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 Look carefully. What do you see?


11.01 "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"
Writer: Jeremy Carver
Director: Robert Singer
Air Date: October 7, 2015



Something, or someone hits Sam on the head and he blacks out while
Dean confronts the Darkness personified as a beautiful woman.
Again, like last season, we get piecemeal action via flashbacks; but, at least this time it is only
a few brief hours instead of months.
Baby wakes Sam up to search for Dean, who wakes in field of flowers.
What did you do, Dean?
When the Darkness turned her lips up to you, bound for eternity, what did you do?
Did you think it a dream?
"Where's the car?" Sam, bewildered and worried, asking what happened seemed more than a mile away.
You were tight-lipped and tense avoiding the truth.
"She wasn't much of a talker." Sowing seeds in Eternal Darkness.
What have you done, Dean? The dreaded Darkness reveals at least two weaknesses.
She has no knowledge of Earth, cheeseburgers, or even ancient Death. She knows nothing.
There's also Light, a natural antagonistic force.
During Sam and Dean's adventure with the Rabids and rescuing Amara,
they reassert their bumper sticker to include saving those who've been turned into monsters.


This theme is reflected in the subplot with Castiel,
who is relieved to remember he did not kill Crowley.
He did however kill the dog of a family that replicated the Winchesters.
The younger son hesitates in shooting Castiel.
Thank goodness, otherwise he would not be killing a monster, but an angel.
The Angels closed heaven's playground portal when Castiel busted out Metatron.
They seem annoyed. Cas did ask for punishment, "I confess my transgressions, and I will
accept whatever punishment you dole out, now I ask you to help me. Please, save me from doing worse."
Torture is pending.


An exciting development is the news from the cage.
The Demon reports, "They said it sounded like a frightened animal, all of Hell heard like someone was going crazy.
The rumor is that Michael or Lucifer, one of them is trying to warn us..."
Crowley is going to have to visit the cage. He looked...afraid.


"Dean, if you don't change right now,
all of our crap is gonna keep repeating itself."
Like the LYING. Sam's OK. Castiel's Ok. Dean's Ok...except they're not.


Director: Robert Singer
Cinematographer: Serge Ladouceur


We are not surprised when we see the attention to detail used in
the composition of an episode of Supernatural. Symbolically, the colour red, as
frequently used in Supernatural, denotes danger, bloodshed and evil. This
episode had lots of red hits in the background in signage to alert the viewer.
Here are some other notable uses of RED  throughout this episode.


The first time we see Deb (Jillian Fargey) in Marnie's front room she has a tiny red flower beside her head.
Later, after Crowley is finished bludgeoning everyone with a crowbar,
she bleeds on the same side of her head.


Tiny red flowers continue to appear much like they did in the "Werther Project" of Season 10.


(The backpack with the tiny red flowers was first worn by Mike.)

The yellow yarrow was used as in "About A Boy." Could it again denote transformation and rejuvenation?
Yellow was used in the "Prisoner" to denote deception.


was used for the Construction Workers and predominantly in Marnie's Home.
Orange seemed to represent ordinary people who would have something extraordinary happen to them.

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Editor's Note: This section contains mature themes and images. All of these scenes were shown in this episode, but this interpretation may be unsuitable for "younger readers". PG-17 Warning!

Note the word "SHE" of Sherriff with the open door.




Later shots of other parts of the hospital (in 11.02) showed additional seed photos on the walls. Seeds, were clearly a symbolic theme of this episode.


The theme of the cycle of life continues with remarkable images of female anatomy, which is extremely rare to see in film.
Here we have a prominent image of female reproductive anatomy and it is actually a menstruating image, plus it is being sewn closed like
FGM practices around the world (*See Link below).
Keep in mind this shot need not have been included.
Despite the numerous occasions when a character had stitches, no other close up like this can be recalled.

B4vulvas11e01 211

It has a certain shock value because we are unaccustomed to seeing such an image depicted in the media.
We are taught by the media and society that this is somehow "gross."
It isn't. It is life. Women watching, especially young women, might be uncomfortable
with it because their privates are literally being displayed to public view,
and also being tortured by being sewn closed. It happens globally.
Taken on its own, we could surmise that it was completely accidental;
except it was not presented in isolation.


We have Mike's description of a birth gone wrong.
"The doc said it was gonna be a tough birth, but Janie she stepped up. The twister hit, the power went out.
just kept on going. No drugs.Just pushed out this little dewdrop like she was nothing.

Then Janie started

They tried, but ...You'd think they'd know how to stop something like that.

