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“Ask Jeeves”

Season 10 Episode 6
Written by Eric Charmelo
Nicole Snyder
Directed by John MacCarthy
Airdate: November 18, 2014



A Double ‘whodunit’!  One murderer gets away with it.
It’s difficult to keep track of the clues with all the false leads and humour.
There’s a big clue in the “Road So Far” segment but many distracting ones.
Did you miss something? 
Watch again. Play along. REVIEW with me. Do you have a CLUE?


New Canaan Connecticut

A lovely manor opens to a portrait of Bunny LaCroix looking on as her butler, Phillip
(Kevin McNulty) instructs the staff to prepare for Bunny’s funeral.
The first maid, Collette (Pippa Mackie) must select Bunny’s burial ensemble. The maid, Olivia (Izabella Miko),
must make all the  lavatories spotless.  Olivia pouts, “Why do I have to?” It’s a simple case of seniority.


Collette, in the MASTER CLOSET, begins selecting items. She’s distracted by some lovely pearls and tries them on.  
She hears a noise and enters the bedroom. It’s Bunny! “But, you’re dead!”
Collette backs up dangerously to the stairwell. Bunny yanks back the pearls.


Collette screams, falls to the FOYER, and smashes a glass table.
Phillip appears and stares up at Bunny, strangely unmoved by the apparition. “What have you done?” he scolds.


 Deduction:   Ghost Bunny killed Collette in the Foyer with 'Pearl Necklace'.

Motive: protecting her valuables from theft

Result =   3√   +    2 X    = 60%    

Shady Hills Motel

A sweep of Baby’s glistening grill reveals Dean replacing a bezel on her headlight.
Sam approaches with two tiny coffees. “Real men don’t drink out of cups this small.” Dean grumbles.
But, it’s ‘glazed doughnut’ so he indulges, complaining about the lack of business.
Dean found Bobby’s old phone with a two day old message.
Bunny LaCroix has passed on and Bobby is a beneficiary in her will.
“Bobby had secrets man, like loving on Tori Spelling. If he only knew Dean cheated on her.”
And, “Who knows – maybe Bobby earned us some beer money.”        
Time for a road trip.

New Canaan
Baby slides beside a vintage Ferrari prompting Sam to question their attire.
They ring the Beethoven doorbell. Olivia opens the door. They introduce themselves and announce their prescence
“on behalf of Bobby Singer.” Olivia offers her sympathy for Bobby Singer and they offer theirs to her.
She leads them to the BILLIARD room where the family is recovering from the funeral.


Bunny’s cousins are there, Heddy (Gillian Vigman) and her sister, Beverly (Debra McCabe).
Heddy gushes hoping they are the ‘Westchester Winchesters’ but even if they’re not they’re “adorable.” 
Heddy introduces Bunny’s youngest brother, Stanton (Matthew Harrison) and his child bride, Amber (Clare Filipow).
Last, there’s Bunny’s great nephew, Dash (Marcus Rosner), the baby of the family.

(Find Bunny)

Heddy and Beverly invite the Winchesters to sleep over.
The will won’t be read until the following day. Heddy aggressively slaps Dean’s butt.
Barbara cozies up to Sam. Amber asks after Collette. The butler, Phillip, lies saying,
she “went off to find herself … Clown College in Sarasota.”
Heddy approves, “good choice.”
Phillip discreetly requests to speak to the Winchesters privately in the hall.
They don’t mind leaving the groping sisters.


Phillip informs Sam and Dean that he would hate for them to “be forced to – well mingle with the family.
… Money grubbing leaches.” Dean was under the impression they were “all loaded.”
Phillip partially agrees, “Loaded – yes; Rich – no. The recession hit every one of them and
I’m afraid it they knew what Bunny left you, those vultures would try to stake claim.
And since the attorney kindly agreed to a hand-off, you don’t have to be subjected to their scrutiny.”
Phillip hasn’t the slightest idea how Bunny knew Bobby Singer. Dean opens the envelope revealing a jeweled cross.


Dean figures if “Bunny was banging Bobby, then maybe these rocks are real.”
But, the pawn broker (Christian Bower) disagrees, “looks like the old bag’s got a soft spot for fake rubies and cubic zirconium.” 
(That’s OK. Sam has a soft spot for ‘Fake Ruby’, too.)


