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Summary:  This episode was written by Jeremy Carver and directed by Phil Sgriccia. The episode follows Sam’s quest to save Dean and Castiel, Crowley, and Rowena’s journey in casting the spell that will cure the Mark of Cain.  

The first quarter of the episode centers on Dean’s hunting by himself, after last week’s beating of Castiel. We find Dean alone, drinking, in a motel room. He’s been called to a vampire case by Rudy, an old hunter friend of the Winchesters.

Elsewhere, Cas and Sam debate whether it is a good idea to try to cure Dean. Sam is insistent even as Castiel expresses doubt about the consequences. They confront Rowena, who knowing Crowley can’t be killed, makes a deal for her freedom and the codex in exchange for doing the spell. The spell requires three ingredients: the forbidden fruit, the golden calf, and the lifeblood from something that the spell caster loves. Cas mindscans Rowena and finds out she loved a child, many hundreds of years ago, named Oskar. Sam gets a phone call from Rudy at that point.

Rudy explains how Dean has gone off his rocker. We see Dean being very Soulless Sam like. He has little feeling for the young female victim of the vampires and actually upsets her parents by questioning why she was wearing skimpy clothes, explicitly stating that she was out trying to have sex.

Sam orders Cas to get what they need while he goes after Dean. Dean, meanwhile, finds the vampire nest. Rudy is there being held hostage. Dean basically causes Rudy to die but then kills all the vamps and traumatizes the young girl victim. Back at his motel room, he sees visions of a beat up Castiel and a dead Rudy. He loses it and destroys the room.

When Sam arrives later at the room, he finds the keys to the Impala with a note from Dean that says “She’s all yours.” We then see Dean summoning Death at an abandoned Mexican restaurant. He offers Death tamales with the real fat in exchange for killing him.

Elsewhere, Cas summons Crowley for help in getting the ingredients for the spell. After a snarky exchange, Crowley demands that Cas beg him for help. Cas reluctantly asks and hands Crowley the list. He says he’s in when he sees one of the ingredients is the blood of something Rowena loves. Crowley then goes to the coffee shop he was at last week and we realize that Seth, the guy who wanted to go to Asia, is actually…Oskar!

Death denies Dean’s request because the mark cannot be destroyed or else something even older than the universe would be unleashed, the Darkness. Instead he makes a deal. Dean calls Sam and summons him to the restaurant. When Sam arrives Dean explains that Sam has to die and Dean will be sent to somewhere else in the universe with the mark to save the world. Sam can’t believe Dean made a deal with his life but Death says it has to be this way because Sam will never stop trying to save Dean and also, Sam stood him up in that episode last season. Dean describes how their existence is horrible for the world and that this is the best option. Sam throws a punch and they fight but soon Sam relents. He says that Dean is a good man but he agrees to die to stop Dean. Death hands Dean his Death machete to do the deed. I know it’s a scythe, but come on, I wanted to call it a death machete. Sam brings pictures of the family out and asks Dean to take them, so when he does get better, he can remember what it meant to love. Dean hesitates and Death urges him to do it. Finally Dean raises the scythe, but instead turns and kills Death, who disintegrates into ash.

At the same time, Crowley brings the ingredients to Rowena. She still thinks it won’t work but Crowley brings in Oskar. Rowena embraces him and cries before stabbing him in the throat and pouring his blood into the spell bowl. The spell works and throws all of them to the floor. When they gather themselves, Rowena is free and she casts an attack dog spell on Castiel, ordering him to attack Crowley as she escapes.

The spell reaches Dean in the restaurant and takes the mark away. The boys are relieved but worried. They go out to the car when lightning starts striking around them. Dark clouds emerge from the lightning strikes, gathering together in a cloud of darkness. Dean tells Sam to get in the car. He tries to get them out of there but the car gets stuck in the mud. They watch in horror as the darkness comes and the last scene of the season finale is the car being engulfed by the darkness.

Kudos to the show and its cast, crew, writers, and fans on the conclusion of the tenth season.


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