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  Season 10 Episode 3

   “Soul Survivor”

Written by Brad Buckner

    Eugenie Ross-Leming

     Directed by Jensen Ackles

    Airdate: Oct. 21, 2015

By Wednesday

                Memories hit us with shots of guilt and remorse but they also inspire and motivate us. 
                        Even a lame lie can be annoying and hurtful.
Everyone loves  Dean.


A perspiring priest (Adam Boys) blesses a blood cooler at St. Agatha’s hospital.

to Canon: Blood to exorcize a demon can blessed by a priest
 foregoing the need for a confession and allowing Sam to use
someone else’s blood. G.T.K.)

       SPNSSPriest 2

                 Doctor Sam drives the Impala to the Bunker and proceeds to the dungeon.


Sam comforts Demon Dean by telling him it’s his blood type, ‘O’. 


For a tip of the iceberg discussion on how Dean’s ‘O’ blood type eliminates John Winchester as his father see:

      Demon Dean refuses to sit there all weepy like Crowley, “Screw that. I don’t want this!” Sam,
                   insightfully, replies, “Yeah, I pretty much figured that out.” 
        Demon Dean confesses a heretofore concealed tidbit of information,
Sammy, you know I hate shots .”
This NEWly confessed fear does not deter Sam. 
  He splashes Demon Dean with sizzling Holy Water and plunges in the
        needle. The Demon’s eyes SNICKand he
            roars like a beast in agony.       

Sam informs Dean there’s “more of these to go.
You could make it a lot easier on yourself
This is a confounding lie.  
 Dean is incapable of easing this torture.

On the Road
Castiel lies to Hannah saying he’s “fine” and explains that’s what humans say to 
avoid talking about something we can do nothing about.” 
This confuses and worries Hannah who is concerned about Castiel’s declining grace.
Needlessly, Castiel informs us all about Sam’s plan. 


    Demon Dean, unable to figure out a way to “ease” the impact of the torturous injections,
       gets another horrible shot.  
He warns Sam he might die. Sam is doubtful. “You’re just messing with me. 
         Either way, the lore doesn’t say anything about exceptions to the cure.


Demon Dean chuckles at some unseen amusement and scoffs,
“‘The lore.’ Hunters. Men of Letters. What a load of crap it all is! …
Winchesters. Do-gooders.” Demon Dean questions Sam’s own demonic actions.
(He knows what Sam did last summer.)
Crowley told me all about it. So, let me ask you, which one of us is really a monster?
Hmm? Starting to come back to you now?” Magically, it does come back to Sam. ~

~ Lester, drunk in a bar, asks
himself rhetorical questions as drunk people are wont to do.
What am I supposed to do now? It’s like my
life is over. …Why doesn’t anything ever work out for me? Huh?” Sam,
spotting a worthless piece of scum, ripe for the picking, slides next to him.
Sam’s prepared to lead this Loser to eternal damnation, and I for
one will not stand in his way.
Hey there.” Sam says.
The unsuspecting Lester wittily retorts, “Hi.”
Sam, faking sincerity, asks, “Sounds like
things have been a little rough on you lately, huh?” 
Lester corrects Sam’s limited grasp, “Rough? My wife kicked me to the curb.”
Sam shrewdly replies, “Oh.”
This comment opens the flood gates to Lester’s pathetic life.
We haven’t had sex for four months. Four. Well, not that she hasn’t
been having plenty… with a guy in her bowling league. Guy with tattoos.
Did him right there on the kitchen table while I was at work.”  
Lester doubts payback is possible. Sam cunningly
conceals rubbing his hands with glee at “way too much information”
and begins to strategize.


Demon Dean clarifies for those incapable of grasping Sam’s sinister plan.
Sam tried to get a demon at the crossroads but “no one showed when you summoned.
But you found a way, didn’t you, Sam?
” ~

Sam gets Lester to the crossroads and hides. Lester reads the words,
Okay, um … Demon esto subiectus voluntari-”
Sam interrupts, like Hermione Granger, and hisses “LeviOsa!”
Wait, no. “Tati Voluntati.”
With unbelievable rapidity, the demon appears, grants Lester’s wish,
and seal kisses the deal.
It’s too late for Sam to save Lester, not that anyone cares,
but it’s not too late for Sam to capture the demon for interrogation purposes.


Demon Dean summarizes in case Sam missed it,
You would have liked to have gotten there before the deal went down,
but you didn’t really care about poor ol’ Lester, did you
 (Actually, Demon Dean, no one cared.) ~

Sam tortures Demon Dar (Raquel Riskin) in a familiar scene.
She’s upset and in pain.
Ironically, she tells the truth. Sam is skeptical.
Why don’t we try that again?” Sam cuts her.
She screams but doesn’t change her story.