This hayseed's description of a delivery was a bit repulsive...and very detailed.
On the one hand, Mike seems to be applauding her courage to not use drugs,
but on the other hand, the results were fatal.
Was this speech meant to play on a fear of childbirth?
 (I hate when the FEAR OF CHILDBIRTH is reinforced by the media.)
 the detailed description of this tragic birth is significant to this birth, because it was the birth of Amara.
The new born, or the Darkness, caused the mother's death.
The birth of the end of life?


To Re- "Cycle" the Theme...
The Deputy's bloody dressing, or pad, remains on prominent display throughout the episode.
It's just a bloody bandage but for women it represents a little bit more doesn't it?
There is our well ingrained drive to hide or dispose of pads required to catch the blood of a female's reproductive system.
It is shown continuously throughout the dialogue and from many angles.
Notice the framing...the distance between Sam and Dean to frame the pad...
how Dean's hand frames it on more than one occasion....



Then, there is this shot, definitely not an accident. She's dead, lying under a coffee table.
Her torso is covered by two bowls. One is full of Nuts (seeds) and one is filled with blood which
Crowley used to "phone" his demons.
Blood and seeds symbolically placed in a woman's mid-section definitely reference how a woman creates life.
She is dead though, which leads us to the "death" of a woman's reproductive capability...


... Menopause.

"Is anybody hot? I'm hot....
I believe that's the menopause, sir."

Menopause is rarely mentioned in the media.
Menopause is the loss of seeds and blood and signals the end of a woman's reproductive ability.
It is associated with "older" females.

The first time we see Crowley's alter meatsuit, Marnie, is when she gets out of the car showing off some beautiful legs.
Then we realize we're looking at a gracefully aging housewife. Was this to trick the male viewer?
The camera continues to pan her body in the most openly voyeuristic way,
simultaneously portraying her as a sex object while mocking
the viewer for looking at an older woman as a sex object.


Our first view of the Darkness was as a sultry, desireable female who was clearly seducing Dean.
The Darkness is quite old (ancient actually).
Is the mention of menopause and Marnie's body scan meant to subliminally suggest Dean being attracted to the female "Darkness"?
After the laceration imagery, the bloody bandage, the seeds-and-blood mid-body shot and a reference to menopause, re-examine some of the other shots.

THE GROCERY BAGS: Did we need to know what was in her bags, or even that she attempted and failed to pick them up?
Who buys that much cream? Why is it so prominently displayed? Why are we looking at this so long?
It doesn't seem important to the plot so why is it included?




The image of the oil jar's plug and spout artistically recall sex and procreation. These themes were further reinforced with the scenario of the orgy (which was simply awful).
Crowley bludgeons the swingers to death with a crowbar and we see the aftermath.
The sex was totally irrelevant to what was happening in the episode, so much so that it was even questioned by a demon:
MINION to Crowley: "It's just, you barely escaped assassination. You're arguably on the run from the most powerful witch on earth -- not to mention an angel of heaven and didn't call for help until after the orgy?"
Was that supposed to be funny? Did we sign up for a violent porno by consenting to watch SPN?
It was sexuality, but without the intent, or possibility, of procreation, once considered a sin.
Was this the antithesis of procreation...?


...or did it have another purpose altogether?

So many of the images clearly projected female anatomy at different stages of the women's life cycle, then the seeds and sex images and scenarios all subliminally suggest procreation, but by whom?

I return you to the initial question. What did you see in the First photo?

C5vulvagiftumblr nvxjfaPl4t1s6pw6eo3 250


Add in the title of 11.03 (which I won't mention due to spoilers) to this episode's visual and plot themes of sex, reproduction and birth, plus women's deaths associated with procreation both literally (Deb and Amara's mother) and figuratively through the death of her reproductive capability, and there is a strong suggestion about something that will be revealed later in the season, possibly about the Darkness.








*"FGM is concentrated in 27 African countries, Yemen and Iraqi Kurdistan, and found elsewhere in Asia, the
Middle East, and among diaspora communities around the world."


