Summary:  This episode was written by Andrew Dabb and picks up right after Charlie’s death last week.

The episode opens with a scene of bullying. A younger Styne leaves Styne Hall and is confronted by some bullies. They assault him and his cousin, the Charlie murderer, interrupts. Later as the bully walks home, the Stynes kidnap him.

We cut to Sam and Dean building a funeral pyre for Charlie as they remember her. When she burns, Sam tries to apologize but Dean stops him and blames him for her death. He says it should be Sam on the fire instead of Charlie. He vows to avenge her death and kill all the Stynes. He tells Sam to go stop the cure.

The Stynes are experimenting on the bully and force the younger Styne, Cy, to participate. Of course, he does not want to work in the family business.

Sam returns to the distillery and tells Cas about Charile. He is about to stop the operations when he gets Charlie’s email, which includes the translated codex. He tasks Cas with shadowing Dean so he doesn’t go too violent while he negotiates with Rowena. Rowena refuses to translate until Sam kills Crowley, as their deal stated.   

Dean stalks the Stynes, getting information from another hunter, Rudy. Rudy mentions Sam is the one who does this type of research but Dean says Sam’s busy. Soon after, Dean gets pulled over and is arrested but of course it’s connected to the Stynes. He heads to the Styne residence and is intercepted. Dean is captured and becomes the experiment. He warns them that he has the mark and can’t die, but if dead, will become a blackeyed demon. Cy, Charlie Killer Styne, and the other brother Styne head to Kansas and the bunker.

Sam tricks Crowley into meeting him by using Dean’s voice as a trap. Crowley and Sam have a showdown and Sam puts a powerful hex bag in Crowley’s pocket, which debilitates him. They talk and Sam reveals it’s Rowena who wants Crowley dead. Eventually Crowley’s eyes turn red and he defeats Sam. He warns Sam to tell his mother that she’ll never see him coming.

Dean escapes his captors and then kills them all. He leaves and Cas finds the massacre. He calls Sam and warns him about Dean. Cas says Dean is going home and Sam says he’s on his way.

Dean shows up at the bunker and takes out Charlie Killer Styne before he can burn the bunker. The young kid begs for his life and shows how he’s not like his family. Dean kills him anyway. Cas shows up and tries to stop Dean from leaving. Dean beats Castiel badly and takes his sword. Cas pleads and Dean brings the sword down, but on a book. He then warns Cas that he and Sam should leave him alone because next time he won’t miss.


Is Dean under the influence of the Mark?

What will Crowley do now that he knows his mother tried to assassinate him?

How far will Sam go to save Dean?

Is this the end of the Frankensteins?

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