For an interview of Raquel Riskin’s experience with Sam on set



Demon Dean needles Sam, “Oh, and so you know, I killed Lester myself.”
(We saw that.)
And that wife of his married the tattooed guy.
Sam refuses to feel guilty, “I never meant…”
he starts, only to be rudely interrupted by Demon Dean,
Who cares what you meant?
That line that we thought was so clear between us and the things that we hunted, ain’t so clear is it?
You might actually be worse than me!
I mean, you took a guy at his lowest,used him, and it cost him his life and his soul.
Nice work.”

Sam, struck speechless with the stupidity of that comment,
plunges in the needle.
When Demon Dean recovers, he reminds Sam that if this process doesn’t work. …

A demon guard (Gino Graul) holds a young girl (Valerie Graul) before Crowley’s throne.
Accused of high treason she’s sent away.
Although more supplicants await, Crowley forces them to wait longer.
Welcome to the inner sanctum and tedium of hell.
Demon Guthrie (Russell Roberts) reports Castiel’s grace is fading.


Crowley orders surveillance of Castiel before fading into a ~

 ~ purgatorious montage of recognizable memories
showcasing Dean, sleazy bars, and foosball~

A lying, bootlicking demon offers to replace Dean as Crowley’s wingman.
Crowley vaporizes him with a snap.


Lost in front of a derelict Drive-in, Hannah tells Castiel to stop avoiding the obvious solution.  
Castiel refuses to kill another angel and he won’t go begging from Metatron.
(That ground has been well covered.)
Hannah says she isn’t enough to return the angels.
Castiel remarks, “Sometimes enough is whatever you have.”
Hannah makes a feeble move on Castiel, but he’s saved by a ringtone.
It’s Sam with old bad news: Dean’s in pain and may die.
Castiel counsels Sam to keep on keeping on.
Sam informs Castiel that, “uh … I’ll leave the entry unlocked for you.”
Deteriorated, Castiel must have to open doors manually…


Demon Dean is resting; so, Sam slaps him across the face.
(TWEET: Jared Padalecki:  My favorite part was slapping the director in the face and purposely messing up so I could keep doing it :) )
(TWEET: Jensen Ackles: @jarpad yeah thanks for that. Took me a few takes to realize what you were doing.
Well played sir, well played. #Revenge #ActionAckles)

Demon Dean drowns in “sweat while his blood boils”.
He thinks Sam should stop because human Dean has been M.I.A. for some time and
besides, he’s a better “lean mean Dean.”
Demon Dean uses Dean’s memory to insult Sam saying he was sick of saving whining Sam
and that he tried to get as far away from him as possible.
He delivers a brutal shot,
Maybe it was the fact that my mother would still be alive if it wasn’t for you.
That your very existence sucked the life out of my life!”
(By being a helpless baby, Sam killed his mom. Literally.)
Sam refuses to believe Dean thinks that.
Demon Dean attacks Sam’s masculinity.
Sam’s never had a brother only an “excuse for not manning up”. 
Demon Dean “quits.”
Sam says the Winchesters don’t quit and he bets Dean wouldn’t say that to dad.
(They have regressed to junior high hell.) 
Demon Dean doesn’t like John Winchester.
“There’s a man who brainwashed us into wasting our lives fighting his losing battle!
(Well, Dean, you may not be related anyway.)
Sam “mans up” and dispenses another shot.



An Abaddon supporter is executed.
“Next!” They are interrupted by a crazed demon. “Stop!”
This demon is tired of Crowley’s “slap in the face rewards” and botched attempts to be human. For an added insult (in another junior high hell) the demon becomes homophobic calling Dean, Crowley’s “boy toy” and then he self immolates.
Crowley, like all of us, “Did not see that coming.”
(Or, more importantly, why it came.) 


On the Road
Castiel uncharacteristically uses metaphors telling Hannah to focus and forget hitting on him.
(TWEET: Osric: This is the exact same conversation I had with @mishacollins in the kayak on Sunday...
Except I was Castiel and he was Hannah)

Hannah, laser focussed, proceeds to the Gas n’ Sip.
(Is it just me or does anyone else want those ugly cropped pants to be immolated?)

SPNSSHanCrop 0984

A tipped coffee cup tips Hannah off to look behind the counter,
revealing the burnt out eyes of an angel kill.
Too late, Hannah realizes Adina (Jud Tylor) is behind her seething with vengeance for Daniel’s death. 
“You Killed Him!” she yells as Castiel enters.
Adina slams Hannah into a shelf of popcorn and
some Good Sense boxes hit her on the head.