Imdb cast
Supernatural Wiki
Tumblr: Supernaturaldaily  gifs

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# YellowEyedSam 2015-10-20 18:47
Woah so many re casts. The Jenna one made me gasp! Wasn't expecting that :P
# Wednesday 2015-10-23 16:22
I think your comment is my favorite.:D
# Kat 2015-10-20 21:03
Roflmao!!! You're trying so damn hard to make a show about monsters political. Dude, that is the same oil jar they have had throughout the show, they've patched up wounds before and the rest of this is intellectual ramblings which are designed for shock value on your end, not the show.'s a fantasy show not an allegory for all this crap you brought up. Seriously
# Kat 2015-10-20 21:19
As far as showing bandaged wounds, we've seen them on plenty of woman on both good and evil sides of the spectrum, the boys have stitched themselves up before and each other, the menopause crack was hysterical and that whole scene was comic genius. The demon was just sad he missed the orgy and that whole part was further pushing evidence that Crowley is back to King Of Hell badass Crowley. In all.your hunting for symbolism you skipped right past.the actual plot.
# Jen 2015-10-20 23:02
Wow Wednesday I think your in for a few dislikes for this watch. I must say I watch the show for the love and entertainment and not until I read articles from WFB and then a second and third watch do I see (possibly) what is written. Be a male prodominent show I didn't see or take notice of any of the above. But thtas fine. Each to their own.
However maybe not so vividly I can see what you saw making sense. Birth / Middle Age / Old Age / death. It sums up Darkness. My only question is Did The Darkness change the child that was born. Was the baby (Amara) concieved 9mths earlier by two loving parents as a innocent then changed in the womb by darkness when she was released. Or since Amara matures quickly was she created by The Darkness & someone else (my theory Dean during the time he was taken from the car and left in the field) we don't know the time gap there.

Anyway Wednesday enjoyed the read there is some food for thought and by far one of your more controversial writings Thanks Jen
# AlyCat22 2015-10-21 06:08
Wow. You know I love your write ups and breakdowns. I do. But this one with the whole female/blood thing to me is kind of stretching it. I see where you are coming from I just don't see it the same. Example being the wound. Sometimes a gaping rebar wound is just a gaping rebar wound. ;) The funny thing is though that once this all unfolds as the season progresses you will probably have the last laugh on all of us!!!
# BoGirle 2015-10-21 08:41
Um.......well. I don't even know where to start. Normally I find your reviews really interesting and compelling, but on this one, as far as I am concerned, you’ve really missed the mark. There could be something to the idea of fertility, birth and the 'death' of ones fertility in this episode I suppose, given the birth of Amara and her growth from an infant to a girl-soon to be woman, but some of your imagery and subtext I find really off base and not supported at all in the narrative and further not supported by the basic tenet of Supernatural as a show, nor of the CW as a network.

In the scene with Dean treating the sheriff, do you really believe that Carver and his group of often sophomoric male writers are going to deliberately insert female genitalia and menstruation subtext and imagery into their narrative and are using that as some kind of statement about female torture around the world? You think that they did that on purpose? Why? Why would they do something so incredibly controversial and what is the point given the story we are watching? First off, open wounds that need stitching have been shown on Supernatural multiple times. I distinctly recall Sam digging a bullet out of himself and then stitching the wound closed in season 4’s Mystery Spot. So, when it’s Sam (a man) it’s just a wound that needs stitching and when it’s a woman it’s suddenly a phallus that indicates the brutal torture of female mutilation around the world? I think you are giving Carver way too much credit or perhaps finding him culpable of something that is not happening nor was it intended in this episode. And I find it interesting that you’d bring up such a controversial topic but then completely skirt the issue that it’s DEAN who’s closing the sheriff’s wound. If the writers are in fact approaching such a volatile area as female mutilation and torture, what does it mean that Dean is the one stitching up the wound? Do you really think that this show, in it’s 11th year, on a family oriented and conservative television network like the CW is making a connection between female torture and one of the show’s primary heros? Really? You’d better have some supportive evidence if you think so….. and Dean stitching up a single wound in a single scene in a single episode out of 230+ episodes is not supportive evidence.

Much of what you wrote I can easily dismiss as the forced connection of imagery or ideas that do not exist by someone trying too hard to make some kind of point …. i.e. the seeds, the menstruation pad, the phallic jug spout…. but I draw the line at this:

So many of the images clearly projected female anatomy at different stages of the women's life cycle, then the seeds and sex images and scenarios all subliminally suggest procreation, but by whom?

I return you to the initial question. What did you see in the First photo?
I noticed that you had to "enhance" your evidence for us, in case we couldn't see what really isn't even there.

