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"Form and Void"
Writer: Andrew Dabb
Director: Phil Sgriccia
Airdate: October 14, 2015


What did I see?

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Although the Darkness was reduced to "giant crazy fart" the script held many repeated words, motifs and symbols
carefully woven through a visual tapestry of imagery by Director Phil Sgriccia and Director of photography Serge Ladouceur.

Such a pleasure to see imagery in tandem with the script, enhancing motifs, symbols and meaning:
represented visually. At some points, the visuals managed to incorporate more than one motif at a time.


Tiny red flowers (symbolizing Amara/Darkness and Danger) were more prevalent in this episode.



All cultures recognize the "Tree of Life" as a powerful force. Primitive people's saw
the powerful tree pattern on every placenta, of every birth, and replicated it in works of art.
Modern people know that the "tree" is a network of veins that nourish the fetus but it
is no less a source of life giving power. It remains a GLOBAL spiritual symbol.




(The Low Angle shot draws the viewers' focus up towards the red flowers, AS DOES Dean's gaze.)

The Tree of Life, or network of veins, is reinforced visually when the Rabids become infected by the Darkness.
Their veins bulge and turn black.


Two other "Tree of Life" structures, although more abstract, are in the Chapel's stained
glass red flower branches and the Bunker's book tree.



The Script made references to sweets and tasty treats.
For example, Jenna's grandma
asks, "Honey, are you all right?"


Crowley can also TASTE the power of the Darkness,
"Whatever's in that house, I can TASTE the power radiating from it."
Crowley further extends this "TASTE" for decadent things, describing Dean as "SCRUMPTIOUS young altar boy"
and that he owed his presence there to inside information.
"I have
sources in the Catholic Church... nuns that owe me a favor, priests with A TASTE FOR..."


The script bordered on the SACRILEGIOUS with Crowley's comments.
Yet, some interesting allusions to the Bible were supported
with visuals of religious icons.


The religious allusions did not stop there.



Hope and Faith still thrive in Sam and he prayed for a cure, or a sign from God.
He did receive a sign but it looked like it came from Lucifer in the
Previously, Sam was given two messages from the Reaper, Billie ByTheWay. She had "messageS to deliver."

One message was from all the Reapers. Should the Winchesters die again, they will be dropped in the "Empty."
Was Bille's other message about Sam
being unclean in the "Biblical sense"? This message helped him find a cure.
the message from God? Did Billie intentionally, or unintentionally give this message? What other message was there?
was beautiful footage of Shadow HANDS as Billie sang, "Ice cold HANDS."

A9imageedit 2 4503832835

The most prevalent image were the ANGELS.
Castiel learned that Heaven was not running as smoothly as Metatron informed him.
Hannah was outvoted by the Angels who "hated' Castiel.
Hannah betrays Castiel and plays the "Good Angel" to the other "Bad Angels" in an effort to glean information.


Dean was visibly upset to see Soulless Jenna smashing the Angels.
He even put himself
at considerable risk to protect one little angel ornament.
When Jenna tosses
it, Dean catches it.
It survives the massacre due to Dean's intervention and
lands safely on the bed.
(The ANGEL ornament
combined the HANDS motif with the ANGEL motif.)


WHITE and SILVER prevailed. SILVER denoted POWER and was used both to cure and harm.
WHITE shattered along with good, the pure and the





(The Superior Harvest Festival sign promises a parade and a dance. In a weird way Sam delivers it.)


There was some brilliant editing/cutting between the three story lines of Sam, Dean
and Castiel. There was also some clever juxtaposition between what baby Amara
was doing and what action was taking place in the rest of house. This gave the
impression that baby Amara was very much aware of what was going on.


This shot was clever. Amara, her identity not revealed, tugs on "her colour" dress behind
Crowley's back and slips out while they discuss her demise.

B6imageedit 2 2317476242




Tough choice as usual. Loved seeing Devious Crowley and Daddy Dean.
Outstanding performances from Baby Amara (Triplet babies and the SFX team)

C1imageedit 10 2975282106

There was an excruciatingly demanding performance from Misha Collins for tortured and betrayed Castiel.

