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Written by Andrew Dabb

Directed by Thomas J. Wright

Season 10, Episode 2 

First aired October 14, 2014 

 “Chasing the Dragon describes an addict’s insatiable lust for heroin. Each character chases a dragon, and is in a different stage of their addiction. For Demon Dean/ Mark, it is a lust to kill. For the others, the dragon is Dean. Sam desperately seeks to recapture their brotherly bond and it is as if the blood injections from Sam infected Crowley with same desire. Crowley also thirsts for power and control over Dean. Cole craves revenge from Dean. Castiel suffers from withdrawal from his Essence, while Hannah experiences the first intoxicating effects of humanness. It’s about chasing the dragon and all the entangled wheeling and dealing.


Young Cole (Colten Carpentier) wakes in the night. He peeks through the stair railings to see his father on the floor below. He rushes down the stairs skidding on blood at the bottom.  His father is dead. He hears the footfalls of the murderer approaching.  Dean’s knife drips in his hands. Their eyes lock. It’s a face Cole never forgets and thus begins his quest for revenge.
(TWEET: Ryan Curtis: Hard to think that JensenAckles’ face needed improvement but we had to make him younger. Great job eh?) Yes, indeedy.


An older Cole (Travis Aaron Wade) shares this memory with a bound Sam. He’s trained his whole life for vengeance and in “two tours in Iraq. Special ops. Darfur. The Congo. I've seen suicide bombers and child soldiers so hopped up on speed that they could barely talk, but they could sure as hell shoot an AK.” Cole’s addiction allows him to still speak, but he speaks only of his craving to kill Dean. Sam cannot be persuaded to reveal his brother’s whereabouts and he tries to explain what he does for a living, but Cole scoffs at the foreshadowing Holy Water and pulls out an implement of torture: a ball peen hammer.


Demon Dean puts his hand on Angelz stripper (Diana Bello) dancing to Cherry Pie.” He offers her a twenty hoping she’ll offer a little more. Nothing doing. House rules. A twenty is not worth losing your job over. Demon Dean ‘touches’ again, alerting the Bouncer (Brad Kelly).


While the Stripper beats a retreat, Demon Dean beats the Bouncer juxtaposed with Cole beating Sam.


In one of the sleaziest moves ever, Demon Dean finishes his drink and takes back the twenty.


The incongruous, lovely, chiming of Cole’s phone interrupts his brutality. While Cole answers a “Daddy’s busy; be home soon” call, Sam spies a knife on a key chain. When Cole returns for hammer time, Sam is gone.


Demon Dean steps out of the Flamingo Club and gets clipped by a teen who calls him Grandpa. Before Demon Dean can “Snick”, Crowley appears for a chat about anger management.


Meanwhile, Castiel is unable to heal his wounds. Hannah (Erica Carroll) helps because she “wants to”. Castiel chuckles, realizing she’s feeling the effects of being Human. A harried, escaped Sam pleas for help with Demon Dean. “All hands on deck!” Castiel agrees. While Sam steals a truck, Castiel drives away telling Hannah the Winchesters are “the best men I've ever known. And they're my friends.” Later, his head nods and he wakens to oncoming headlights.  He swerves into a ditch.


Crowley informs Dean that he’s a demon. Demon Dean’s eyes “Snick” to black. I've noticed.”  Crowley adds, “Face it, darling. You're an addict. Death is your drug. And you're gonna spend the rest of your life chasing that dragon.” Crowley wants to facilitate. Demon Dean and the Mark have a bloodlust to kill; Crowley has people who need killing. In fact, Lester wants his ex-wife, “cheating trollop”, Mindy Morris dead.  (Flashback to Lester’s discovery moment) “Why not take the job -- feed the beast?” Oh, and there’s one more thing….?

Hannah has three surprises. A kind mechanic, Kim (Tara Pratt) opens her home to strangers, and offers a three-bean surprise salad while repairing their car. The third surprise is her own human compassion watching Castiel sleep. She covers him with a blanket.
This human condition is potent stuff.


Demon Dean, blade ready, is on the job creeping Mindy’s house.

(TWEET: Ryan Curtis: Fun night. 150 crew members having to whisper and tiptoe around this neighbourhood at 2 a.m. on a Wed. 
Not exaggerating.)

 Lester (David Nykl) pulls up, disrupting Demon Dean who warns Lester to leave. “Snick” Demon Dean accuses Perv Lester of being the first to mess around.  Lester maintains that, “it’s different when guys do it.” (Ack! Out of my way, Dean. I’ll kill him myself.) Lester calls Dean a ‘punkass demon’ and a ‘freak’. Well, if Lester likes to “watch”… (This, coming from a Peeping Tom assassin?) Dean knifes Lester in the guts.    


Sam interviews the Bouncer who survived his ordeal. Sam has gum stuck to his shoe (Cole).

Castiel wakes to theRoad Runner and Wylie Coyote’s obsession. Hannah looks at Castiel like a woman looks at a man. The rest of this scene is over the top sentimentality snot. Sometimes the less said….