Are you really in all seriousness claiming that this show is using an innocent infant, probably no more than 3 or 4 weeks old to represent female genitalia in it’s undeveloped state and that they are doing so visually? You are using a still photograph of a moving image to make a claim of what? Did you go through that scene frame by frame until you found just the right image that ‘supported’ your claims? And what is it that you think the show is trying to say in that moment? You don’t actually seem to have the guts to say what it is that you are implying, resorting instead to non-specific innuendo (the cowards way out, IMO, defaulted to when there is no real evidence to support inflammatory claims in a desperate move to prove an unfounded and unsupported idea) so I am asking for clarification. Do you think that this show was demonstrating that Amara represents infantile sexuality and undeveloped female genitalia, and are using an innocent baby in the episode to do so in an explicitly visual way? And once again, what about Dean? What is his role in this given that he’s the one who took Amara’s clothes off and ‘exposed’ her in this way? Again, you bring up the ideas of infantile sexuality, but do not follow it through, nor provide any real evidence that what you claim is really happening or that the writers intended it. I find this review so much more offensive and troublesome than anything that went on in the episode. Sometimes “feminists” who fabricate imagery, force connections that are not there and were never intended and resort to innuendo to prove some kind of point, do more harm then good when it comes to their cause. When I think of all of the legitimate issues that need to be addressed as far as the discrimination of women in this country alone, not to mention in the rest of the world, I think this kind of forced fabrication and created hysteria does more harm than good as it undermines the real nature of causes that need attention. And in this never ending battle against the discrimination of women I am not looking to Supernatural to either support or suppress that cause, as it’s the wrong place to look. Sorry to be so harsh, but this review really rubbed me the wrong way.
# AlyCat22 2015-10-21 20:05
Jeez E don't sugar coat it. It's a review, it's her opinion and what she sees - it didn't warrant an attack. I had issues with some of her observations but I didn't feel the need to storm the beaches of Normandy.

Wednesday, as I wrote earlier I don't agree with parts of your review but good on you for putting it out there. We aren't here to censor but we do reserve the right to critique. Some more impassioned than others. Looking forward to your next one. Thanks for your hard work and continued thought provoking reads.
# LEAH 2015-10-21 20:23
And critique it E did. She wasn't attacking Wednesday just the parts of her article she found offensive. I don't think E tried to censor Wednesday in any way. Wednesday knew that part of her review was going to be controversial or she wouldn't have issued a warning. I agree with E, and I had the same visceral reaction. I am probably not going to read Wednesdays reviews going forward personally, but I have absolutely no ill will toward her or feel she should be censored.
# BoGirle 2015-10-21 21:33
Thank you Leah; you are, once again the voice of calm reason. I DID/DO worry that I came on too strong here, but I don't believe that at any point that I said Wednesday did not have a right to her opinion, told her to shut up or to retract her review. She gave her opinion about the episode and I gave mine about her interpretation. I did find her take treading a very uncomfortable line, and that was my visceral reaction. Alice may feel that my comment is too much or that it is an attack (although that was not my intention, but I realize that my language is strong) and wants to edit or even remove what I said, that is her prerogative as moderator of this site and I will abide by her wishes. Wednesday too is free to launch a rebuttal; I have zero problem with that. Until then, I stand by what I said, and my reaction to the review. I will continue to read and respond to Wednesday's reviews; in general I find them informative and creative. This one missed the mark in a big way for me.
# spnlit 2015-10-21 12:10
Thank you for sharing your point of view of this episode. I think you make a good argument that the images and concepts of woman reproduction and the stages were on display and part of the beginning of the darkness on earth... it was reborn. We did see many references: Sexual attraction between men and women (Dean and Darkness in the field- thought of Bella and Edward in the field), all the seed references, the bloody pad, the very specific birth description, the close up of the odd shaped wound, the dark side of sex- orgy and murder and even the end of the reproductive stage of a woman; a clear, gratuitous, non necessary statement of menopause. Any other comment you are making I do not see.

