Tonight’s episode, penned by Bob Berens and directed by John Showalter, focuses on several threads of the current season.
The episode opens with a conversation between two girls on a porch and then Lolita, I mean Amara, shows up and soulgorges on student athlete number two. Older, still Lolita age, Amara goes back to Crowley’s place and they get into a tussle. Amara is like oh no, Daddy, I’m gonna break out of this town. 

Sam and Dean are still in the Borden town investigating Amarita. Dean calls to check in on Castiel to see if he’s okay and if he has info on Metatron. Instead, Castiel is binge watching a talk show. Dean says hey get out of the bunker. Castiel tries but he’s feeling some trauma from his recent spell. Back in the Crowley Dungeon, Hell King is getting updates on his business but he realizes that a lot of people are gone. Apparently Amara has eaten most of hell and she’s escaped. 

Back in Bordenville, Sam and Dean are still investigating and come across the soul gorged girl who went Lizzie on her mom with a frying pan. Sam and Dean catch a demon in a trap as he tries to kill Goldie, the Girl with a Frying Pan and a Frying Plan. 

Castiel, still in the bunker, is watching the news and sees that Metatron is playing cameraman for Omaha local news. 

Sam and Dean interrogate the hipster demon about Amara and Crowley. Demon tells the boys about Amara’s eating disorder, and that’s a whole issue we can discuss later on when we get to the Lolita issues. So Sam and Dean are tired of hipster demon and killed him. Dean apparently ditched the body at a hospital parking lot. They are tracking Crowley and banter about Dean and Crowley’s “summer of love”. 

Back in the dungeon, Amarita is learning about memes and Crowley is doing a father routine, which again, just okay. Crowley offers a soul but she’s gone on a hunger strike in rebellion. Crowley admits he is flying without rules and Amarita is like, I’ll be finished with you soon. 

Sam and Dean discuss killing Amarita and wonder how they can kill her. Dean suggests a full frontal attack but seems troubled by the whole thing. Back with Crowley and Amara, the Hell King catalogs his resume and his wisdom to give the girl some scale and learn her a bit. She’s just growing too fast but not with wisdom. Crowley seems like he’s trying to convince her of his usefulness, which is interesting. 

Back in Omaha, Metatron is standing over a dying man and robs him. Castiel catches him in the act. Metatron films Castiel healing the dying guy and the cops show up, but they (Met and Cas) disappear. 

Sam and Dean break into Crowley’s lair, which is an abandoned old house (asylum?). Castiel is off kicking Metatron’s ass and also judging the angel’s choice of survival, what with the robbing and pawning and paparazzi life. Metatron, now Marv, tells Castiel that life is just really simulation. Castiel stole the demon tablet from Metatron’s apartment. Metatron reveals that God did speak about the Darkness and he says he doesn’t have to tell Castiel. Metatron sees that Castiel is broken and afraid. 

In the Hell Dungeon, Sam and Dean split up. Sam goes after the demon core while Dean goes to Amara. Dean asks Amara what he should do but Crowley interrupts. Crowley laments his inability to kill Dean before but now he’s ready. In what sounds like a break up speech (“It’s you, not me.”), Crowley tries to kill Dean but Amarita throws him against the wall for threatening her man.

While Metatron and Castiel are confronting each other, Amara is telling Crowley she doesn’t need his protection or his prison. Sam gets into Demon Central and gets head smashed again. Sam kills a demon while Castiel beats the hell out of Metatron. Both Sam and Castiel fight the urge for more violence. Sam goes to find Dean and he has another vision. Amara spares Crowley in exchange for safe passage for Dean out of the dungeon. 

Metatron begs Castiel to help him get his grace back while Dean and Amara have what can only be described as troublesome and complicated emotions? Meanwhile Metatron tells Castiel what God had to sacrifice to build the world….his sister, the Darkness. When we return to the Dungeon, it looks like Amara will kill Sam, but Dean goes after her. She disappears after sending him flying across the room. 

Back at the bunker the boys and Castiel discuss what went down. Metatron and Amara got away. They argue. Sam says he will continue to look into the lore but when we watch him leave the room , we see he is rattled by the visions he had…..of the Cage! The episode ends on a montage set to “You’ll be a Woman Soon” as Amara makes her way into the world, Mary Tyler Moore style!

Kudos to Berens and Showalter on the sixth episode of season eleven! 

Questions, Comments: 

1. So were y’all as weirded out by that Dean/Amara confrontation as me? Yes? No? Maybe? 

2. So what do you think of the reveal about God and Amara’s connection? 

3. The final scene was the CAGE!!!! Did y’all hear Dean’s name? I think I heard Dean’s name? Was it a memory from  the cage? 

4. What will Crowley do now? Seems he has forfeited any position in Amara’s new world….

5. Is Castiel’s depression psychosomatic or a physical effect from the spell? 

6. Another great outing from Berens, in my opinion!

Leave thoughts, feelings, comments, etc. below!