Rita’s and the kid says that the men lied about his uncle. They question if Chester actually killed himself. Rita admits that she was fearful that Chester might have been too close to her son. Rita says that she told Stan and the coach where Chester was working and they confronted him. The two men hang Chester over the edge of a bridge. Chester struggles and ends up falling to his death. They covered up the death.

Donna calls and says they are burning all the costumes but they don’t have the deerhead Chester had when he died. Back in the living room we see that Max, the son, has shown up with the head on. He pushes Sam down and turns toward Rita. Max attacks Rita, but Dean touches him with the (iron) knife and the ghost exits the boy’s body. Dean puts Rita and Max in the salt circle. Sam is about to burn the head, but Chester stops him. Chester's ghost goes in the house and is about to kill Dean when Sam finally sets the deer head on fire, killing Chester’s vengeful spirit.

The final sequence focuses on Donna and the boys. The boys tell her she’s a hunter, what with three cases under her belt. Donna apologizes to Stover for being harsh; he says they all have baggage. Back in the car, Sam and Dean discuss Sam’s visions. Sam finally admits that he’s seeing the cage and wonders if he needs to go back to find the answer to defeating the Darkness. Dean says no, they are not going down that path again. Sam agrees with an okay, but one has to wonder if he really agrees. The episode ends on their profiles.

Thoughts, questions, speculations.

1. That was a fun MOTW, right? I really enjoyed it.

2. What do you think of the convo at the end? Do you think Sam will go back to the Cage?

3. Welcome back to Sheriff Donna! Poor Stover was trying so hard.

4. Okay, masks freak me out so I was like NOPE through most of this episode.

5. What other things do you find compelling about the episode?

Share your thoughts, feelings, et ceteras, below!