What makes this show so incredible to so many different people is the way each episode invokes thought and emotion on many different levels and subjects. I read many points of view and insights on this site. People take their world view, issues, ideals, and apply it to the show or apply the show to their particular view, issue or theme. For me your article is no different than other article on this show expounding on a particular view, concept or theme. I think the show may invoke or provoke these individual concepts and ideas but do not necessarily stand for or support it. But what is so fascinating to me is that this show inspires the thought, the essay, the comparison, the concept and the art in many forms.
# LEAH 2015-10-21 12:36
I am sorry Wednesday, while I often don't agree with your feminist slant I usually read your reviews. I will pass on them from now on. It's nothing personal, I actually like you. This article crossed a line for me. Bogirlie (E) expressed very eloquently exactly how I feel. I was going to haul out the "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" line but Alycat beat me to it and more humorously.
# AlyCat22 2015-10-21 20:13
Yeah but Leah is one review that rubs you the wrong way worth never reading another Wednesday writes? She has consistently provided one great article after another that we have all enjoyed. Obviously it's your prerogative to boycott her in that manner but I'd hate to see you miss out on any future articles. Besides as I more or less said in my comment, won't we have egg on our faces if it turns out she was on the right track. ;)
# LEAH 2015-10-21 21:05
No Alycat it isn't fair to do it after one review but there have been several that have rubbed me wrong in one way or another. Usually when we get to the feminist/Bletch el test part of it. As I said I don't begrudge anyone's right to express their views any way they want to. It just isn't my cup of tea. It may be others. That's fine. How will ever know if she is on the right track? How will we know if the things she thinks are symbolic or just incidental. Do I think Jensen was positioned to block out all the letters on the Sheriff's car but SHE was done on purpose? No. Do I think the bloody bandage was meant to symbolize menstruation? No. Not to mention the genitalia that is popping up symbolically in every scene. I have no doubt that there are themes of rebirth going on here but that's as far as I will go.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-10-21 22:40
I have no doubt that there are themes of rebirth going on here but that's as far as I will go.
I agree Leah. Is it possible Wednesday's interpretation of the episode is correct? I guess so, but it hardly seems likely for a variety of reasons. It simply strains credulity that TPTB made the effort to sit down and carefully orchestrate each and every one of the subtle "clues" that Wednesday has pointed out. These are the same PTB who admitted last year that they were throwing things at the wall to see what would stick, and who are hard pressed to abide by canon and consistent characterizatio ns from episode to episode. Moreover, subtlety hasn't exactly been their most salient quality- when they want to impart some underlying theme or message, the anvils usually start dropping in droves. Finally, I agree with E that the message that Wednesday sees does not fit in with what SPN has been about all these years. I don't know which viewers they would be hoping to appeal to. I honestly think that in this case, the old saying applies: if you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Wednesday often views the episodes through the prism of feminism and she focuses on the scenes and visuals that support her view. In the same way, some of the shippers see things in the episodes that support their ship and that they claim are blindingly obvious, but which I simply do not interpret in the same way. As spnlit says, we all watch the show in our own way and from our own perspectives, which apparently can differ wildly. I enjoy reading all of the different perspectives, and have often been influenced by them to change my own opinion on some issues. There can be a point, however, where a reviewer repeatedly emphasizes one particular perspective to such a degree that it begins to grate. Just as I would not continue reading reviews by someone who interpreted the events largely from the perspective of a ship, I also choose not to read continuing criticism of the show from a feminist perspective, criticism that I largely do not feel is warranted. It goes without saying that Wednesday is free to voice her own opinions (and I have found much to enjoy in her reviews). But those who do not agree with/enjoy her feminist slant are also free to skip her reviews.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-10-23 18:42
I agree on this. I do like some parts of your reviews and all the info about the episodes were great. The issue is not entirely because of this review but it is something that has appeared in the fandom over time. I have the same feeling to other people too that bring their own agendas to the show and toss it to the mix. The worse are those that have sprung from and have inflict anger, hate, harassment and it has turned fans to more resemble fanatics. There is a difference for being a fan than fanatic. But in all those sides are those that have nothing to do with the bad and still the minority can ruin the name of them all. People watch the show in different ways, different reasons. I watch it in my own way. They can watch/ship/etc what ever they like but when it turns to all out war for some, well me being annoyed doesn't really cover it. Usually I just shut down and after that I don't care at all about the statement or the explanation let alone the agenda.

I have read your reviews but this had too strong imaginary for me and actually in our country some of the words are just poor taste, WITH both female/male parts and for me so I just can't read it. I hope others can enjoy them but for me the message is lost because of that.

Now when that is all out of the way. Still keep a head up. It is my personal issues after all and like others say. Variety is good. ;)

- Lilah
# Wednesday 2015-10-23 21:56
Your kindness is inspiring. I am sorry that you live in an oppressed country.
I do not know what “words” you think are in “poor taste”
because all the anatomically correct terms “female/male parts” were removed before publication.
(This makes it appropriate and safe for you to read.)
Your encouragement and validation are important to me, especially coming from a team member.
Thanks for your support, Lilah.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-10-24 05:25
Oh, my country is hardly oppressed. We curse and such but I actually like some restraints on this issue because talking about it makes me uncomfortable. There was no words but you do write so well that those words really wasn't needed and the imaginary too backed your point up. But like I wrote it is more personal comfort ability issue that is hard to change. So don't worry about it. On my behalf I did not see those signs at all on the episode. :)