Two intriguing Demons (Sean Hewlett, Aidan Dee) report with a pie chart. Demon Dean informs Crowley that his client, Lester, is dead. Crowley rages. Demon Dean doesn’t care and turns away. “Hey! don't turn your back on me!” Demon Dean turns with eyes of flint and shoves Crowley to the floor. An insidious Demon smirks at Crowley’s disgrace. (Poor Crowley) Toe to toe, he confronts Demon Dean. “PICK A BLOODY SIDE!”  Demon Dean tells Crowley what he really thinks, “Or what? Hmm? Go ahead. Make a move. See how it ends. I ain't your friggin' bestie, and I ain't taking orders from you. When I need to kill, I'll call. Until then, stay out of my way.

Crowley wisely backs off. It’s over.


Crowley meets with Bullwinkle to negotiate. Crowley will help Sam get Dean for a finder’s fee.

Hannah takes the wheel from an exhausted Castiel and then sneaks up to Heaven while he sleeps. She attempts to deal with Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) for Castiel’s mojo. Metatron does not make it easy. (I have missed this beastie and his razor sharp nastiness)
Handless, in a strait jacket, he taunts her about the “white hot spark” of sex between them and her desire to be dominated by a man. In exchange for his freedom and a promise to never return to earth, he is willing to sell.

(TWEET: Erica Carroll: Take THAT #Metatron! Sorry about your tooth @curtisisbooger)


 Castiel interrupts, negating the deal. Metatron is a liar. Hannah apologizes, leaving them to a slinging match. ‘Metatron behind bars’ is Castiel’s “happy place.” But, Metatron promises to get out and when he does “everyone dies.” Dead Man Walking!” he shouts after Castiel who has resigned himself to death.
Demon Dean cuts his hand to watch it heal. “Snick” (Yup, demon.)  He picks out a few notes of “Hey, Jude”, his mother’s lullaby.  (Are you in there Dean, trying to send a message? Play it again, Dean.) The tense showdown between brothers begins. “I told you to let me go.” Demon Dean scolds Sam. Sam reminds Dean that there is a cure for Demons.


 Heart breaking, Sam sees how far gone Dean is, but he’s determined and reveals the handcuffs which seem a pathetic bravado in contrast to this powerful demon. Demon Dean mocks him, “You're my brother, and I'm here to take you home.” Yeah, what is this, a Lifetime movie? Huh? With your puppy-dog eyes?” Fortunately, Cole lobs a tear gas canister into the bar. Sam coughs while Demon Dean checks out this new threat.


The thrashing is like watching a cat with a mouse. Demon Dean humiliates Cole. “You have no idea what you walked into here, do you? None.” His eyes “Snick” to black. Cole knows he’s out of his league. Demon Dean holds the First Blade to Cole’s throat. Committed, Cole encourages him, “Do it! You said if you saw me, you would kill me, so do it!” Demon Dean reconsiders, hating to give a guy what he wants.  


Sam douses Demon Dean with Holy Water and
handily slaps on the handcuffs. He’s had a lot of practice and it’s paid off. Crowley appears to collect the finder’s fee: the First Blade. Sam makes it clear he’ll kill Crowley if he sees him again. Handcuffed in the back seat, Demon Dean’s glare makes everyone’s stomach clench. Ouch.


Cole staggers into a library, bloody but ready to register for Demon Research 101. Crowley mourns the loss of a dream, mooning over a two-step night.  Sam disgusted by the trash on Baby’s dash, admonishes Demon Dean who responds,
It's just a car, Sam.”  Wow! Sam notes, “‘It’s just’ Wow! You really have gone dark.”

Demon Dean clarifies why he let Cole live. Cole, whipped like a dog, will have to live the rest of his life tortured by his failure. Demon Dean was not being merciful; he was doing the worst thing he could think of to Cole, and what he would like to do Sam.
Sam has his brother’s body, but Dean’s nowhere to be seen.

Two aspects did not work: the snot scene and the title. The Reichenbach allusion of a standoff does work. Dean has three such encounters and Castiel has one with Metatron. But, it is the obsessive addictive qualities of each character that make a captivating theme. Sam chases the elusive dragon of his brother, while Crowley gives up finding a brother to alleviate the agony of loneliness. Castiel resigns himself to death without his Essence, while Hannah is intoxicated by human emotions. The fire of Cole’s fanatical revenge, temporarily doused, is relit with renewed fury; Metatron burns for freedom.

Everything else was stunning. The quick interplay of character motivations and Crowley’s dangles entrance the viewers. (I’m loving the whole war Vet inclusion.) Each voice is distinctive and true to character, from Metatron’s biting intellectual wit, to Castiel’s blunt truisms. The script had an old mystery murder, a torture scene, an assassination, a car accident, a throw down of the King of Hell, and three violent thrashings. Dabb tossed in some sexy with a Stripper and a Mindy in the kitchen. It does not get better than this. The sets move everywhere. Most lines multitask.
 redbox NICE TOUCHES redbox

Director (Thomas J. Wright) Cinematography (Serge Ladouceur)

Point of View Shots: Dean watching the stripper & Les surprising his wife (love that shoe placement!)  