The broker reveals that the cross is a key.  “A key to what?” asks Sam. Dean speculates, 
                   “There’s one way to find out – Ask Jeeves.”  
Back at the LaCroix manor, Stanton and his child bride, Amber, argue in
front of a portrait of the late Bunny and the later Lance (Robert Underwood). Amber
denies sexting during dinner, claiming she sent her mom a ‘peeled banana’ emoticon.
Amber accuses Stanton of being drunk and paranoid like Bunny’s husband, Lance,
who always accused Bunny of cheating. Stanton says that’s because Bunny was “a
two-bit hooker in Chanel!” Amber flounces to the lavatory.
Stanton hears his name being called and ventures into the HALL
Lance chops off Stanton’s head with an AXE.


Deduction:   Ghost Lance killed Stanton in the Hall with an Axe.

Motive: protecting Bunny’s honour

Result =    4 √   +    1X  =  80%

When Sam and Dean park Baby back at Bunny’s, they see a police car. Elise’s doorbell chimes.
Phillip, no longer disguising his contempt for the Winchesters,
offers to look for their forgotten “burlap.” Detective Howard informs them they
must stay while he interviews “all the murder suspects.” Stanton’s gone to the morgue.
Heddy and Dash argue in the LOUNGE. Dash insults Heddy while she theorizes
that Amber, “was sleeping around. She wanted to leave Stan but her prenup was ironclad. So she killed him.”
Dash tells Heddy that she’s as nutty as a squirrel on those synthetic hormones.”
Amber’s claims that Lance’s ghost did it. The brothers would like
their ghost gear from Baby, but Sam sarcastically notes that “Detective Friendly” wouldn’t approve.
Dean will search for cold spots while Sam keeps an
eye on “Mrs. Peacock and Colonel Mustard.”


Sam has a quiet conversation with Dash who confesses the family secret: they don’t really like each other.
“Then again, what family does?” Sam replies, “Mine does. Uh, for the most part. It’s just my brother and me.”
Dash is sure Amber didn’t do it because she has trouble using Wi-Fi. He doesn’t believe her ghost story. 
Dash reveals that Lance was a “bastard” yet, Bunny became a recluse after his death.
Detective Howard interrupts them. “Dash, you’re up.”


Dean is accompanied down the HALL by a splendid musical score. He peers into a Knight’s
visor almost Breaking the Wall. He halts before Police tape and chalk outlining Stanford’s body and head.
He sees a book in a bookcase with the necklace’s cross on the spine.
He pulls out the book. The bookcase opens revealing a door.
The key opens the secret door. He picks up a PIPE and some ROPE and climbs the stairs.
Switching on his flashlight, he sees feet sticking out of a rolled rug and hears running footsteps.
It’s Olivia.


Oliva says Phillip locked her in the ATTIC after hiding Clown College Collette’s body.
He locked her in, “because I wouldn’t lie to the detective about what I saw…Bunny’s ghost,” killing Collette.


Dean interrupts Sam’s card game to fill him in. They need to find Phillip, whom they deduce is acting like a Renfield
for the husband/wife ghost team.  “We're dealing with two vengeful spirits.”
Sam goes upstairs. Dean looks downstairs.
Detective Howard stands at the bottom of the stairs while Sam hides above.
“Sam Winchester! Where did you run off to?”
(This the last time we see the Detective alive…)
Sam hurries away bumping into Beverly who tries to persuade him to “get up to no good.”  
Sam’s lactose intolerant and passes on her wine and cheese. She insists.
They have ten minutes before the Detective interviews her.
“I’m right behind you,” Sam lies as he sprints down the hall.


Dean, on the first floor, picks up a WRENCH and enters the BUTLER’S QUARTERS.
Phillip snarkily informs him the, “leaky faucet’s down the hall.” Dean’s not interested in a lavatory, or any crap.
“What are you doing hiding dead maids in secret rooms?” 
Phillip’s explanation: he hid Collette’s body out of loyalty so that Bunny’s funeral wouldn’t be disrupted. 
Sam draws a KNIFE in the KITCHEN  following a blood trail.
Phillip has a knife sticking out of his back.


Sam texts Dean: “Just found Phillip. Dead.” Dean turns to Phillip? who slams him into the wall.
Dean rises discovering Phillip’s abandoned clothes and skin.
Using his cell phone, he tells Sam, the Monster of the Week is a ShapeShifter.
They meet in the KITCHEN.  They must “rule out ‘the butler did it.’”