- Lilah
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-21 22:01
I was taught that everything in a frame is intentional with FILM. The colors, the CLOSE UPS, everything!!!! Cinema-tography = film & photography.
# novi 2015-10-22 05:59
I like new approaches and original (even crazy) ideas, so thank you Wednesday! As I understood (or am I wrong?) you believe that coming of Darkness may mean the end of human fertility, that babies woudn't be born anymore? Soul-eating alone would be enough to put an end to humanity, don't you think? Until we learn what's Darkness' purpose, if she/it has any, and why God himself was scared of the thing, we can't possibly tell to what extent your theory is valid. But right or not, it was fun to read. By the way, so many actors have been on SPN already and now coming back, even superstrong little Todd. Of course I didn't recognise him being now a teenager, but Jenna's looks are so special, unforgettable almost with those cold blue eyes of hers. I can't imagine how the boys could not realize that Jenna is actually Emily.
# Wednesday 2015-10-22 14:25
Hey everyone! Thanks for reading my review.
I can’t help seeing the episode through my perspective. It’s the only perspective I have. That’s why I enjoy reading others’ perspectives.
If I see lots of tiny red flowers, that is what I see. When I see female genitalia, that is what I see. Sharing what I see does take some courage.
I could skip over the risqué parts but that would not be honest.
Alice Jester and editor Nightsky are also taking risks in bravely publishing my perspective
although it may ruffle feathers and may even cause a loss of income for this site.
This review was carefully edited. Some images were deleted and the world V—va omitted. (Apparently, saying the "V" word is a bad thing.)
All of us were concerned with coming up with a plausible explanation for the imagery.
I can see from the comments that others were trying to make connections, too.
For BoGirle who asked:
I am asking for clarification. Do you think that this show was demonstrating that Amara represents infantile sexuality and undeveloped female genitalia,
and are using an innocent baby in the episode to do so in an explicitly visual way? And once again, what about Dean?
What is his role in this given that he’s the one who took Amara’s clothes off and ‘exposed’ her in this way?
Again, you bring up the ideas of infantile sexuality, but do not follow it through, nor provide any real evidence
that what you claim is really happening or that the writers intended it
You are referring to the final shot of this premiere episode. 11.01 "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire"
In this scene Jenna had baby Amara on a change table in a gas station and she reveals the Mark to the audience.
The V-lv- image in the right corner is clearly visible to me. Yes, I saw a Vu—a, but I did not equate it with infant sexualisation.
When I see a Vu—v- and an infant, I think BIRTH. Cuz, That is where babies come from.
Given the script and other visuals the intent seemed to be for you to think, “Ah, BIRTH of the Mark!”
or something along those lines. Dean was not in this scene.
I think you are referring to the scene in the second episode where Dean looks for the Mark at grandma’s house.
(Sorry, this review is on the first episode and it’s late, so I might have confused you.)
BTW, I did not see anything untoward in the sequence where Dean exposes the Mark in “Form and Void.”
Like Crowley, I thought he looked quite, “Maternal.” Except, I got the sense that Dean knew the Mark would be there before he looked.
(I secretly think this Baby was fathered by Dean. But, that is certainly open for debate.)
Oops, I digressed. I had no problem with seeing the V-l-v- image at the end of this episode. I have no problem seeing Vu—a imagery in film.
I do have a problem with seeing mutilated V-l—as. Most disturbing! I do have a problem with all the too prevalent accounts
of death through child birth. I do have a problem with jokes about Menopause especially when that is all we seem to get from the media.
So, I notice these things.
Recently, I came across a Tumblr Review about the second episode, “Form and Void
written by a rape survivor who really hated the scene where the Angel taunted Castiel with possible castration.
She found this to be a type of sexual torture. Quite honestly, I never noticed it,
but I also realize that some people are more sensitive to some perspectives than others.
Still, it is trés cool that there are so many wonderful, different perspectives and interpretations !
That is what ART is all about. And, it’s awesome that Alice provides a forum for us to discuss our various understandings.
I am NOT trying to FORCE you or anyone to agree with my perspectives.
I am simply SHARING my perspective and sometimes attempting to explain it.
Every viewer has a unique perspective!
Thank you for sharing yours.
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-22 16:09
Are you kidding me?????? Can't write the word vulva????? In 2015???????
Kids nowadays know more about sex at 5 than I did at 15!!!!!!

