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"Book of the Damned"

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Director: P.J. Pesce
Air Date: April 15, 2015



We must be ruthless to attain our desires.




A black ninja figure hurries into a smoky alley. Two men pursue. The ninja pulls her hood off.
It's Charlie! One of the thugs takes out a "Jack Sparrow" compass and watches it spin.
The men pull guns following the compass point.
One man begins searching the dumpsters.


He opens a lid. Charlie jumps out stabbing him in the throat.
She leaps at the other man and slashes his hand. He drops his gun, but oddly, he chuckles although Charlie has her sword at his chest.
Charlie demands to know who he is and why he's following her.
The man responds, "I ain't following you. I'm following what you got in your bag there.
That don't belong to you, girl. Belongs to my family."
Charlie mocks his southern accent and asserts, "Finders, keepers."
The man tells her she doesn't need the Book and can't read it. Charlie's annoyed by his condescending attitude.
He's been tracking her across Europe. Even if he's defeated, his family will continue the quest.
Charlie notices a tattoo on his wrist. While she's distracted, he grabs her sword.
She flees, but not quickly enough; a bullet pierces her side.
She escapes through a fence.
The man shouts after her, "You can't run forever little girl!"



Castiel TURNS OFF THE RADIO cutting off Alanis Morissette's "Ironic." Metatron is upset,
"Really? That song is a classic. Yeah I hear you. I do. And you're right. Inclement weather on the day of your nuptials
and the wrong cutlery at inopportune times is hardly ironic. But it sure is catchy. Yeah, fair point. Can't argue taste.
But since I became human, it's just so strange. All these feelings, you know? I mean, I can feel music.
Like that last song, 'Sussudio.' I don't even know what it's about and I love it. I always enjoyed lyrics, words, stories.
Gives me goose bumps. And goose bumps – don't even get me started on those. Creepy! And yet, arousing."
Castiel calls Sam and asks bluntly, "Can I just kill him now?"
Sam advises Cas to hang on because they need to get his grace back.
Metatron's offended; they are discussing him in front of him. "You know I can hear you, right?"
Sam informs Cas he's found nothing on the Mark.
Metatron whines, "I don't know why you'd want to cure that little firecracker now. He's finally interesting."
Castiel punches Metatron in the face.
Sam pretends it's a wrong number and hangs up when Dean enters the library.
Metatron finds that funny. Castiel punches him in the face again.



Dean tells Sam all about the Mark being a curse, Rowena being Crowley's mother,
and her attempt to kill him for causing Crowley's weakness. He also apologizes for not telling Sam about it sooner.


The phone rings. Dean answers, "Winchester Accounting. How may I help you?"
It's Charlie and she's in trouble. Dean puts her on speaker.
"I got shot. Did you know dental floss works great on stitches? I only passed out
twice, and I'm pretty sure my wound is now minty fresh." She can't go to the hospital because some "southern fried
D bags" are after her and "The Book of the Damned." She tracked the book to a Spanish monastery.
The Friar who buried it noted that the book was for undoing any kind of damnation there is.
"We translate this thing, I think we can get the Mark of Cain off you, Dean."
They're excited by the discovery but Charlie needs to hide from the men who belong to a "family" and sport a tattooed family crest.
They're somehow tracking the book. Sam tells her get "off the grid."
There are "Hunter cabins," compliments of Bobby, scattered around where she can hide.
Charlie tells them to bring snacks and the MOL decoder rings.
"This book is old and scary, and I've never seen anything like it."



Packing hurriedly for a road trip, Dean finds a box which is warded, lead lined and will take the book "off the radar."



"The Boys are Back in Town" by Thin Lizzy rocks the Impala.

