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Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

Best Broment(s)

spn1105 0294
Dean cluing in that Sam wants to do this case because of his 'Serial Killer' fetish. 

spn1105 0313
And Sam denying it, that it's just a case 'It's not a fetish.

...and Sam and Dean discussing the case and whether to tell Len about being soulless. 

Best Sam Moment

Thin lizzie 676
Sam trying to connect with Jordie after he lost his parents. 

Best Dean Moment

spn1105 2805
Dean trying to console a confused Len.

Best Puppy Dog Moment

spn1105 0859
Sam finding out the Lizzie house isn't haunted and that he won't be staying in her room.

Best Guest Actor

Thin lizzie 319
I have to go with Len, hands down. He was such a likeable and relatable character.

Scariest Moment(s)

spn1105 0187
Suddenly seeing the dark figure behind the girl just before she gets axed.

spn1105 0193 
Then seeing the ax all bloodied.

Grossest Moment

spn1105 2110
The bloodied victims in the basement. 

Creepiest Moment(s)

spn1105 0639
The picture of Lizzie being shown after Sam goes into the attic. I thought for sure those eyes were going to move.

spn1105 0203
The boy's face when hit by the ax and slowly collapsing to his death.

spn1105 1164
Len having a life size mannequin of Lizzie Borden in his home.

Best Nostalgic Moment

spn1105 0698
Dean tapping the light, just like Mary had done so many years ago in the Pilot. 

Funniest Moment(s)

spn1105 0486
Sam and Dean's reaction to the decor of Lizzie Borden's bedroom. Sam is elated while Dean is mortified.  'I don't know where to put my eyes. I think I'm gonna be sick' 

spn1105 1935
Sam and Dean's reaction to Len's new desires. 'I couldn't shake a man's hand before. God that wetness. Now I could lick a strangers....'  

spn1105 1942
Dean mouthing to Sam 'Tell Him' (about being soulless).

 spn1105 0551
Sam testing out the 'toilet water' spray bottle ' I just wanted to see if the squeezy thing still worked' 

Best/Worst "What the...?"  Moment

Thin lizzie 388
Dean finding out that Amara is behind all the killings and that she's now a tween .

Best VFX scene

spn1105 1589
Sucking out the soul. I know we've seen this before but it is so cool.

Best Set Design

spn1105 0488
Lizzie's flowered bed room.  

Best Musical Cue

spn1105 0094
Playing the old phonograph of "Daisy Bell" by Harry Dacre and Mark Gasbarro just before the lights go out and the killings begin.

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!


# cheryl42 2015-11-10 19:11
I really liked all of your choices. I think my favorite funny moment was Sam and the "squeezy thing". Dean and Len were great together. Len really was heartbreaking. I still have to close my eyes whenever anyone gets killed. Sound is enough for me. I really enjoyed this episode.
# Karen 2015-11-14 13:05
Hi cheryl42
I really enjoyed this episode as well. Len was a great character, I was hoping to see more of him. If a scene is too violent or gross I will shut my eyes, I just can't watch stuff like that.
Thank you for your comment...cheer s!
# Lilah_Kane 2015-11-11 07:37
Coolest camera angle.

To me the grossest moment was Len ripping his thumb off off screen. That makes me shiver. Him telling it was enough. :P

- Lilah
# Karen 2015-11-14 13:09
Hi Lilah_Kane
I love your 'coolest camera shot'. It is a fantastic shot. The idea of Len ripping his thumb off gives me shivers as well, I'm just happy they had that as an off screen scene, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to watch it..:D
Thank you for sharing your moments...cheer s!