Summary:  This episode was written by Robbie Thompson and centers on the return of Claire and Castiel’s mission to redeem himself and help her find her mother, Amelia.  

The episode begins in a dream state where Amelia imagines Jimmy returning to her. We find her in a warehouse being drained of her spirit.

The episode follows Claire at first. She is tracking down her mother and finds a lead, Ronnie Cartwright, in a dive bar (with a nice nod to SE Hinton – Susie’s Bar). Ronnie protests that he doesn’t know about Amelia but then gives it away when he reveals her last name. They scuffle and Claire is knocked unconscious.

Castiel calls Sam and Dean to help him with Claire. Dean hesitates since the two of them were not exactly friendly last time. However, the three go to Claire and find out about her search for her mother. They plan to help but Claire gets out of the hospital. Sam goes to find her while Cas and Dean track down Cartwright. It’s intimated that Dean may be too gungho about the violence of the search and his encounter with Cartwright seems to reveal an over enthusiastic need to harm.

After Cartwright says he did work for a real deal faith healer and recruited Amelia, Cas and Dean go to search for Perry Holloway. Cartwright tries to warn the healer and is killed. Sam and Claire meet up back at the motel and she has been hunting her mother, with a lot of clues left behind, including a diary. Sam offers to help her – and shows her how to hack credit cards. When Cas and Dean return and reveal the Holloway connection to Amelia, Sam stays at the motel to research the healer while Cas, Dean, and Claire go in search.

The episode continues as the search amps up and we start to see that Dean is perhaps getting worse. Cas and Sam go to find more clues as Dean and Claire spend time together, mini golfing and sharing emotional stories.

As the episode reaches its climax, Dean and Cas figure out that it’s a grigori (kind of an angel djinn) who takes energy from people. Sam gets knocked unconscious and tied up and confronts the grigori. They find Amelia and save her, but the grigori tries to go after Claire and Amelia sacrifices herself.

The episode ends on some ominous notes but we do see that Amelia gets to heaven and is reunited with Jimmy Novak. And Claire is sent off to live with Sheriff Mills. 


Do you think Claire will return next season? How does she fit into Cas’s arc?

Are we amping up for the return of Demon Dean? It kind of seemed that way in the bar scene.

Now that Cas has redeemed himself, what other missions does and can he have on earth?

So what are your thoughts, reactions, feelings? Leave them here!