A7GIFimageedit 13 7333944406

Sam TURNS OFF THE RADIO. Dean objects.
He was enjoying it and is filled with hope for the first time in a long time.
"We're due for a win, okay? Overdue. I'll tell you another thing, if this actually does work,
we're gonna take some time off... And I'm not talking just like a weekend in Vegas
or sitting in some crap motel watching 'pay per porn.' No, I'm talking about a beach.
Drinking Cervezas, go for a swim, mingle with the local wildlife.
When was the last time either one of us was on a beach?"
Sam admits, "Never."
Dean smiles, "Sand between our toes, Sammy. Sand between our toes."
He cranks the song back on.



An enormous serving of waffles, whipped cream and berries is relished by Metatron, while Cas glowers across the Diner table.
"Mmm! O. M. Me!" Metatron gushes, fascinated by the human experience of eating. "I mean, you used to be human.
Don't you miss all this?" Castiel does not "miss digestion" or "indigestion."
Waxing poetic sentimental mush, Metatron continues to work on Castiel, "Not that.
I mean, don't you miss the feeling of all this? Like the taste of these waffles. The sound of a child's laughter.
Look at us. We're a couple of angels who've touched not only the divine, but the mundane. You and I have a lot in common."
Castiel knows what he's attempting to do and warns him, "Don't."




Metatron pouts, "Can't we be besties?" Castiel says no, because Metatron killed his friend.
Metatron excuses this, "Oh, pffft. Dean is fine, mostly. Can't you get past that?"
Castiel's frustrated. They've visited three safe houses, "and all of them are empty.
So either you've lost my Grace, or you're stalling."
Metatron doesn't deny it, "Can you blame me? The minute I hand over your Grace, I'm dead."
Castiel has no sympathy. Metatron brought this on himself.
Metatron has problems digesting his waffles and needs to use the boy's room.
He holds up his handcuffed wrists and Castiel must assist him.


They pass a trucker (Patrick Sparling) in a red hat who has an angel blade in his jacket.



Charlie wakes up, with a post it note stuck to her face, to see visitors. They hug.
She updates them about the book: "700 years ago, a nun locked herself away after having visions of darkness.
After a few decades she emerged with the book. Each page is made out of slices of herown skin written in her blood.
It's been owned and used by cults, covens, and the Vatican had it for a while.
There's a spell inside for everything: black mass, dark magic, end-of-times nastiness."
(Book is like the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis "Evil Dead" series.)


While she's talking, Dean holds the Book.
As he turns pages, the Book whispers, a heartbeat is heard (MOC) and eerie music plays.
Dean seems to teleport away from them lost in the book. Sam breaks the spell, "Dean? Dean!"


B5giftumblr nmxrvzeMFM1qamp2io7 250

Dean, stunned by the Book's power, thinks it's not, "a good idea that I touch this. I'll go get the rest of our crap."
Charlie's alarmed by his behaviour.
Sam reveals Dean's "not getting better. He's trying to cover; but, we need to find that cure, fast."



Outside the diner, Metatron apologizes for the mess and being "lactose intolerant."
The Trucker interrupts, "This really must be my lucky day. Two birds, one blade."
He draws a blade as does Castiel. He's an "angry cupid" who wants vengeance on them for corrupting heaven.
"It's never gonna be the same!" Cupid shoves Castiel down and attempts to stab Metatron.


Castiel tries to save Metatron. In the ensuing struggle, Cupid loses his blade and falls with Castiel.
Atop Castiel, Cupid grabs Castiel's blade to stab him.


Metatron stabs Cupid from behind with the lost Blade.
Castiel picks up his blade. Metatron turns over the Angry Cupid's blade.
Metatron figured he owed Castiel one. Grumpily, Castiel affirms "This changes nothing."
Metatron is gob smacked by his thanklessness, "You're welcome."



Charlie shows Dean a sketch of the tattoo.
"The douche clan. Got it. Well this is everything the Men of Letters had on occult families, so there should be something..."
Sam discovers the dialect is Sumerian but unreadable. Charlie suspects it's coded.
Sam's frustrated, "An entire book of unreadable text that's also in code. Great."
Dean challenges them, "And you call yourselves nerds. Come on. You got this."
Charlie's eager to "Alan Turing," "De-crypt this bitch."
Sam notices Dean staring at the Book and puts it in the lead box.