SPNSSgoodsense 1024

She takes her time recovering. Castiel draws his angel blade to Adina’s
sneering amazement.
Adina inquires before punching him.
Castiel wants her to kill him instead of
Hannah, and Hannah wants her to stop.
“‘Stop.’‘Kill me.’ I mean, so many suggestions, I don’t know what to do.
But she’s lying,
she knows what to do. “I know—I will kill
you, Castiel. But very, very slowly so your honey bunch can watch.

Adina kicks Castiel through the glass door.
Hannah, still down, curiously watches as Adina beats Castiel.
(PerhapsHannah’s harboring some resentment for his ‘hands
off’ policy.

SPNSSCasGlassSFX 1055


In Dean’s bedroom Sam takes a nostalgic look at personal belongings:
Porn magazines, notepad, and a well preserved piece of pie.
(TWEET: Misha Collins: go for the porn, @jarpad)
The shots  bring memories reminding Sam what he’s fighting for.


On the Road

Castiel wakes to see a blurry Crowley. “Hey, champ. Look at you. Talk about roadkill.

(TWEET: Jared Pad.: Poor Castiel. There's probably NOTHING worse than seeing
@Mark Sheppard right when you wake up!!!! #nightmare)

(TWEET: Misha Collins: Actually, there is something worse, having
@Mark Sheppard be the last thing you see as you drift to sleep. #sleepingwiththedevil)


Demon Dean is free. Time for some hide and seek.

On the Road
Adina torments Hannah. Crowley intrudes, slits Adina’s throat, and collects her essence.

Sam searches for Dean and finds keys; Dean searches for Sam and finds a claw hammer.


On the Road

Crowley gives Castiel Adina’s essence.
He explains why. “Having him as a demon has caused me nothing but grief.
Fix the problem.

Trail of logic: Executing treasonous demons + memory montage of Demon Dean + self-immolation = Kill demon/Save Dean???

Sam locks the bunker down.
(I thought he was leaving it open for Castiel.)
Demon Dean hollers, “All that blood you pumped into me to make me human…
Well. The less demon I was, the less the cuffs worked. And that Devil’s Trap?
Well, I just walked right across it
(Too bad Crowley didn’t know this.)
Demon Dean flips the power back on, reopening the door for Castiel.
Sam slams the door locking him in the Control Room.
Demon Dean, undeterred with his hammer,
sledges in the door like some raging lunatic named Johnny.


The Hammer Conundrum: The original script called for an axe.
Jensen went with the claw hammer.
It's a brilliant choice because bludgeoning someone to death with a hammer requires a lengthy commitment,
something a demon would enjoy.  His opponent had only one arm; there was no need to rush, or be merciful.
In Episode 02, Cole used a ball peen hammer to torture Sam. Clearly no one read the script for Episode 02.
This episode was filmed first, and this hiccup went unnoticed resulting in Hammer Time in back to back episodes.
Misha Collins: Hey @JensenAckles, weird choice to be using a hammer to go after @jarpad.
Couldn’t you have used a knife or something menacing instead?

Jensen Ackles: @mishacollins I agree. Hammer was a odd choice. Or was it? #AwesomeChoice
Misha Collins: ‏ @JensenAckles I know you’re new to twitter, but you still have to spell check.
                           You misspelled your hashtag. You meant, “#awkwardchoice.”

Jim Michaels: It was the director’s choice… Oh wait…
Robbie Thompson: I think you both meant: #supernatural)

Sam runs while Demon Dean follows at a leisurely pace.
Come on, Sammy! Let’s have a beer, talk about it. I’m tired of playing.”
Sam ducks just as a hammer blow slams into the wall.
Sam presses his knife against his throat.
Do it!” Demon Dean echoes Cole, who must have made an impression on him.
Sam hesitates and then drops the knife. Demon Dean’s eyes “SNICK” to gloat. 
He roars in rage when Castiel, ignoring the open bunker door, appears behind him, and grips him tight.
(Sweet blue eyes!)


Back in the dungeon, Castiel notes it’s easier to be a demon than a human.
Only humans can feel real joy, but … also such profound pain.”
Being a demon is easier.
(Sure, tell that to Dar.)
Dean transitions. Sam splashes him with Holy Water.
(Yup, not a demon.)
Dean blinks, “You look worried, fellas.”
Later, in the library, Castiel reminds Sam of the Mark of Cain,
but Sam only wants to grab his “brother some cholesterol. And then…get drunk.
Castiel visits Dean in his room and tells him he looks terrible.
Dean says “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to lie every now and again.”
But, Castiel is done with lame lies.
He has long story to tell but there’s a “female outsidein the car.” 
Dean asks Castiel if he thinks Sam wants a divorce. Castiel assures him that they are forever brothers.
Castiel advises Dean to heal while all is quiet.