Olivia is startled to see them in the kitchen with a dead body but Sam calms her down.
They ask Olivia for the silverware chest.
They each draw a butter knife eliminating themselves as ShapeShifters.
Olivia thinks they’re crazy but Dean quotes the Bard,
“Trust us. There’s a method to our madness.”

Deduction:   ShapeShifter???  killed Phillip in the KITCHEN with a Knife.


(Of course you must identify the ShapeShifter!)

Result =    3 √   +    2 X  = 60%

Sam interrupts some gold digging research telling Barbara he was playing hard to get.
All is forgiven as Sam slickly slides on the sofa with the silver.
Smooth as butter, he slips the silver on the Sisters’ skin eliminating them as ShapeShifter suspects.


Dean enters the BILLIARD ROOM. Hearing a noise, he picks up a CANDLESTICK.
He cautiously opens the closet interrupting the clandestine kissers, Dash and Amber.
Dean guesses they cozied up one Christmas. Dash corrects him.  It was a ‘clam bake’ and
although they're cheaters, they're not murderers. Dean declares he’ll go “cards up” unless they touch the cutlery.
They comply, canceling themselves as culprits. Dean says he’ll keep their secret.

Heddy and Barbara, still on the sofa, subject Sam to the penis/finger equation. “Nine inches.”
Dean hates to interrupt but Sam doesn’t mind. Dean affirms that “it’s all going to hell, right here, right now.”
The WASPY family is cleared, leaving only…Olivia screams.
Everyone rushes to discover Detective Howard dead with his head in the toilet.


In the LAVATORY, Oliva stands stunned.
“Well, we got a floater.” Dean crudely clarifies, referring to the Detective as 'crap'.
“What kind of monster would do such a thing?” cries Beverley.
Olivia was just trying to ‘pee’.


Heddy points her finger at Amber.
“Amber has motive. …she knew that it was just a matter of time before he figured out she killed Stan.”
Amber proves her innocence by using her alibi/ lover, Dash.
Heddy thinks they both look guilty with motive. Dash points his finger at the sisters, ranting
like a mad Hamlet, “The old lady doth protest too much.
You're only pointing the finger to distract from your own guilt”
Beverly announces she’s leaving but when Dean prevents her she decides she’d rather stay.
“OOOOh, get your hands off me, young man.” She squees unconvincingly.
Dean announces no one’s leaving. Sam announces there are four corpses.


Deduction:   ???  killed Detective Howard in the LAVATORY with a Toilet.


Result =    3 √   +    2 X  = 60%

Sam asks for their trust but Dash asks why.
“Look Buddy, I’m trying to be objective here, but we’ve had countless family functions before,
and even though we wanted to kill one another, we never did.”  
Dash pilfers the Detective’s REVOLVER. They take him seriously because he hunts pheasant.
He marches them out, past Olivia, and locks them in the SECURITY OFFICE.


Sam finds useless keys because the door’s locked from the outside.
Dean bends a silver knife forcing the door and realizes the knife’s not silver.
“Made in Taiwan. Freaking stainless steel.”  That’s why no one sizzled.
Baby has silver bullets in her trunk but how will they get to them?

Meanwhile, in the LOUNGE, Amber is confused about the motives for Sam and Dean.
Dash witlessly waving a REVOLVER rationalizes, “They wanted our inheritance.”
Distracted by the lunacy of his gesticulating gun, the women insist he put it down. Dash places it on the coffee table.
Heddy claims she knew the Winchesters were “trash the moment they rolled up in that American-made.”
(Ouch. Hope Baby didn’t hear that.)
Beverly assumes they must also be homosexuals. Heddy agrees, “Ugh. Homosexual murderers. Like Leopold and Loeb.”


Seeing Olivia enter with a decanter, Heddy orders her to call the police. Olivia refuses.
She picks up the REVOLVER. “I’m not the maid.” Heddy quips, “Well, that explains the dust.”
Olivia reveals that she's  Bunny’s daughter kept in the attic.
In the SECURITY OFFICE Sam sees the drama unfold on the surveillance monitor.
                                                   Dean realizes, “We got played by the maid.”                                                                  
It was Phillip’s idea to release Olivia and have her pose as a maid to “hide in plain sight.”
Olivia confesses that killing Collette was an accident. She only wanted to scare her for attempting to steal from her mother.
Olivia claims they all had it coming for disrespecting her mother and for their greed.
She killed Phillip because,
after Stanton, he locked her back up but fortunately, “the cute, dumb one let me out.”

Dean continues to watch the monitor. Sam finds a gun cabinet.
Dean tosses Sam the keys and voila!