If this site could lose money over something like that would truly be HYPOCRISY at it's Zenith !!!!!!!!
I am a middle aged woman & LEARNED MORE ABOUT LGBT issues with this show than in real life.
So WINCEST is O fuking K but a vagina is NOT. GTFOH
# Wednesday 2015-10-23 16:20
OMG! You said one of the ‘V” words: “you-know-who-w ho.” And the “Who-Who-That-M ust-Not-Be-Name d." :o
(And I am not talking about Voldemort.) Apparently, some advertisers pull their ads if the language,
or subject matter, becomes to risqué. You must take into consideration that this site is based in the United States.
In some countries V-l-as are mutilated and in some they are made invisible by not being mentioned.
Michigan State representative, Lisa Brown was banned indefinitely from speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives .
Why? She used the medical term "v-g-na.” (2012) I noticed a lot of women refer to their external genitalia as V-g-na when it is an internal organ.
Many grow up not knowing the correct term for their external genitalia, which is V-lV-. Weird, hey?
Fortunately there are lot of formidable Feminists in the U.S. working to change things.
Until then, when I write for this site, I must keep this in mind. When in Rome….;)
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-23 17:03
How can you be reached????
# Wednesday 2015-10-23 22:19
You can PM me on the DP page of WFB. If that makes sense.
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-24 10:31
that only works if YOU have commented on the page & I click on your name. TMK
# Wednesday 2015-10-24 11:30
OK I made a post just for you.
# cheryl42 2015-10-23 17:04
Isn't the correct pronunciation va-jay-jay. At least according to Oprah. :)
# Wednesday 2015-10-23 22:24
Are you trying to make me weep with despair? :(
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-10-22 16:39
I am NOT trying to FORCE you or anyone to agree with my perspectives.
I am simply SHARING my perspective and sometimes attempting to explain it.

Wednesday, I don't think anyone would ever accuse you of trying to force your perspectives on him/her. By the same token, I hope you understand that those who disagree with your perspective (no matter how strenuously:)) are most certainly not trying to silence you. You are obviously sincere in your opinions and also quite respectful of differing viewpoints. Moreover, my disagreement with your review was not due to any offense I took because of the language or images you used. It was more due to the points you were trying to make.
# Jen 2015-10-23 23:32
Wednesday I have always right from the get - go believed Dean to be the father How else could a baby be concieved - the more I read here and then re- read your article the more I believe us to be right.
I said further down the page that your in - sight into the first ep was controversial and Yes at first I thought what the ?????????? but it adds balance to the other articles written It was just WOW so out there. LOL But I'm getting used to you now Wednesday and Thank you for your honest insight
# Wednesday 2015-10-24 01:18
Yes. I do believe you are right. Dean looks so burdened and haunted by it.
I expect him to share it with Sam soon. Happy to hear you are following,
even when I go out there. ;)
# LEAH 2015-10-22 15:53
Hi Wednesday I have to say even, though I don't see things through your perspective, I love how understanding you always are about the opinions of others. I may not see V's and V's and P's in as many nooks and crannies as you do :) but I do respect you as a writer and a person.
# PSG 2015-10-22 18:41
Jenna's wound was conspicuous. I focused on different issues in my review... but it caught my eye too. I think it meshes well with my take way at this point. God the Father whomever he may be usurped creation from a female God. The Mark of Cain is similar to a letter used to spell Yahweh. The letter means exist, be, are... but it also means create..

I also noted the lush meadow surrounding Dean which existed in contrast to the barren soil around Juan's. Creation.

And the diety returns as a baby. The beginning of a life cycle. I think the symbols of a woman's life cycle emphasize we ate dealing with a female creation God, one that was tricked and imprisoned by a lesser make diety who stole creation from her.
Based on the allusion to the Wizard of Oz in this episode, God may be a false God, false creator.

I never found the so called Darkness to be evil. I found the stories about her to be fairy tales to scare the young.

Of course if she is interested in revenge... it won't be good.

Last night I was convinced that she was Yahweh. She might still be. Appearing in a column of smoke is one of his reported tricks. However last night's episode and your observations make me prefer to think of her as eternally female. We won't know her name or her story until she tells it.

I think you might be stretching with the colors. I don't see any true emphasize. I live tour discussed on the female life cycle and think it was deliberate and relates specifically to Amara's role.

My review focuses on character arcs which were clearly set up in the premiere including one for Amara. She has a story to tell. We don’t know her truth.
# Wednesday 2015-10-23 22:28
Thanks for an insightful response. Not sure what you mean "I live tour discussed on the female life cycle" ???
"eternally Female"? Wow! That might explain some things.
Anytime you want to bounce colour interps around let me know. It's a lonely job.
I will have to check out your review. Most intriguing.
# PSG 2015-10-24 01:51
Typos my dear. I love your discussion of the female life cycle.
I discuss visual subtext too... you may enjoy them.
Sometimes color is important. No argument there.
The types of flowers might be important, however not being a gardener I leave that analysis for others. I definitely got creation out of that scene and also Garden... Garden! Garden of Eden.
I am convinced the story about the Darkness is lies

Your article helped to focus my over stimulated brain. I will be citing it in my next review.