In a hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a beautiful redhead flicks a blood drop from her arm.
Two hotel staff are nailed to ceiling above her.


~The Script~

Handcuffed by the decision to jump the backstory the writers delivered it piece
by pea sized piece via flashbacks.
The flashbacks were repetitive and character recaps superfluous.
The writers underestimated the intelligence of the Metas and the entire audience.
The script ticked necessary boxes:
- provide flashback backstory √;
- get rid of the Demon in Dean, even though everyone wanted to see more √;
- give some power back to Castiel √.
However, it was done in an unimaginative and illogical manner that broke canon rules and featured repetitive dialogue and juvenile insults.
The brutal exchange of “ shots between the brothers, the interwoven lamelies and memories rescued the script from complete immolation;
but, the cast and crew saved it.


Directing/ Cinematography (Jensen Ackles/ Serge Ladouceur)


(Tweet: Ryan Curtis: Photo)

Red Lighting:

- creates an atmosphere of alarming fear and evil. Note 'Danger' sign, too.


###H   Shadow Play    H###



- exploiting the cast’s amazing talents of conveying thought and emotions by expressions ~keeps it real.


All The Door Shots:





 Bunker: familiar areas opened up to a cavernous, confusing maze.
Lil’ Levi’s Gas n’ Sip:sign for Jensen Ackles’ nephew was cute, cute èt cute.

 (TWEET: Jensen Ackles: “Lil’ Levi’s” gas station. A little shout out to my
 nephew. Love ya buddy.)  

Star Brite Drive In: the tragic abandoned drive-in sparks the imagination.
What a great site for a haunting, or a meeting, or a portal to….



The priest and the Demons. Big talent; tiny parts.
Jensen’s brother in law and niece (Gino & Valerie Graul), and Mark Sheppard’s son (Max Sheppard),
perform cameos as demons making it enjoyable to re-watch for cast, crew, and fans.
The love and fun leaks through.

SPNSSCameo 0518SPNSSMax 0530

Special FX:  

Demon  and Angel eyes & Dying Demons.


Horror element:

Being chased by a psycho with a hammer/needle jabs.

Best Performance:

The Oscar goes to Jensen Ackles for giving us a new character, Demon Dean

This transition says it all:


Great Lines:

 “It’s hell. You wait. It’s what you do.”

“Did not see that coming.”

“Why can’t you people just sit on clouds and play on harps like you’re supposed to?”

“It’s gunna take a lot more than trying to kill him with a hammer to get between you two.”   


(TWEET: Misha Collins: ‏ I hear u, @JensenAckles! This director was a piece of work! I don’t remember his name,
but I recall he yelled a lot & made a few actors cry.)


From The Rear View:

Russell Roberts was Quentin in “Of Grave Importance

Raquel Riskin was Amber Greer in “I Believe the Children Are Our Future


Thanks to: Supernatural Wiki & Home of the Nutty Screen caps



# AlyCat22 2015-06-17 07:31
I love these Rearview Reviews! Very imaginitive. Great reads. Thanks for your hard work. I hope to see more!
# E 2015-06-17 11:33
Very nice and detailed. This actually reminded me of a few things I'd forgotten and a few things that in retrospect are problematical now.

1). It's was a bad move to make the blood for Dean's cure generically blessed by a priest. The fact that Sam had to suffer to cure Crowley in 8x23 is part of what made that whole episode so damned good. To have Sam be able to get a priest to do it, and to not have to confess or suffer is a huge cop-out and a drama killer. Why should the curing of Dean be less than the cursing of Crowley? It should have been more, so much more.

2). Just because you have a character say "bigger monster" doesn't make that a story line unless it is followed up in some way. Dean saying that to Sam while he's a demon doesn't really mean that the issue has been addressed or that it was in fact any kind of a story line for Sam. It's just another in a long line of things introduced by a writer and then never followed up on in the grand scheme of things. Sam, in fact did absolutely nothing especially sinister this season, nothing that Dean wouldn't have done either. The whole concept was a bust.

3). How likely is it that the things Dean said to Sam while being cured will be brought up again in any way at all? Dean said some awful, awful things... maybe they were lies? Maybe Dean actually had a smidgin of those feelings inside, maybe that's only what Sam thinks Dean thinks. Regardless, it needs to be addressed. It won't be though, the only past history that gets addressed on this show any more is when Dean throws Sam's past "transgressions " back in his face.