Jacob Styne (Jeff Branson) made it to Charlie's telephone booth.
His compass is not working. He complains to his goon (Patrick Sparling),
"Damn it. She found a way to hide the book. ..It was on this road.
She was on this road. Send the boys up and down the way. See if anybody saw her."


Metatron hid Castiel's Grace in a library, "Nobody goes to libraries anymore. It's the safest place in the world."
Castiel can "feel" his Grace but can't locate it. "Where is it?"
He pushes Metatron in a chair and squeezes his bullet shot knee.

C3GIFtumblr nn0alv8QxQ1qjdbi2o2 250

"I don't know, I swear! I had another angel hide it, even from me. Ah!
You know, in case someone tries to torture the information out of me! Case in point!"
Metatron told an "angel to hide some clues in some of my favorite books."
He opens a book and reads a clue, "What is the maddest thing a man can do?"
Metatron has no clue. "I've only been a man a day. The answer to the riddle will lead to another book.
And inside that book, you'll find your Grace. We're gonna work this out together, okay? Teamwork."


Charlie can't crack the code but Dean's found information about the Styne family.
"Talking multi-generational, centuries old wrong. The Styne family.
Men of Letters' files have them dated back to the early 1800's.
They used spells to create disease, to destabilize markets.
Hell, they even helped the Nazis before they came into power, and they profited from all of it."
Charlie compares them to "supernatural DuPonts."
The Stynes got their spells from "a book of 'unspeakable evil'which they lost nearly a hundred years ago."
Dean also informs them the "way the book works, is WHEN YOU USE IT, THERE IS A NEGATIVE
REACTION. I'M TALKING BIBLICAL NEGATIVE. Dark magic always comes with a price. We know that.
We've been down that road before." But that's not all that's been bothering Dean.
He feels the book has been "calling out to the Mark. I can hear it like it's alive. It wants me to use it, but not for good.
Look, I wanted it to be the answer too, okay? I really did. But we have got to get rid of that."
Charlie asks if he's giving up and Dean says no. He will fight the Mark "as long as I can until...."



Sam interrupts, "Until I watch you become a demon again? Until then? I can't do that. I won't do that."
Dean suggests locking him in the bunker. Charlie notes it won't solve anything.
Sam wants to translate the book. "If there's a cure, we'll do it and deal with the consequences later. I can't lose you."
Dean asks, "You change your mind on that, cause that's not what you said last time."
Sam says, "You know I didn't mean that."
Dean maintains "this is my cross to bear, Sam. Mine. And that book is not the answer.
Now we got to destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands, and that includes me.
I'm gonna go for a drive. Charlie, we forgot to pick up your snacks. We'll figure out another way.
And Sam, I'll get my vacation. But not today. Not like this."



Back in the library, Metatron likes their team, "Kind of like a buddy comedy, without the comedy."
Castiel says it's without "the buddies," too. Metatron reminds him of the dynamic duo action at the diner
but Castiel views that as unfortunate. "No more of our brothers and sisters should die."
Metatron's annoyed with Castiel for spouting the "company line like anyone cares. Like we're actually a family?
When what we really are, are a bunch of glowing lights filled with self-loathing, or delusions of grandeur. Or both."
Castiel tells him to shut up.
Metatron refuses. "No! If I'm gonna die, I want answers. Like, who are you now? Like, you're obviously not an angel of the Lord.
And what about all of this walking the earth like Caine from "Kung Fu" crap? Cleaning up Heaven's messes.
How many more rogue angels are there out there? And, what are you gonna do once you're done with all that?
Go back to Heaven? Please. The angel formerly known as Hannah has restored order up top.
Smoothest it's run since God cut the ribbon on the pearly gates. So tell me, Castiel, truly, what is your mission now?"
Castiel tells him to shut up and keep looking. He moves to another aisle.
Metatron dips his hand into his bloody knee wound and draws sigils on the books.