Heddy calls Olivia a monster. She responds, “Oh, you have no idea.” BLAM!


Olivia aims the  REVOLVER at the doorway firing when Sam enters.
Sam yells at the cowering family to stay and enters the KITCHEN.
Olivia fires as Sam dives behind the island.
Olivia informs Sam that killing him will be “next best thing to killing Bobby Singer.”
Sam keeps her talking.
Olivia tells her story. Bunny had an affair with a ShapeShifter. She had Olivia and told Lance he was the father.
Olivia’s ShapeShifter father showed up to claim her and killed Lance. Bobby killed the ShapeShifter and wanted to kill Olivia.
Bunny pleaded with him to spare her. Bobby agreed, “as long as she was kept locked up. 
In the event Bunny died, Bobby promised to take care of her.”
Sam advises Olivia, “You don’t have to do this. Being a monster is a choice.”
Olivia maintains the choice was made for her. She realizes Sam must not have silver bullets.


She moves to kill and Blam! Dean shoots her in the back.

And then, Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!


Deduction:  DEAN killed OLIVIA in the KITCHEN with a GUN/silver bullets.

Motive: protect Sam

Result =    4.5√   +    .5 X   = 90%

Dash escorts Sam and Dean out. Dash wants to apologize but Sam understands, “he was just protecting [his] family.”
Dash discovered Bunny left everything to Olivia except the pendant. Dean hands it over.
Dash wants to know how he can repay them.
Dean jabs his finger into Dash’s chest, “You know what? Just forget we were ever here…
Look pal, the fact that we pulled your bacon out of the fire is nobody’s business.
Okay? Hey. I’m serious Izod. Put a pin in it. Or we’ll come back for your preppy ass.”

(Dual door slam!)


With Baby on the road, Sam asks Dean, “What was that all about back there?
I mean….all those extra shots after the shifter was already dead. What was that?”
Dean is flippant, “I don’t know. Target practice?”
Sam presses him, “You sure it wasn’t….I don’t know, demon residue or something to do with the Mark, or…”
Dean denies it, snapping, “Oh my God, Sam. It was my first kill since I’ve been back. [2nd] You know, I got a little anxious.
I wanted to make sure it was done right – plain and simple. It’s… Why am I even explaining this to you?”
Dean cranks the music. Sam stares out the window thinking.




1st Verdict:   OLIVIA killed COLLETTE in the FOYER with a 'PEARL NECKLACE'.


2nd Verdict:   OLIVIA killed STANTON in the HALL with an AXE.

Motive: DISRESPECTING Bunny’s honour

3rd Verdict:   OLIVIA killed PHILLIP in the KITCHEN with a KNIFE.

Motive:  He locked her up/TURNED ON HER

*4th Verdict:  DEAN killed OLIVIA in the KITCHEN with a GUN/silver bullets.


*5th Verdict:  DEAN / MOC killed Detective HOWARD in the LAVATORY with a TOILET.



These highlighted clues point to Dean/MOC as a murderer.
Olivia confessed to all the murders except one, and she screamed. Why did she scream?
Also, the big clue in the opening segment was not the Monster of the Week, but Sam’s warning to Dean,
“If things go sideways... I mean, like, an inch, you gotta give me the heads-up.”

(TWEET: RYAN CURTIS: *None of those WASPs could have killed that big detective.
                 Something doesn’t smell right. Could be the toilet)    

(TWEET: Mister Berens ‏@robertberens   Well on the minus side that #supernatural promo gives away too much.
On the plus side it’s totally misleading and contains one outright lie.)

What a clever, maybe too clever, ‘whodunit’ using the board game CLUE.
The humour was crude and immature but also what you might expect from truly classless characters.
Sexual references such as ‘glazed doughnut,’ ‘peeled banana,’ and ‘clam bake’ were cringe worthy.
There was an awful lot of “toilet humour.” And we are so done with the fallacy of the “Huge penis = good sex” formula,
unless it purposely tied in with the fake ruby, fake silver, fake rich and fake innocent motif.
However, there were some laugh out loud moments of quality humour and hidden gems like “fake ruby”
and all those CLUE weapons appearing. There were insightful and unusual allusions including Shakespeare.
 It was fun.



John MacCarthy/ Serge Ladouceur

Low Angles/High Angles


Over the Shoulder


Between the Shoulders and Down the Arm of Gun Sights


Knight’s Perspective



Half shadow on Dean’s face (Half hidden)


The Mirror Shots


Looking Through Glass


Best Horror Element

Those terrible scuff marks in front of the toilet tell a tale so vile it’s funny.