4). WHY does Castiel, and angel who has learned the meaning of free will from the Winchesters and has been human himself for a time want to force the remaining angels to "toe the line" now to the point of killing them? Huh? The whole story with Hannah and the "lets return the rogues to heaven by force" business makes ZERO sense given Castiel's past and experiences. You'd think he'd be leading the rogues.

5). So the demon cuffs only work on someone who's "mostly demon?" Same with the demon trap? Hmmm. How convenient. Well, that begs the question, why did "mostly human Dean" still seem so keen to kill Sam? That must have been Dean talking and not demon Dean seeing as how he was mostly human and all. NO LOGIC.

6). So Castiel with borrowed grace could restrain a fully demon Dean in ep 3, but couldn't control a not fully demon Dean in episode 22 and got his ass kicked? How's that work?

So many things in here are head scratchers. And unfortunately, given this particular writing team, this is one of their better efforts.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-06-18 09:58
1). It's was a bad move to make the blood for Dean's cure generically blessed by a priest. The fact that Sam had to suffer to cure Crowley in 8x23 is part of what made that whole episode so damned good. To have Sam be able to get a priest to do it, and to not have to confess or suffer is a huge cop-out and a drama killer. Why should the curing of Dean be less than the cursing of Crowley? It should have been more, so much more.

I enjoyed Soul Survivor, but I have to admit it also bothered me that Sam didn't use his own blood. But last night as I was watching Paper Moon, seeing poor Jared in that sling, it occurred to me that THAT might be why they went with some other generic blood. It was the first episode filmed and Jared had that sling on full-time for 3 more episodes, so clearly he couldn't film without it. That leaves them with having Sam draw the blood from his leg, which would be weird, or having him tell Dean that he had had his blood drawn earlier (by whom? under what pretext?). They probably could have come up with some reasonable explanation, but maybe it just seemed clunky to have Sam have to explain how he had somehow obtained his own blood, so they just went with this option. This is all speculation, but bottom line is they could not have mirrored the Sacrifice scene because of the sling. And the writers either couldn't think of or couldn't be bothered with writing a scene using Sam's blood.
# BoGirle 2015-06-18 13:17
True, or they could have waited until the mid season finale to cure Dean, done something real with as a demon and waited for Jared's shoulder to be better. Then they could have had DD go on longer, hopefully done more with him, made the necessity of curing him MUCH stronger and given Jared another 8 episodes to heal.
# njspnfan 2015-06-18 12:07
By Season 10 standards, and considering that the stellar team of Ross-Leming/Buc kner wrote it, not a horrible episode. The whole demon cure ritual was changed, though; blood aside, didn't it require a little bit of Latin - "Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, hanc animam redintegra, lustra! lustra!" , followed by a bloody fist sandwich?

Given the challenges presented by Jared's injury, I can understand why they changed it to using purified blood from a blood bank, though I don't understand why the rest of the ritual was altered.

As far as the things Demon Dean said to Sam, he was going to use anything at his disposal to throw Sam off his game; I can't see them going back to address any of that. Although... Dean harbors some deep seated resentment towards Sam, as show in Season 8's Southern Comfort. And, in other S8 episodes, he listed off all the people that let him down.

The entire "who is the bigger monster" thing turned out to be a big old steaming pile of crap.

As E mentioned above, the one thing that really confused me as well was Dean being partially cured, enough to get out of his bindings and devil's trap. Isn't being a demon kind of like being pregnant? Either you are or you aren't?. Sigh... what do you expect from the team that regularly butchers canon. More troubling, though, was the fact that mostly human Dean still wanted to kill Sam; that is something they really should have gone back and revisited.
# BoGirle 2015-06-18 13:32
Yeah... when I was watching the ep again I noticed that when Cas grabs Dean right at the end of the episode, just as he's going to kill Sam, his eyes turn black again. So, he was still demon enough to have black eyes but not enough for the cuffs and trap to work? And at the end of the ep he's back in the cuffs and trap and they seem to be holding him just fine. Man, this writing duo is really weak. There is zero creativity to get around these small plot problems. Instead of having Dean be "human enough to slip the cuffs" and then ignoring all the problems that such a plot point makes, why did they have have Dean go into a crisis of some sort, stop breathing so that Sam unlocked the cuffs in fear for his brother and had him get out that way? Sam had already said that he thought he cure was killing Dean it would have worked better. Sam unlocks Dean to help him and then Dean jumps Sam. Sam still has the flask and douses Dean which stops him long enough for Sam to get away from him. Chase ensues. Much better and more logical.