The sigils glow. Castiel falls coughing. Metatron rounds the bookcase to see Castiel,
"Poor Castiel. Swam so far just to drown in shallow waters. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?"



Charlie asks Sam what Dean meant by "his changing his mind."
Sam explains he was willing to close the gates of hell despite losing his own life. Dean kept him alive.
Sam resented this. He told Dean he would not interfere if Dean wanted to die. Charlie exclaims "Brothers."
She then draws a parallel between her choice of a hunter's life with Sophie's Choice
Sam reflects back    to when Dean pulled him away from law school to hunt.


For a long time he thought one more job and he'd get back to his life, but now he realizes,
"this is my life. I love it. But I can't do it without my brother. I don't want to do it without my brother.
And if he's gone, then I don't...."

D1GIFimageedit 6 8176734808

Metatron continues his quest while Castiel fades.
He reads a clue, "'What two things do you need to succeed in life?' Ignorance and confidence."
Castiel sees the clues are quotations.     
Metatron chides Castiel, "So, did you and S amateur hour really think I wouldn't have a back-up plan?"
He opens a book revealing the Demon Tablet.
Castiel reaches "Don Quixote." His Grace vial falls out.
"The places I'll go with this, and your Grace." Metatron hurries away when he sees Castiel with his Grace. "Well, one out of two ain't bad."
Castiel knows the answer, "What's the maddest thing a man can do? Let himself die."
He opens the vial and his Grace flows in.

D2GIFimageedit 15 5037759508

He rises an angel with a halo and severely damaged wings.

D3GIFimageedit 20 5914139308


Inside the gas station, Jacob wipes the cashier's blood from his knife. "God just don't build to last, does he?"
Dean enters and makes a bee line for a six pack. "Afternoon, sir."
Dean says "Howdy," adding two packs of gummy bears, "there we go."
Jacob rings it in. "$15.75." Dean notices Jacob's tattoo.
Jacob asks, "You heading home or you just passing through?"
Dean answers, "Just passing through." He glances in the mirror to see the dead cashier.


He comments, "Must get awful lonely out here all by yourself."
Jacob responds "Oh, I get by."
Dean pulls a gun, "Don't move. Hands where I can see them."

D5GIFimage 9 2592558167


Jacob throws the change in Dean's face.
A goon grabs Dean from behind. Jacob wonders who Dean is and then notices the Mark.
"Well, hello there. Where'd a back road nothing like you get their hands on something like that?"
Dean growls, "What's it to you, Mr. Styne?"
"My friends call me Jacob."
"Well, I ain't your friend." Dean sneers.
Jacob chuckles and quickly puts it together. Dean's buying treats for a red haired girl
and they've hidden the Book in a "Lead lined number."
Dean claims to not know what he's talking about. Jacob explains Dean's appearance is not a coincidence.
"See, The Book of the Damned, it wants to be found. It wants to come home. ..You want to use it to get that gift off your arm,
don't you? Power is wasted on the weak. Now the book can remove that Mark. But you
mess around with that, you're gonna do far more harm than good.
So, why don't you do the right thing here, boy, and tell me where that book is."
Pretending to give in Dean drops his head mumbling, "Yes, sir, I'll tell you."
Jacob gloating over his capitulation moves in closer, "One more time. I didn't hear you."
Dean head-butts him in the face, head butts the guy behind him, and dives for his gun.


On the floor, he fires up at the goon. He boot and butt scoots backwards as he empties an entire clip.
(Head shot Dean! Head shot!)

D7GIFtumblr nmxypge2hB1rggo3ko1 400

Finally, the goon falls. Dean reloads and rises.
Jacob's gone. Dean's cell phone is smashed.



Dean rushes into the cabin.
The Stynes "found me. Those douches are all jacked up, too." 
"I emptied a full clip into one of them before the son of a bitch went down."
Dean throws holy oil into the fire and demands the Book be burned. "There's a cure
for the Mark in the book. But it comes at a price. We got to destroy it."
(Does the Mark fear the Book?)
"It's calling to the Mark. It wants me to take the book and run away with it. Burn it now."
They hear the Stynes and pull their guns.