Fight Perspectives: (High Angles/ Over the Shoulder)

(TWEET: Ryan Curtis:  Cool editing job with the punches. I never noticed that before.)

Cool Shots: “Peeping Dean” and the long shot of “Dead Man Walking”


 And the front row “Perv” shot:

Fight Choreography: Wow! Just wow!

Set Design: Pink Flamingo, graffitied lot, dock, Road trips … the sheer number of sets was impressive. However, the attention to detail
                       is an art form: Crowley’s cocktail pitchfork, and the fridges to portray the characters Kim and Mindy.

Motifs/Allusions:  Many allusions and motifs. (Bells?) Two notable motifs: the pics of pics (Show opens with Cole’s family photo).

Motif:  CU visuals of hands/ handcuffs enhanced character motivation & plot.

Horror element: That little skid of his foot when young Cole slid in his father’s blood.

That ball peen hammer.

Those “Snicks” of black demon eyes. (I suck in my breath… every… time!)

Special FX: Smoke Canister/ “Snicks” / blood and gore

BEST PERFORMANCE: A real contest but Jared Padalecki ran the gamut of emotions here.

(Pain, Anger, Fear, Sorrow, Haggardness, Skepticism, Hate)

Great Lines:

CROWLEY: “I don't want Dean getting his hands on the precious any more than you do. Your brother
                           knows I ratted. He tends to hold a grudge. I don't want to get...Boned.”
                             “Oh, stop it, Samantha. No one likes a tease.”
LESTER: “Men aren't built for monogamy...because of evolution. We're -- we're -- we're programmed,     
                       you know, to --to spread our seed.”
DEAN: “She's a North Dakota 8. You're a 4 ½”
                “Like I said -- loser, with a capital ‘L,’ rhymes with ‘you suck.’ ”
                  “You just got that, uh, pervy, ‘I'd do anything to nail my secretary’ look.”
                      “I'm just spitballing here, but, uh, are not as good as you    
                          think you are.”
                                “a little Latin, a lot of blood. Rings a bell.”
                                    “Great. A groupie. ……You're that guy from that thing.”
                                            “You just stroll up here and say “my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed
                                                  my father. Prepare to die,” And I'd just roll over?”

COLE: “Do it!”

METATRON: “Poor little Hannah. You're so desperate to be dominated.”
                          “You know perfectly well what she's doing, ass-tiel.”


From The Rear View:

“Cherry Pie” was featured Season 5:13 “The Song Remains the Same”

   Visit video clip:

"Cherry Pie Warrant     

Visit song:

Dean loves Cherry Pie; Jensen might have a thing for it too.
See gif via [a dance of purposeful chaos]            
Thanks to: Supernatural Wiki & Home of the Nutty Screen caps


# sugarhi15 2015-06-05 21:37
really enjoy reading your reviews.

you know, after rewatching I was kind of wondering....Me tatron said that when he got out everyone at the time I thought he was referring to cas, the Winchesters and whoever else was on his list....but now i'm starting to think that maybe Metatron is somehow responsible for the release of the darkness....I mean I know the moc was the key.....but Metatron took the tablet and he did tell cas that when he got out everyone dies...really wondering if metatron is somehow responsible for the release of the darkness...
# spnlit 2015-06-08 20:20
Interesting theory if the writers remember the line was written and tie it together ;). AND (good point) Metatron does have the Demon tablet AND the darkness is connected to demons AND the release of the darkness was the result of an evil spell from the Book of the Damned and who is more damned than demons and Metatron. Hope you are on to something.
# E 2015-06-09 06:18
I'd love to find out that the release of THE DARKENESS!!!! isn't entirely Sam's fault. Because even though he doesn't deserve it and basically had no choice, this show has a terrible track record of showing Sam's POV and allowing the audience to feel sympathy for his impossible possition and the decisions he made because of it. Dean got all that POV and sympathy that the show could drum up when he decided to allow Sam to be possessed. Will they do the same next season when it comes to THE DARKNESS!!!! or will it be a Sam' blame fest as it has been in the past? Is season 11 going to be a repeat of season 9? I pray not. If Metatron had something to do with it too, that could help quite a bit. Also it would be a nice tie in. I am not sure that the writers are up to that level of complexity these days but one can hope. Only 5 months till we find out!
# novi 2015-06-07 23:48
One thing I didn't quite like, or probably just didn't understand, is that odd move when Dean in his struggle with Sam actually offers his hand to be cuffed. Why?
# cheryl42 2015-06-08 00:11
He did? I didn't notice that. Maybe Jensen had to help Jared out a little since Jared was limited in his reach. Otherwise there would be no reason for demon Dean to help Sam out at all. I'll have to watch that again.
Ok I just watched that scene again. You mean after the fight with Cole right? Sam grabbed Dean's hand and put the cuff on his wrist and then Dean swung his other hand over, it looked like to me to fight Sam off. But Sam got the cuff on the other hand before he could. That is what it looked like to me anyway.