I think the graphic image of Dean crudely stitching closed the wound, the mother dying so the child belongs to the father, and the menopause comment after being used as a sex object. .. God was a very bad boy. He may be the villain. He was like Prometheus stealing the fire of creation.
# Wednesday 2015-10-24 12:32
Holy geeze. You have an incredibly complex breakdown and speculation in your article.
I can see the images but I do not always know the intent behind it.
Like with the seed imagery. I could see the seeds everywhere but I did not know what to make of it.
When I shared the images with Nightsky , she was all over it. "The Seeds!"
So, she really helped draw some sort of sense out of it all.
Of course interpretations are just best guesses, so you really put yourself out there with your explorations.
But, it is such fun to explore ALL the possibilities.
(P.S. I also think it's funny we picked the same pick of Crowley. Great facial.)
Why are you not writing on this site? This site is exclusively for SPN, right?
Anyway thanks for a in depth, mind bending, read.
# PSG 2015-10-24 17:25
Hey... is that a nice way of calling me nuts.
Jeremy Carver never fails to inspire me. And Dabb’s episodes usually build on his. Will the rest of the season pan out... Even the dreaded nepotism duo's the, Bad Seed indicates my theory that Amara has a story. What we'be been told is wrong. Sadly I didn't focus on the meaning if every image and made a mistake Luckily there's your review to pick up my slack.

Seeds. Why am I drawing a blank on seeds. There are seeds in the maelstrom. That’s a big miss on my part.

Alice and I thought there would be too much negativie response if the reviews were posted here. For instance the idea that Sam is on a redemption arc wouldn't play well here.
Of course in ten second and third episodes we see Crowley playing daddy, Sam confesses to God and Cas thinking for himself.

FYI. .. I do discuss color in Form and Void. The writing is clunky though because I was sick.
# Wednesday 2015-10-24 20:12
Nuts? No. If you're nuts I'm right behind you. Yup, seeds and nuts in the first ep anyway.
The hospital had paintings of seeds blowing, and the nuts etc. Sort of a fertility thing going on.
(Which is why I think Dean was sowing seeds and not just rolling in the hay.) ;)
Lots of religious imagery in the second one, Form and Void including the Garden of Eden.
(There was "other" imagery too which apparently no one wants to hear about.)
I have written a visual review for that one but it has not been published yet.
I don't understand why Sam being on a redemption arc is a bad thing.
And if you ask me, he is well on his way.
His praying in the chapel and his vision have clearly impacted him and visibly demonstrated his faith in God.
Why would that draw negative comments? Is everyone anti-religious here?
As you can see I get a lot of negative comments, too.
I am perfectly well aware that people have differing viewpoints. I just don't understand why that is a bad thing.
Do people read these reviews just to see their own viewpoint expressed?
If that is the case, they will be forever and continually disappointed with mine.
I certainly will be checking back with your articles. And thanks for the plug. :)
# Sharon 2015-10-25 04:03
Nothing wrong with religion nothing wrong with redemption arcs when conceived from a genuine place . I just do not believe the idea Sam is in need of ''redemption arc' does it is as simple as that ,it is a easy way to deflect and deny the origins of why Sam was put in that position to begin with.

Apart from a line about Cain Dean has had to take very little responsibilty while a well placed prayer to God was used to enhance Sam,s fault . I have detested the show and Carvers attitude since Dean placed Gadreel in Sam in where fault and wrong is placed and the release of the Darkness is just more of the same.
# anonymousN 2015-10-25 08:32
I just do not believe the idea Sam is in need of ''redemption arc' does it is as simple as that ,it is a easy way to deflect and deny the origins of why Sam was put in that position to begin with.
Dean placed Gadreel in Sam in where fault and wrong is placed and the release of the Darkness is just more of the same.
Right on the money Sharon.Redempti on for Sam is never the problem out of all the characters the only one who has been redeemed for his actions has been Sam and Sam only.Even now for his part in releasing darkness his redemption has started. It just makes sam a truly wonderful character for how he takes on his mistake and what can I say it is only Sam who does that..Other characters do fee sorry for themselves but that is about it ...nothing comes out about them feeling sorry for themselves other than "I feel so bad about myself" (accompanied with a tortured look).
While Sam is redeeming himslef we should not forget others in this show are in desperate need in redemption for their actions (not just for the last season ) .But the laser focus on only Sam needing see only Sam needs redemption:D:D. ..what? wait only Sam needs redemption:D:D: you have to believe me Sharon...Only sam needs redemption.:p:p :P
# Sharon 2015-10-25 08:36
It is the eternal story on the show even when other characters mess up big time .
# PSG 2015-10-24 23:01
Oh. Yes. Tons of religious imagery in Form and Void. I missed the, Garden one there I caught it in Out of the Darkness... and Amara's dialogue in Bad Seed I thought suggested it since she was surprised that God had death.. I had a very bad first viewing... static so I could be wrong.
I discuss Dean losing his seed in the second one though. It took me a second episode to say it.
I will certainly look forward to yours too.