Two Styne goons crash through the windows taking on Dean and Charlie.
Sam goes to the box to remove the book. Charlie stabs her goon. Dean takes care of his with a chair.
Jacob smashes through the door. Sam throws a wrapped book into the fire. Dean fires on Jacob,
but Jacob keeps heading for Sam and grabs him by the throat, "You silly boy." Dean keeps firing at Jacob.


Sam stabs Jacob and he collapses. A book burns in the fireplace.



Castiel relates to Sam what happened, "Should've just killed him. Who knows what he'll do with that tablet."
Sam's happy Castiel has his grace back. Castiel's glad the Book's destroyed.
(Two against the world.)


Charlie carries in groceries. "We're back, bitches!" Sam introduces Cas to Charlie and they hug.


She expected him to be shorter and asks if he can cure Dean. Castiel admits he can't.
Charlie asks if he can fix her carpel tunnel. He cures it and her bullet wound.
Charlie's impressed, "Did we just become best friends?"
Dean, the pizza man, enters from above.



Cas lies saying he got his Grace back from Hannah's intervention and assistance.
"Behind Blue Eyes" plays while Cas and Charlie play Paper fortune teller. Dean laughs with his mouth full.
The moment looks like fun until we see the anguish on Sam's face.


MONTAGE/FLASHBACK: Sam talks to someone over a restaurant table.
"I don't trust you and I never will. But, I need help and this is right in your wheelhouse."
He opens the box revealing the Book of the Damned.

Re-watch the ending that flips it all:



Cas gets his Grace back. Charlie hugs Castiel. Dean goes live action hero on Jacob.
Metatron is right: he and Cas make a great "buddy comedy" team.


The script moved the plot. Sam has a solution for the Mark. The Styne family is
introduced. Metatron is on the loose.


This episode appeared to be another attempt at patching up omissions in this season
and previous seasons.




The script was HEAVY with EXPOSITION (Styne family, the Book) and explanatory BACKSTORY
(The creation of the book, what's going on in heaven, Sam's explanations.)
The script was dense with PONDEROUS ALLUSIONS to World War II and literature. Too Much.


Instead of being shown, the backstory of the Book,
which would have made for an interesting episode, we are told.
The same goes for the Styne family. Why are we getting backstory now?



The sample script page above doesn’t show it but, Sam had a role with dialogue, a stabbing, and some behind the scenes subterfuge. (On the script page he “LOOKS” at Dean.)
 Sam’s character was ignored this season, but his wasn’t the only one without an arc.
This last ditch attempt to right a wrong made the wrong stand out more.
Also, Sam never said any of these things to his brother and they desperately needed to have this conversation.
Once again, it was tabled to a later date. Why bring up the flaw and then shuffle it away again?
Nothing was resolved.
Sam deserved better treatment and this little patch HIGHLIGHTED the problem rather than doing the character justice.     
          Trying to fix a mistake is not a flaw. Trying to fix it and failing to do so, is.

This script pointed out issues of sloppy writing and fandom complaints, but they were UNRESOLVED, or added new concerns:


The script set up future episodes but hindsight reveals colossal wasted potential
and UNDERLINED the mistakes made in Season Ten.

(We finally get a glimmer of Rowena's purpose, but nothing can excuse the whole
"Mommy Dearest" Oedipal crap we suffered through to get to this point.)

This script is NOT responsible for all the mistakes of Season Ten
but it certainly drew attention to them.



Bitch = 4 Douche = 3
Bechdel test = Major Fail

"Sophie's Choice" is about a Polish woman forced to choose which
of her children would live and which would be sent to the gas chamber.
Charlie equates her career choice with this choice.
Trivializing Sophie's Choice is absolutely horrendous.