The original music was composed by Jay Gruska, replicating the 1940’s style of a whodunit movie.


The lovely manor home of creams and crystal was the perfect setting for this game of CLUE.

(TWEET: Jared Padalecki: ‏ The scene where Sam & Dean meet the family was filmed in EXACT ROOM that we filmed a certain scene with a certain talkative demon…*@DaniaSP yes Crowley. Actually, I THINK it was his first EVER scene. Right.)


Sam: Husband and wife tag-team killer ghosts.   Dean: Gotta keep the marriage alive somehow.

Olivia: I'm not the maid.       Heddy: That explains the dust.

: Clown College Colette? Dean : Yeah, but she ain’t studying balloon animals. She’s dead.  

Heddy: Did anyone else wet themselves?


An absolutely brilliant guest cast. They sparkled in their stereotyped roles.
I chose Gillian Vigman (Heddy) for her impeccable comedic timing.



In memory of JAMES A. MACCARTHY (father of director Johnny MacCarthy)
who passed away during filming of this episode.



Kevin McNulty (Phillip) played Roy Le Grange in “Faith” 1:2
Doug Abrahams (Detective Howard) played Eddie in “After School Special” 4:13
Matthew Harrison (Stanton) appeared in “Sin City” 3:04

Thanks To:

Supernatural Wiki
Home of the Nutty Screencaps
Supernatural #AskJeeves Livetweeting! Donna Gaff



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# AlyCat22 2015-07-02 00:10
Olivia screamed to create the diversion that it was she who found Detective Friendly dead and not that she was the murderer. Interesting idea about Dean being the murderer because of the MOC but I don't think it holds up. They showed the Shapeshifter was strong enough to kill the cop just in the way she effortlessly threw Dean and Sam around. One thing I did notice is that Dean wears his watch on his left wrist in every scene except the one where Shapeshifter Phillip throws him up against the wall. I figured it was the directors choice? Or a flipped shot?
# cheryl42 2015-07-03 18:25
I agree Olivia killed the detective. If it had been Dean they would have made a pretty big deal out of it since MOC and all. It wouldn't have been off camera. Sam may not have known but I'm sure we would have.
# PSG 2015-07-05 19:20
I am in agreement with the others. Dean didn’t kill the cop. First off there is only one killer in Clue. Second, Dean was playing the game... ie. He was trying to solve the case. Three, there was no reason to kill the cop. Even as a demon Dean only killed baddies. He had a code. Fourth, they would have made a huge deal if he had killed the cop. Fifth, Marked Dean killed bloody always. What was the point otherwise. Sixth, he pumped Olivia full of bullets because he really needed to kill after a long break. Nothing suggests Dean killed the cop.
Frankly this strikes me as some kind of fan on to paint Dean in a bad light. Just my opinion.
# BoGirle 2015-07-05 19:53
Interesting take on things. I really like all of you references. I mean, who hasn't played Clue at least one time in their life?
I agree with the others though, I don't think that we are supposed to think Dean killed the cop. If so, they would have made a big deal about it, like they did when he killed Olivia by emptying his clip into her; even Sam reacted to that kill and Sam barely reacted to anything all season long. And as others have pointed out, MoC Dean had a moral code (as ridiculous as that is) and only killed those people who either deserved it (monsters and douchbags like Lester) or people who were attacking or threatening him or his brother (the baby pimps, Olivia and the Stynes). The Detective had no real reason to suspect Dean for anything, not even the murders going on in the house, and Dean had next to no reason to want to go after the detective; he didn't attack him, or even really speak to him that much. This show LOVED showing Dean in his MoC rages, like the one with Cole, Metatron, Smarmy Styne, Lester, The Pimps and Drug Addicts and Olivia. So why would they have him commit this murder off screen and not show Jensen tearing up the scenery? And there were no repercussions. Nobody cared the detective died and it didn't mean anything to the case. You'd think if Dean was going to go into a MoC fueled rage and kill someone that they would have been more specific about showing us why. They were pretty explicit about Dean's overkill response to shooting Olivia, so I am not sure they would have been beyond subtle if they wanted us to think he'd also killed the cop too. I like your analysis and can see your logic; the events certainly could support Dean killing the Detective, but I am putting that down to somewhat lax plotting.....of which there were MANY, MANY examples this season.