C2betrayaltumblr nw8qou6nQI1ty180do2 540


C4imageedit 14 3802203740



(Beautiful shot of reflected danger Red behind Baby)

This episode incorporated elements of past episodes.


C7Aimageedit 2 6070460993


(Could have been more... Did you notice any references to past episodes?)

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Google Images: "Tree of Life" "Cherub" "Cherry"

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# spnlit 2015-10-28 14:38
This episode was heavily laden with Catholic images and even identification of a supporting character; grandma as a Catholic. It is not uncommon in the SPN world to use a catholic symbol or concept as it is highly identifiable in film/ tv drama when dealing with heaven/ hell, angels demons, and exorcisms. But I would be interested to know if you or anyone else sees a major reason or purpose for the emphasis on Catholicism in this episode. Just as an FYI, the statute of the Blessed Lady, Virgin Mother, Mary Mother of God in Grandma's yard is not that of "Our Lady of Guadalupe" the Mary or Marian apparition that appeared to Saint Juan Diego speaking his native language in Guadalupe in 1531. Also, little red roses are catholic symbols: Associated with the blessed mother (the rosary); the great Saint Therese of Lisieux; if smelled at time of death are a sign of sanctity and have a catholic meaning of martyrdom.
# Wednesday 2015-10-29 15:30
Wow. Very in depth. I identified the shrine as “Our Lady of Guadalupe” for a reason and was actually referencing her as she was known prior to Christianity.
My allusion predates the 1500’s. Sometimes the less said…
While I bow to your extraordinary knowledge of Catholicism and the remarkable interpretation of the roses,
at this point the roses seem only tied to Amara and the Darkness and hint at danger.
Perhaps, in later episode, your interpretation will come to light.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. Most intriguing.
# spnlit 2015-10-29 17:53
Not that this is important but the shrine is not a depiction as the Blessed Mother appeared as the "Our Lady of Guadalupe". Same Virgin Mary but different appearance. She appeared differently in different times in history including as the Lady of Lourdes and the Lady of Fatima. I do not know what you mean by Quote:
I identified the shrine as “Our Lady of Guadalupe” for a reason and was actually referencing her as she was known prior to Christianity. My allusion predates the 1500’s. Sometimes the less said…
The Mother of God was not known as the Virgin Mother of Christ untill after Christianity started after the death of Christ. Your reference cannot predate 1500's because our Blessed Mother did not appear and become known as the "Lady of Guadalupe" until the appearance to Juan Diego in 1531 which led to the conversion of some Aztecs in Mexico and Latin America to Catholicism.
# Wednesday 2015-10-29 22:54
Sorry spnlit comment is below. For some reason the screen keeps booting me down.
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-28 15:47
So the color red is always Evil?????
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-28 16:04
Never mind, Danger is different from Evil.
# Wednesday 2015-10-29 15:34
I like the colour red! Lots of artists and viewers interpret it different ways: blood, passion, danger, evil,...
When it comes to Supernatural it never seems to be a "good" thing.
Thanks for reading, NolanOla.
# Wednesday 2015-10-29 22:53
"Our Lady of Guadalupe" existed before Christianity as the Aztec goddess Tonantzin, Our Revered Mother.
She was worshipped as a Mother Nature/Earth mother often depicted inside a Vesica Piscis,
representing the womb, or the gateway.
# spnlit 2015-10-29 23:50
"Our lady of Guadalupe " is the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. She did not exist before Christianity as the goddess Tonantzin. The Blessed Mother appeared to Juan Diego in 1531 which led to the conversion of some Aztecs in Mexico and Latin America to Catholicism. Just because some natives of Mexico believed that the appearing apparition was Tonantzin and not the Mother of Jesus does not make the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus an Aztec god that predates Christianity. The statute used in this episode was a Catholic depiction of the Virgin Mary. The Aztec depiction of the goddess Tonantzin is completely different. If you believe the Goddess Tonantzin and Mary, a real Hebrew woman who Christians believe is the Mother of Jesus, then that is a completely separate matter that I absolutely am not commenting on or discussing.
# Wednesday 2015-10-30 00:01
Yup, figured you might not recognize that, which prompted my, "sometimes the less said."