Another female icon was dissed here. Alanis Morissette and her song "Ironic."
One can certainly feel free to criticize the song choice for the final scene, "Behind Blue Eyes."
Despite the clever photo match up to characters,
the song is known for advocating sympathy for White Supremacy and Aryan race groups.
This is especially creepy given the previous allusions in this episode to concentration camps,and Nazis.
What were they thinking?


The exclusion of Dean working out at the beginning (cut scene) was a wise choice.
It had no purpose in this episode other than SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION. Wise call.
However, these shots should have been deleted:
Sam's wince...that shoulder!

F4GIFimageedit 7 9288835220

Jensen's cold symptoms:



Campbell River Store Sign (Vancouver)


Sam's Red Cone




P.J. Pesce / Serge Ladouceur

Special Shots



Interplay of High/Low Angles
(Twin cabin window jumps were awesome. Not shown here)






Watch Misha's tour of the Library Set.





Re-watch for "zoom out on Dean" and "BOOK SOUNDS" (And Baby!)





Congratulations  buddy comedy team!
Misha Collins & Curtis Armstrong!




Exterior Cabin was also used in "The Things They Carried"



Supernatural Wiki
STORIFY: Book of the Damned Live Tweets
"JapB BY BABY" PINTEREST Whitney Baierl



# nightsky 2015-09-16 09:39
Do you think the "Campbell River Store" could have been a throwback reference to the Campbell family? I hadn't caught that before, but this episode introduces the lineage of a family that has been doing evil for centuries. Maybe the Campbell reference was meant to remind us that hunters have family lineages too, ones that have been battling the Stynes of the world since the Mayflower. Historic Good Family again fighting Historic Bad Family?
# BoGirle 2015-09-17 09:22
Great Rear View! I didn't like this episode much, and you so clearly and throughly outlined why. For me this is when the character of Charlie hit the rails. She was simply preposterous here, suddenly displaying completely unearned ninja fighting skills and claiming it was all her gaming that got her there. :( How does someone go all over Europe with a sword in their bag?) Supernatural works best when it's very unrealistic attributes (vampires, monsters, demons etc..) are grounded in a kind of reality that makes sense. Charlie was so unrealistic that it made the episode completely absurd. The boys look inept and stupid around her, especially Sam. She even spoke for him, finished his sentences and summed up his troubles for him in one neat little shallow and inconsequential package. Then she dismissed them entirely to talk about her "Sophie's Choice life of the troubled hunter." When a side character's non-issues supersedes one of our leads, then I am done with them. It was all too much... the ninja skills, the Alan Turing code breaking, smartest person in the room, everyone loves her, plucky, positive, "buck up boys!" rah, rah optimism. The absolute LAST thing I wanted to hear in that moment was Charlie waxing poetic about the life of a hunter when Sam so clearly needed to speak, when Sam's POV was so thoroughly lost, when Dean had AGAIN thrown Sam's past words and past actions into his face and didn't allow him a rebuttal. In that crucial moment we need to hear from SAM! But what did we get..... Charlie and her hunter philosophy? Ah... no. No, no no. Hell no. Then just a few episodes later, the nepotism duo strikes again! It's bad enough when a writer takes a character completely out of the realm of reality, and it's even worse when the writers who come later contradict all of that for the sake of the plot. So, bad characterizatio n followed by a total lack of continuity and consistency. Can't wait to see what you thought of that episode.
# nightsky 2015-09-17 14:14
Wed noted that you said you were looking forward to her review of Charlie's demise. Unfortunately, to match up to the S11 premiere, we have to skip eps 20 and 21 in our review cycle. We started our WFBRewatch on Twitter when the CW started the reruns of S10, so our kick-off date was established by them. Then there weren't enough weeks to get all the remaining eps in before S11 starts. If I would have realized that earlier, I might have skipped a few unpopular or inconsequential eps earlier in hiatus, but by the time I did the schedule, we were short several weeks. I decided we simply had to have 22 and 23 to build into 11.01 because it starts exactly where they left off. We also had to see them finding the BOTD and the Codex because they were crucial, so 20 and 21 got bumped. I really didn't want to have to watch Charlie die again anyway. It was too painful. Sorry.
# BoGirle 2015-09-17 23:18
Ah boo. That's too bad. Don't get me wrong though, although I was not happy at all with where they took Charlie as a character, I thought her death was reprehensible and something she did not deserve. And it was sad; and not in a good way either... in a "thrown out with the trash, were done with her, so lets just get rid of her" kind of way that pissed me off. Oh well. Maybe some of the missed eps can be revisited during one of the many hiatuses we'll get during the season. ;)
# cheryl42 2015-09-17 19:07
I really loved this episode. It was full of action for once. We don't get that a lot from SPN anymore. The introduction of the BotD was cool. I loved it's affect on Dean. Jacob Styne met his demise way too soon. He would have been an awesome villain. And Sam's desperate decision. OH Sam!!
Thanks for the review. I think I might have liked it better than you but I think we agree on the major points.
# Jen 2015-09-18 04:40
All excellent view points and again a well written Rear View. I also agree that these eps appeared to be written in a hurry and without thought The Steins where written in so Dean would have people to go Psycho. on - There really wasn't anything else to show him going completely out of control with the MOC , and throw in one reasonably innocent Stein child for him to kill and volah Dean's gone on a rampage, The Stein Family story really could have gone somewhere as some really great filler eps. Ohh well done now.
I was enjoying the Charlie eps watching her change into a reasonable hunter - I could have seen her as sister/hunter to Sam & Dean to help expand the boys social circle, not every episode but someone who they could have called on. Like Garth I didn't mind the odd ep with him, he was such a lovable ediot, but noooo lets turn him into a werewolf.
# njspnfan 2015-09-18 12:30
September 18th is the anniversary of Castiel raising Dean from perdition; someone should have done the same with this episode. Concept was great, execution... not so much.

