Welcome to "Memorable Moments". Each week I will visually recap what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from that episode. The list may vary from week to week, depending on what has transpired in that particular episode.

Side note: When I first heard that this episode was going to be from the viewpoint of the Impala/Baby, I thought my options were going to be limited. As you will find I was worried over nothing.  Also since there were so many funny, bad ass and brotherly moments I placed some under other categories where I thought they worked as well.

Best Broment(s)

s11e04 190
Sam opening up to Dean about his visions and that he had been infected.

s11e04 189
Dean opening up about his visions/dreams and reassuring Sam.

s11e04 109
Singing together. "Out in the backseat of my brother’s 67 Chevy.  You started it.” 

Supporting each other after a day of battle.

s11e04 24
Washing 'Baby' together.

Best Sam Moment

normal Baby 198
Sam's reaction to his vision/dream of  seeing Dad/John and their conversation together.

Best Dean Moment

s11e04 367
Reaching over and turning on the wipers to toss off the hissing deputies head.

Best Castiel Moment(s)

s11e04 348
Cas carrying on talking to Dean while Dean is fighting the deputy.  
Cas: What's a Netflix?
Dean: All right, well, thanks, Cas. Good work. Way to come off the bench.
Cas: What bench?
Cas: I'm not sure how orange correlates with black in a way that's new.
Dean: Step away from the Netflix.

Best Musical Cue

s11e04 100
Dean celebrating Sam's 'loss of virginity' by playing Bob Seger's "Night Moves". 'Don't Night Moves Me!'

Funniest Moment(s)

s11e04 48
Sam slurping on a smoothie while Dean is concerned about his beer. 'Where's the rest of the beer?'

s11e04 92
Dean getting in 'Baby' after a night of  'Oh mistakes were made' and finds that Sam is not alone occupying the back seat.

s11e04 451
Sam chatting up a cashier while Dean is battling with Mrs. Markham.

Saddest Moment

s11e04 591
Seeing Baby all bashed up.

Best 'Awwwww' Moment(s)

s11e04 582
Sam saying Baby was home.  'You know what? We are home' as he touches the dashboard.

s11e04 555
Dean apologising to a battered up Baby from all the fights.

Best VFX scene

s11e04 366
The growling, hissing decapitated head.

Best Fight Scene

s11e04 347
The first fight with the Deputy. Dean unable to kill the Deputy even after shooting and decapitating him.   

Creepiest Moment(s)

s11e04 477
Mrs. Markham restoring the deputy's head to his body.

s11e04 166
John's smile when Sam calls him out with his 'You're not real'

Grossest Moment

s11e04 527
The Deputy pulling the glass from his face...ewww.

Best Bad Ass Moment

s11e04 547
Dean using the car door to decapitate the deputy for the second time.

Best Camera Shot

s11e04 114
Catching the sunlight while the brothers eat and joke around.

Best/Worst "What the...?"  Moment

s11e04 306
Stealing and taking 'Baby' for a Joy Ride!! Bad....Bad(wishing I was them)...Bad...Bad... 

Best Nostalgic Moment

normal Baby 339
The brothers referring to each other as Bitch and Jerk. 'Goodnight jerk.' 'Goodnight bitch'

I hope you enjoyed this week's "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!