My allusion does predate. That is the way I intended it. I did not make an error.
Very aware that others, like yourself, might not agree.
# spnlit 2015-10-30 00:51
You stated that the shrine depicted in the episode was "the front yard 'Lady of Guadalupe' Shrine." You did not make an allusion you made a statement. Again this is not a depiction of the Catholic Lady of Guadalupe or the depiction of the Aztec goddess Tonantzin. The Aztec Goddess Tonantzin is not even called the Lady of Guadalupe. Of course I did not "recognize that" any more than I would "recognize" or think something you called an elephant, was an "allusion" to a giraffe. It is not a matter of agreement.
# Wednesday 2015-10-30 01:55
I said it was the Our Lady of Guadalupe because I recognized it as being an allusion to an ancient Vesica Piscis
with more to do with the Aztec goddess Tonantzin than with the Virgin Mary.
- Google "Our Lady of Guadalupe Aztec goddess Tonantzin" and see what you find.
To many they are interchangeable.
You see the Virgin Mary but I am of the opinion that is not how they are using this shrine in this episode.
I am saying what I see. I don't expect everyone to see or understand what I see in every little detail.
Nor do I think I must explain my religious beliefs for a review of a television show.
You have selected a small detail in a very long article giving my perspective and you have found fault with it.
I am telling you it was an intended comment and not an error, or misstatement; but, it would take a thesis for me to explain it all.
And when I was done.....You would not agree with it.
And like I said "...Sometimes the less said."
We all come at this show from different experiences and spiritual understandings.
The show writers explore religion from many angles and sometimes in a completely sacrilegious manner.
If you want to leave the page thinking you are right to believe what you believe and see what you see, I have no problem with that.
# spnlit 2015-10-30 18:02
Everything in this episode is Catholic! So, I don't agree with you that "They", the producers, writers, etc. are using the shrine to convey an Aztec goddess. If they wanted to do that they would have shown a depiction of the goddess not the Blessed Mother. The grandmother character in the show is Catholic and it is her home. This is not about you having to explain your religious beliefs in the goddess or anything else. I already stated that. This is not about what I believe in and whether or not you have a problem with that. Just wanted to make that clear. I know we all come at this show from different experiences I stated that too in your review of the previous episode but it does not matter or play a part in this discussion. I was simply identifying an object, like a gun is a gun. No need for a thesis or anything else. Okay, I get it you see vaginas and goddesses. I'm done.
# PsG 2015-10-31 06:51
I missed the red roses in my review. But yes... more Virgin Mary associations and love.
Amara was surrounded by Christian imagery. Dean was associated with the Virgin Mary. The pillow was a halo. The rainbow us, associated with God in the heavems and hope. Amara is a diety born as an infant. Yada Yada yada. There is a lot of imagery equating her wit the rebirth of a creator. I am thinking that she’s not really the bad guy.

God's and angels use souls for power.

I thought the angel breaking referenced Amara's anger at being locked up. Similar to Dean breaking the angel.

In contrast the rabids are not associated with "God" but with Lucifer. Those that say on God's left side were condemned to Hell. The left hand is associated with Lucifer.

Amara is surrounded by God imagery and the rabids by Lucifer imagery. The rabids are not from her.

I think the creation imagery from premiere suggests her ability to create was usurped by male god and her voice was silenced by locking her away.

The absent God the Father is looking like the bad guy in this scenario.

My Form and Void review is badly written, I was rushing, but it goes into more depth. The symbol I mention also means create. I will discuss this more in my Bad Seed review. Unfortunately in the Form and Void I was hung up biblical imagery and hadn't really thought enough about everything.

Amara is a female creation God and the Supernatural God stole creation from her and locked
her up. Hat's the way things are shaking up. I agree that the symbolism of Dean stitching up that wound is potent.

Anyhow I will focus on this for Bad Seed.
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-31 09:57
So the Rabids are a reaction to Amara being released. (like histamines)
God, the father was enough of a challenge now Luci has to share the Earth with AMARA, OH HELL NO. :D:D:D:D:D