Charlie is an uber hunter in this episode, yet a few episodes later can't put up a fight against Stumpy Styne who, after ripping his own arm off to escape, pulled a Sam Winchester and almost bled out?

BoGirle mentioned this earlier but they spent a lot of time building up the Stynes, only to dispense with them rather quickly after the preposterous, and big "Frankensteins" reveal. Anyone think we've seen the last of the Stynes/Frankensteins?

If the Stynes had a magic compass that told them where the Book of the Damned was, why couldn't they track it down to the Spanish monastery prior to Charlie finding it?

I was a little confused as to why the book was speaking to Dean? Was it because it was evil? I would think the Mark of Cain would be threatened by the Book of the Damned, or perhaps the Darkness was calling to it because it was looking for a way to escape into the world?

Sam now loves the hunting life? WTF?

The fight scene in the cabin came off as cheesy and heavily choreographed.

Dean is super honest and forthcoming with Sam in this episode, and Sam is lying to/deceiving him. They should have issues an Anvil Alert at the start of the episode.
# Jen 2015-09-19 09:30
1 / I was a little confused as to why the book was speaking to Dean? Totally agree WTF -- no explaination on that one -- if it was talking to Dean why didn't he know it wasn't destroyed. I always wondered about that. !!!!!!!!!!

2/ if the Stynes had a magic compass that told them where the Book of the Damned was, why couldn't they track it down to the Spanish monastery prior to Charlie finding it? I also wondered about that

3/ Sam now loves the hunting life? WTF? Yeah another one

4/ The fight scene in the cabin came off as cheesy and heavily choreographed. Yep another one

This episode could have been Great if written and thought out correctly I got the impression it was rushed it needed to be done over a couple of eps. through the season
# cheryl42 2015-09-19 10:35
1- it was in a lead or warded box.

2-After watching the scene again with Charlie in the phone booth it looked like the book was in a warded crypt. The Stynes only started tracking her after she dug it out.

3-I know different strokes but I bought into Sam loving the life now. My thought went to the discovery of the MOL's and the treasure of knowledge to help save mankind. But that apparently is just me.

4-The best part of the fight scene in the cabin was Jacob and Sam. The rest was to make sure there was a scene between Jacob and Sam.